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BA LAN Messenger 2.70 BA LAN Messenger
BA LAN Messenger 2. 2 is the best choice for office and enterprise.
Tags: LAN Messenger, lan messenger, office lan messenger, lan messaging, corporate instant messaging, enterprise IM, corporate IM,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

LAN Server to Windows Migration Wizard 2.05.020821 LAN Server to Windows Migration Wizard
Migrate from IBM LAN Server and Warp Server to Windows
Tags: NET.ACC, DCDB, LAN Server, Warp Server, OS2, OS/2, SAM, Migration, Hash, Passwords, Pwdump, Management, Security, SOX, HIPAA,
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Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine 1.0.241 screenshot Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine
Starts up Hyper-V, VirtualBox, VMware virtual machines by Wake-On-LAN packets
Tags: Wake-On-LAN, virtual machine, Hyper-V, VMware, VirtualBox, Virtual PC, Parallels, WOL, magic packet, MAC address, SecureOn,
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Wake-On-LAN Listener 2.0 screenshot Wake-On-LAN Listener
It can be used as a Wake-On-LAN configuration troubleshooting tool.
Tags: wake on lan, wake-on-lan, wake on remotely, power on remotely, turn on remotely, wol, broadcast, mac address,
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Wake-On-LAN Sender 2.0.9 screenshot Wake-On-LAN Sender
Wake-On-LAN Sender can be used to turn on remote computers sending magic packets
Tags: wake on lan, wake-on-lan, wake on remotely, power on remotely, turn on remotely, wol, broadcast, mac address,
Overall Average:

Fomine LAN Chat 1.2 screenshot Fomine LAN Chat
Fomine LAN Chat is tiny and easy-to-use instant messaging software for LAN.
Tags: LAN, chat, messenger, instant, messaging,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

LAN Tornado 1.3 LAN Tornado
Network traffic generation tool. The low cost network testing software.
Tags: Network, Network generation, LAN testing,
Overall Average:

Ant Lan Messenger 2.70 Ant Lan Messenger
Ant Lan Messenger is a corporate lan instant messaging solution for company.
Tags: lan instant messenger, enterprise im, web conference, file transfer, messaging programs, corporate communication, intranet chat,
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Wake On LAN Ex 2 2.10 screenshot Wake On LAN Ex 2
Wake-up, restart, and shutdown computers across a network or the internet.
Tags: wol, wake on lan, remote, computer, sleep, hibernate, log off, restart, reboot, portable,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Online Wake-On-LAN 1.3 screenshot Online Wake-On-LAN
Wake-On-LAN Online - Wake up your computer over Internet!
Tags: Wake-On-Lan, wake, wakeup, router, firewall, WOL, WAN, Wake-On-WAN, schedule, MAC, remote, PDA, phone, wireless, ping,
Overall Average:

Winpopup LAN Messenger 5.3 screenshot Winpopup LAN Messenger
The winpopup offers real-time messages exchange that is ideal for the office.
Tags: winpopup, messenger, LAN, instant, messaging, communication, netsend,
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Softros LAN Messenger screenshot Softros LAN Messenger
Secure network messaging software for LANs, WANs and Intranets
Tags: lan messenger, lan chat, network communication, co-workers communication, messaging, chat,
Overall Average:

Advanced LAN Pump 3.0 screenshot Advanced LAN Pump
Advanced LAN Pump is a LAN Download Manager which can reliably copy files
Tags: LAN, download manager, network, reliable, unbreakable, file copying, file sharing, shared resources,
Overall Average:

LAN Talk messenger 3.6.5420 screenshot LAN Talk messenger
LanTalk LAN messenger is better alternative to Microsoft WinPopUp for sending messages in your office network, small or big company local area...
Tags: Lan Talk messenger, lan messenger, lan chat,
Overall Average:

WakeUp on LAN 1.0 WakeUp on LAN
Using FUSION WOL you can take advantaje of turning on a remote PC throw the net.
Tags: wol, wakeonlan, remote, network,
Overall Average:

Cresotech PocketLANce 1.15.50 screenshot Cresotech PocketLANce
Cresotech PocketLANce - a LAN in your pocket: LAN browser for Pocket PC
Tags: utilities, tools, shareware, freeware, LAN, network, local, area, wireless, mobile, explorer, net, explore, exploring, browse, browsing,
Overall Average:

LanInfo XP 2.9 screenshot LanInfo XP
LanInfo has been specially created for the business use.
Tags: lan alert, send alert, emergency receiver, network notifications,
Overall Average:

LanAgent 3.0 screenshot LanAgent
LanAgent: full monitoring of a remote computer, all user's actions are recorded
Tags: monitoring, remote computer, employee, local area network, lan, lanagent, cover curveillance,
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LanFlow Net Diagrammer 6.24.2046 screenshot LanFlow Net Diagrammer
User friendly full featured LAN and network diagramming tool
Tags: LAN, net, internet, network, WAN, diagram, chart, flow, draw, layout, configuration, design, server, router, hub, wireless,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

LanToucher Network Chat 1.0RC LanToucher Network Chat
LanToucher Network Chat is messaging software for your office or home LAN
Tags: chat messenger, lan chat, network chat, intranet chat, instant chat, winpopup, messenger service, net send, EIM,
Overall Average:

10-Strike LANState 5.4 10-Strike LANState
Create visual network map, monitor servers, be notified on failures.
Tags: network, map, diagram, mapping, lan, monitor, monitoring, host, tcp, scanner, mac, remote, computer, lanstate, 10-strike,
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