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myLittleAdmin for SQL Server 2005 3.1 myLittleAdmin for SQL Server 2005
myLittleAdmin is the first web-based management tool for SQL Server 2005
Tags: SQL Server, MS SQL 2005, MS SQL, web-based, administration, tool, management, database, admin,
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MS SQL Maestro 10.11 MS SQL Maestro
A Windows GUI tool for SQL Server administration and database development.
Tags: SQL Server, SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL, front, GUI, admin, maestro, tool, database, management, server, client, administration, administrator, development, editor,
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SQL Object Decrypt 1.1 SQL Object Decrypt
Quick and Exact to decrypt MS SQL Server stored procedure,trigger,function,view
Tags: Decryption, Decrypt, Encryption, Encrypt, Unlock, SQL, MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, EXPRESS, Stored Procedure, Create Procedure, View, Trigger, DecryptSQL, SAP,
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DMT SQL Decryptor 3.18 DMT SQL Decryptor
Decrypt, edit and view encrypted database objects for Microsoft SQL Server.
Tags: SQL Decryptor, Decrypt SQL, Decrypt, Decryptor, Unencryption, Procedure, Trigger, View, User Defined Function, SQL Server, SQL Server 2005,
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SQLServerPrint 2005 10.0.8 SQLServerPrint 2005
Print SQL Server 2005 Schema and export output to RTF, PDF & HTML
Tags: sql server, document database, database tools, document, schema, dictionary,
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SQL VB ASP Code Generator 4.1.001 SQL VB ASP Code Generator
SQL VB ASP Code Generator makes SQL, VB and ASP Coding just one click away.
Tags: SQL VB ASP Code Generator, SQL, ASP, Code Generator, Free Software, SELECT, INSERT, UDATE, DELETE, Copy, Program, Generate VB, Generate ASP, SQL Server, HTML,
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The Query Tool 2005 6.0.1 The Query Tool 2005
The Query Tool is a powerful data mining application.
Tags: Query, OLEDB, SQL, ODBC, .NET, Tool, software, summary, export, data, report, analysis, mining, database, tyson, Access,
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Mindlink 2005 Undeground 1.1.0 Mindlink 2005 Undeground
Play the role of a hacker in this immersive game
Tags: mindlink, 2005, underground, hacker, hacking, game,
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Pacman 2005 1.11 Pacman 2005
Pacman comes in a new free version that will satisfy young and old alike !
Tags: pacman, game, 2005, arcade, webluna,
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