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File Access Scheduler 5.127 screenshot File Access Scheduler
Protect your files from being executed, viewed, changed and deleted by schedule
Tags: time, software, different, certain, applications, working, only, hours, games, during, access,
Overall Average:

123 Free Solitaire - Card Games Suite 8.0 screenshot 123 Free Solitaire - Card Games Suite
123 FREE Solitaire is an exciting collection of 12 Solitaire Card Games.
Tags: solitaire, freecell, klondike, spider, patience, casino, casinò, poker, forty, thieves,
Overall Average:

Disc Battle 1.8.0 Disc Battle
How good are your reflexes? Come and play this indoor sports game with the compu
Tags: disc battle, air hockey, action games, sports games, arcade games,
Overall Average:

Flip It 1.7.0 screenshot Flip It
Flip all the stones to the other side. Come and play this challenging mind game!
Tags: flip it, flip, fiver, puzzle games, mind games,
Overall Average:

Hangman 1.6.0 screenshot Hangman
Play this non violent version of hangman. The words come from the Dolch List.
Tags: hangman, word games,
Overall Average:

Hex Mines 1.9.0 screenshot Hex Mines
Play a hex version of the minesweeper game online
Tags: hex mines, minesweeper, mines sweeper, mind games, puzzle games,
Overall Average:

Hovercraft Racing 1.9.1 Hovercraft Racing
Come and participate in this hovercraft racing championship!
Tags: hovercraft racing, hovercraft, race, racing, racing games, sports games,
Overall Average:

Alien Intruders 1.8.1 screenshot Alien Intruders
Play this all time classics with new weapons and special monsters!
Tags: space invaders, classic games, shooting games,
Overall Average:

Knight Switch 1.5.0 screenshot Knight Switch
Challenge your mind with this simple and yet difficult game. It has 5 levels.
Tags: knight switch, knight, chess, chess games, puzzle games,
Overall Average:

Lightning 1.9.0 screenshot Lightning
Press the button in lightning speed! Come and play this addictive little game to
Tags: lightning, thunder, photo, reaction games, action games,
Overall Average:

Mahjongg 1.9.0 screenshot Mahjongg
Match tiles to remove them in this classic game. Can you find a match within the
Tags: mahjongg, mah jong, mahjong, shanghai, matching, matching games, mind games, puzzle games,
Overall Average:

Matchsticks 1.7.0 screenshot Matchsticks
Come and solve matchstick puzzles as quick as you can. Be careful, it is not as
Tags: matchsticks, matches, match puzzle, matchstick puzzle, mind games, puzzle games,
Overall Average:

Math Search 1.8.0 Math Search
Solve the equation and search for the answer.
Tags: math search, word search, math games, mathematics games, word games, search games, word search games,
Overall Average:

Maze 2.12.0 screenshot Maze
Play randomly generated mazes in this online game.
Tags: maze, maze games, strategy games, puzzle games, mind games,
Overall Average:

Mouse and Cat 1.8.0 screenshot Mouse and Cat
Help little mouse escape from the cat and the water.
Tags: mouse and cat, frogger, action games, arcade games,
Overall Average:

Ghost Man Advanced 2.2.0 Ghost Man Advanced
Control Ghost Man travel through complicated mazes and defeat ghosts in this rem
Tags: pac man advanced, pac man, pacman, maze, action games, classic games,
Overall Average:

Halloween Pumpkins 1.8.0 screenshot Halloween Pumpkins
Stack these halloween pumpkins together to destroy them.
Tags: halloween pumpkins, halloween, pumpkins, festival games, puzzle games, arcade games, tetris style games,
Overall Average:

Puzzle 2.13.0 screenshot Puzzle
Play a classic sliding puzzle game online.
Tags: puzzle, tile sliding puzzle, puzzle games,
Overall Average:

Save 1.8.1 screenshot Save
Save civilians from a war in this online strategy game!
Tags: save, civilians, antiwar games, anti-war games, anti war games, action games, arcade games, strategy games,
Overall Average:

Space Shoot 2.13.0 screenshot Space Shoot
Play this simple shooting game to pass your time.
Tags: space shoot, shooting, shooting games, arcade games,
Overall Average:

Double Snake 2.13.0 Double Snake
Tired of snake games? How about two snakes at once?
Tags: double snake, snakes, snakes games, action games, arcade games,
Overall Average:

Squares 1.8.0 screenshot Squares
These blocks will disappear when they form squares. Come and see how far you can
Tags: squares, tetris games, arcade games, blocks games,
Overall Average:

Swap 1.13.0 screenshot Swap
Swap the two colours. Play this game which dates back to Victorian Times.
Tags: swap, game for one, mind games, puzzle games,
Overall Average:

Tritris 3.5.0 screenshot Tritris
Probabily the most challenging Tetris game ever, because you have to play three
Tags: tritris, triple tetris, tetris, blocks games, arcade games,
Overall Average:

Tic Tac Toe 1.13.0 screenshot Tic Tac Toe
You think you can beat the computer easily in a tic tac toe game? We'll see.
Tags: tic tac toe, tic-tac-toe, noughts and crosses, mind games, puzzle games,
Overall Average:

Tower of Hanoi 1.11.0 screenshot Tower of Hanoi
Are you organised enough to move a pile of ten pieces? Come and play!
Tags: tower of hanoi, mind games, puzzle games,
Overall Average:

Whack a Difference 1.5.0 screenshot Whack a Difference
Play this educational version of Whack a Kenny, each time you need to pick up a
Tags: whack a difference, whack a kenny, action games, reaction games, educational games,
Overall Average:

Easter Eggs 1.5.0 screenshot Easter Eggs
Line up Easter eggs four by four in this addictive game.
Tags: easter eggs, easter, eggs, diamond mine, bejeweled, tetris style games,
Overall Average:

Soccer 1.5.0 Soccer
Come and play this exciting three men soccer game with the computer!
Tags: soccer, football, foot ball, ball games, sports games,
Overall Average:

Wedding Bouquets 1.4.0 screenshot Wedding Bouquets
Catch the bride's bouquet and have good luck!
Tags: wedding bouquets, bouquets, bride, bride's bouquet, flowers, bride's flower, action games,
Overall Average:

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