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Reciprocal Links Checker Software Reciprocal Links Checker Software
Free yahoo backlink checker tool maintain status report in html, txt, csv format
Tags: Backlinks, checker, application, monitors, publisher, website, links, advertiser, domain, download, freeware, reciprocal, weblink, check, software, multiple,
Overall Average:

SFV Checker 1.24 screenshot SFV Checker
SFV Checker uses CRC-32 technology to check each file
Tags: SFV, Checker, CRC, CRC32, CRC-32,
Overall Average:

website spell check service from accuratespelling. om
Tags: website, spell, check, spellcheck, editor, copy, writer, typo, typographical, error,
Overall Average:

driver checker 2. 2.7 driver checker 2.
Driver Checker Offline driver analysis is a brand-new technology to help you
Tags: driver checker, registry, windows, repair, cleaner, fix, update,
Overall Average:

dhtmlxTabbar :: Ajax/JavaScript Tabs 2.6 dhtmlxTabbar :: Ajax/JavaScript Tabs
Ajax-enabled JavaScript tabs for building intuitive navigation interface.
Tags: javascript, DHTML, tab, tabbar, tab bar, tabs, tab control, ajax, javascript tabs, dhtml tabs, multiline, scrollable, ajax tab, tabstrip, tabbed, javascript tab,
Overall Average:

Twitter Checker 1.0 Twitter Checker
Checks your Twitter account and popups when one of your friends tweets.
Tags: twitter, checker, tweet, friend,
Overall Average:

Spell-Mell 1.5 screenshot Spell-Mell
Spelling, vocabulary & quiz game for whole family.
Tags: quiz, trivia, vocabulary, spell, spelling, education, educational, edutainment, puzzle, family, aha, familygames,
Overall Average:

Source Code Spell Checker 3.10 Source Code Spell Checker
Checks spelling and profanity language for text strings in your software
Tags: source code, spell check, spell, check,
Overall Average:

Intellexer Spellchecker SDK Intellexer Spellchecker SDK
Spellchecker development library (SDK) for Windows (DLL, C++, . ET, Delphi)
Tags: spellchecker, spell checker, spell check, spelling checker, spelling, spell, spelling check, english, SDK, DLL, C++, .NET, Delphi, development, developer,
Overall Average:

ASPNet Spell screenshot ASPNet Spell
ASPNetSpell - The Spellchecking Component for ASP. et TextBoxes & Editors
Tags: asp net spell, aspnetspell, ASPNetSpell,,, spell, speller, check, spellcheck, checker, spellchecker,, .net, asp,
Overall Average:

ASP Spell Check 2.9 ASP Spell Check
ASPSpellCheck - International Spell Checker for ASP Web Sites & Intranets
Tags: ASP, asp, spell, spell check, asp spellcheck, aspspellcheck, spellchecker, spellchecking, spelling, dictionary, vbscript, asp spellcheck, asp spellchecker, asp spell check,
Overall Average:

Free Link Checker 4.3 Free Link Checker
Free broken link check tool for a web site, broken link testing software
Tags: link checker, link validator, link testing, broken link, dead link, test links, website testing, test website, web site, html,
Overall Average:

registry checker 2.0 registry checker
super snap shot screen capture software
Tags: registry checker, best registry cleaner, registry cleaner review,
Overall Average:

NTP Server Checker 1.0 NTP Server Checker
This software is a test tool that acts as a client to a NTP server.
Tags: NTP Server Checker, NTP Server,
Overall Average:

Fast Link Checker screenshot Fast Link Checker
An advanced tool to find broken links on web sites.
Tags: link checker, link validator, webpage link checker, link, broken, check, checking, site, web, links, search, website, find, invalid, unavailable,
Overall Average:

Duplicate Checker 3.3 screenshot Duplicate Checker
Duplicate file finder and remover. Searches duplicate images, photos, mp3 files
Tags: duplicate, file, finder, remover, files, image, photo, song, music, mp3, delete, checker, find, images, photos,
Overall Average:

Mihov Link Checker 0.5 screenshot Mihov Link Checker
Tells you if the links on a web site are expired, not valid or otherwise corrupt
Tags: link, checker, connect, verify, home page, 404, not found, list, batch, time, winfiles, free, software, freeware, download, utility,
Overall Average:

JOC Email Checker screenshot JOC Email Checker
Quickly remove unwanted emails and attachments in all your pop3 acounts.
Tags: email checker, spam, antispam, remove attachments, remove unwanted emails, pop3, email, antivirus,
Overall Average:

JRSpell Checker 5.0 screenshot JRSpell Checker
. ctiveX control to add spell checking capabilities to your applications
Tags: spell, speller, spelling, checker, spellcheck, word, words, dictionary, phonetic, ispell, aspell, openspell, suggestion, Activex, correction,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Javascript Obfuscator 4.3 screenshot Javascript Obfuscator
Stop theft of your JavaScripts! Scramble, obfuscate, and pack JavaScript code!
Tags: javascript, source code, obfuscator, scrambler, shrinker,
Overall Average:

Link Checker Pro 3.3.37 screenshot Link Checker Pro
Link Checker Pro is the leading solution for website analysis.
Tags: link checker, link validator, webpage link checker,
Overall Average:

J4L-BarCode for AJAX/Javascript 1.0 J4L-BarCode for AJAX/Javascript
J4L Barcode for Javascript and AJAX is a set of scripts that create barcodes.
Tags: javascript, AJAX, barcode, barcoding, barcodes, pdf417, datamatrix, qrcode, aztec, EAN, EAN128, code128, UPC,
Overall Average:

Active DHTML Drop Down JavaScript Menu 4.5 Active DHTML Drop Down JavaScript Menu
Easily add a powerful cross broswer JavaScript Menu to web pages and more
Tags: drop down menu, javascript, java script, menu, dhtml, script, java script menu, menu java script, dhtml menu, dhtml script, java,
Overall Average:

JavaScript Spell Check 2.9 JavaScript Spell Check
JavaScript Spell Check - The spell checking component for JavaScript & AJAX.
Tags: JavaScript, AJAX, JavaScript Spell Check, JavaScript Spellchecker, JavaScript Spell checker, Textarea, Form, HTML,
Overall Average:

Disk Checker 3.3 screenshot Disk Checker
Scan for errors and repair disks, files,folders and read/write disk image
Tags: Disk Checker, ScanDisk, NDD, DiskChecker, WinImage, Disk image, surface,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

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