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ROBUST Hide Message ROBUST Hide Message
With Hide Message you can encrypt and hide your text message into image without any changes in its resolution or size.
Tags: Spy, Message, tool, protecting important information, encrypt, hide, into image, view the modified image, xchange messages, spying on you, encryption, sending and receives your private data, securely, hidden in image,
Overall Average:

Phone Message Pad for Outlook 1.0 Phone Message Pad for Outlook
Individual and workgroup management of phone messages
Tags: telephone, phone, message, pad, outlook, while you were out, workgroup, individual,
Overall Average:

Message Organizer Deluxe 3.6 screenshot Message Organizer Deluxe
Phone message and in-persons visit management software for Windows.
Tags: message, when you were out, visitor, office software, messages, message manager, phone message,
Overall Average:

MessageBoxGo 1.0 screenshot MessageBoxGo
This freeware control allows for fitting your applications with message boxes.
Tags: freeware, message box, source, .NET,
Overall Average:

LANMessage Pro 4.00 screenshot LANMessage Pro
LANMessage Pro is a powerful tool for communicating with others on your network.
Tags: LAN, messenger, message, winpopup, net send, network, instant,
Overall Average:

MessagePal 1.8.0 screenshot MessagePal
Secure, Simple, Instant Messaging For Office LAN. 1-Click Replies & Much More!
Tags: office messaging, instant messenger, instant messaging, office communication, messaging, phone message, instant, reply buttons, message buttons, serverless,
Overall Average:

ActiveX Message Killer for IE 1.0 ActiveX Message Killer for IE
ActiveX Message Killer for Internet Explorer closes such windows automatically.
Tags: activex, internet, explorer, microsoft, free, windows, download,
Overall Average:

Twitter Pig Message Tool 1.0 screenshot Twitter Pig Message Tool
This is free. Use it to help twitter messages by organizing and synchronizing.
Tags: Street Banners, Vehicle signs, Magnetic signs, Custom Banners, Banners, Wall Decor,
Overall Average:

Messages de Medjugorje 2012 Messages de Medjugorje
Notre Dame de Medjugorje Apparitions et Messages
Tags: Medjugorje, Messages, Vierge Marie, Notre Dame,
Overall Average:

Medjugorje Messages 2011a Medjugorje Messages
Our Lady of Medjugorje Apparitions & Messages
Tags: Medjugorje, Messages, Virgin Mary, Our Lady,
Overall Average:

Narawen Inox POP3 Connector 5.3.0 Narawen Inox POP3 Connector
POP3 mail connector for MS Exchange and other SMTP compilant servers
Tags: pop3, connector, gateway, microsoft, exchange, lotus, domino, notes, smtp, forwarding, mail, message, narawen, software, wrocław, poland,
Overall Average:

Vypress Chat 2.1.8 screenshot Vypress Chat
Set up chat sessions among the members of your network.
Tags: winpopup, network, lan, instant messaging, vypress, broadcast, chat, message, real-time, wan,
Overall Average:

xStarter 1.9.3 screenshot xStarter
Automate each and every process in your computer.
Tags: automation, scheduler, system utility, launcher, automate, dial up, dir event, macro, copy, coping, file, dir, service, start, stop, download,
Overall Average:

NWSend 5.0 screenshot NWSend
NWSend - Sending and receiving messages with Novell Client32
Tags: nwsend, send, message, sending, receive, novell, netware, utility, NDS tree, instant, broadcast,
Overall Average:

WinMessenger 2.8.04 screenshot WinMessenger
Easy to use & convenient WinPopup replacement that works in any Windows version
Tags: winpopup, network, lan, instant, messaging, vypress, broadcast, chat, message, real-time, wan,
Overall Average:

wodPop3 1.4.1 wodPop3
wodPop3 is used to access mailbox on the server using POP3 protocol
Tags: wodPop3, email, activeX, client, component, mail, POP3, protocol, SSL, OCX, DLL, message, com, control, object,
Overall Average:

Flash Clip Construction 1.0 Flash Clip Construction
A tool for digital image enhancement. The library of visual effects included.
Tags: clip, FLASH, JPG, Christmas, create, creation, card, tool, mail, utility, pictures, constuctor, birthday, design, visual, effect,
Overall Average:

Voicent IVR Studio 7.6.5 screenshot Voicent IVR Studio
IVR Studio. Interactice Voice Response. IVR for SIP, VOIP, SKYPE, PSTN
Tags: IVR, interactive voice response, music on hold, onhold message, voicexml, auto attendant, voicemail, voicemail to email, text to speech, SIP, Skype, voip,
Overall Average:

MobileController Professional Edition 1.6 MobileController Professional Edition
Make your phone much more powerful! 16 products in one!
Tags: windows mobile, wm5, wm6, real time, camera, text message, control, clipboard, skin, capture, screen shot, print,
Overall Average:

SenCopy ActiveX 2.0 SenCopy ActiveX
provides a licensing mechanism for shareware and gives out text of the author
Tags: protection, licensing, shareware, demo, message window, author, ActiveX,
Overall Average:

BluEasy 1.2 screenshot BluEasy
Receive & send files from mobile phone to pc, and opposite, easier possible way!
Tags: Bluetooth, receive, send, easy, discover, message, mobile phone,
Overall Average:

Fast file integrity checker. Supports 13 hash/checksum functions, MD5/SFV files.
Tags: hash, message, digest, checksum, crc, file, data, sum, 128, bit, check, checking, checker, verify, veriifying, verifier,
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