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Strong File Encryption Decryption 1.0 Strong File Encryption Decryption
Strong file folder encryption decryption windows utility.
Tags: encryption software, encryption, decryption, security, file, folder, strong encryption, aes, rijndael, twofish, rsa,
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LLCryptoLib 1.9.2012 LLCryptoLib
LLCryptoLib provides methods for object-oriented cryptography software
Tags: cryptography library, .NET library, hash, shred, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, BLOWFISH, CAST5, AES, RIJNDAEL, DES, 3DES, GUTMANN, DOD,
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Folder Crypt 3.4.1020 Folder Crypt
Password encryption for Windows files and folders with standard algorithms.
Tags: encryption folder, file encryption, password protection, lock, DES, TripleDES, Blowfish, Rijndael, AES, ARC4, RC4,
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SafeBit Disk Encryption 1.8 SafeBit Disk Encryption
Hide your sensitive files and important documents in virtual encrypted drives
Tags: safebit, disk encryption, drive encryption, hide, folder, encryption, software, disk, file, data, 256, aes, rijndael, password, protect, computer,
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PrimaSoft Encryption - Service Edition 1.0 PrimaSoft Encryption - Service Edition
Encryption software: run scheduled encryption, decryption sessions as a service.
Tags: encryption software, encryption, service, security, scheduler, automate, strong encryption, aes, rijndael, twofish, rsa,
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SafeHouse Hard Drive Encryption 2.10 SafeHouse Hard Drive Encryption
SafeHouse provides transparent on-the-fly hard drive encryption for your PC.
Tags: encryption, security, utility, des, blowfish, twofish, rijndael, protection, secure, theft, laptop, notebook, PC Dynamics, RSA, algorithm,
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NCrypt TX 2.3 NCrypt TX
Text based encryption tool with Steganography capabilities
Tags: text, encryption, cryptography, hash, steganography, DES, 3DES, Rijndael, Vigenere, Caesar, Playfair,
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DeepCoder 1.0 DeepCoder
DeepCoder can encrypt, decrypt and/or digitally sign e-mails and files.
Tags: encrypt, decrypt, encryption, decryption, public key encryption, secret key encryption, AES, Rijndael, RSA, digital signature, SHA-256, privacy, e-mail, files, archive, compress,
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Backer 6.7a Backer
Back up, synchronize, archive and transfer your directories and files
Tags: backup, back up, data protection, sync, synch, synchronize, synchronise, synchronization, synchronisation, transfer, archive, AES, Rijndael, encryption, encrypt, notebook,
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