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Evidence smart 2009 2009 Evidence smart 2009
Evidence Smart: Quick Scan,Time Saving,Options Provided,Complete Deletion
Tags: Evidence Smart, clean history, scan,
Overall Average:

error smart 2009 2009 error smart 2009
ErrorSmart uses the industry's most advanced error-resolution technology
Tags: windows, registry, error, smart, clean,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

MSU Smart Sharpen for VirtualDub Video plugin 1.4 MSU Smart Sharpen for VirtualDub Video plugin
Free video smart sharpen. Allows flexible increase of video sharpen
Tags: video, effect, processing, smart, sharpen, film, VirtualDub, plugin,
Overall Average:

Windows Smart Card 1.00 Windows Smart Card
All applications are packed within the several layers of the Windows Smart Card
Tags: Windows Smart Card, Windows Smart, Smart Card, computer software, Software Applications, Launcher, Application Launcher, Launch Application,
Overall Average:

Smart CD Catalog Standard 1.10 Smart CD Catalog Standard
View the contents of your discs without inserting them into the drive!
Tags: dvd, disk, disc, catalog, catalogue, cataloger, cataloguer, cataloging, cataloguing, database, collection, media, organize, organise, organizer,
Overall Average:

Smart CD Catalog Lite 2.15 Smart CD Catalog Lite
Smart CD Catalog Lite will help you create an ordered CD/DVD database.
Tags: dvd, disk, disc, catalog, catalogue, cataloger, cataloguer, cataloging, cataloguing, database, collection, media, organize, organise, organizer,
Overall Average:

Smart Media Data Recovery 2.80 Smart Media Data Recovery
Smart Media Data Recovery. Recover deleted, lost or formatted Photos, XD and SD.
Tags: Smart Media, Data Recovery, deleted photos, recovery, recover,
Overall Average:

Smart Card ToolSet PRO 3.4.20 Smart Card ToolSet PRO
Discover any ISO-7816 smart card on the APDU level easy!
Tags: Smart Card, card reader, Smart Mouse, Star Coin, memory card, OpenCard Framework,
Overall Average:

GrSoft Smart Tools X for AutoCAD X GrSoft Smart Tools X for AutoCAD
Very effective user interface, making the powerfull AutoCAD commands rapid.
Tags: smart, tools, objects, autocad, design, effective,
Overall Average:

Active SMART 2.9 Active SMART
Hard drive health monitor. Protect your system from a hard drive failure.
Tags: active smart, s.m.a.r.t., hdd health, hdd, hard drive, repair, utility, hard disk, disk utility, disk utilities, smart hdd,
Overall Average:

Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle) 1.5 Smart Database Viewer(Access,Excel,Oracle)
View Microsoft Access, Excel, Oracle,any ODBC enabled database on Smart Phone.
Tags: database, Excel, Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Foxpro, dBase, ODBC, xls, mdb, sync, dbf, smart phone,
Overall Average:

Smart Defrag 2.6 Smart Defrag
Smart Defrag 2 not only defragments computer deeply but optimizes disk performance.
Tags: Defrag, Defragment, Defragmentation, Defragmenter, Disk Defragmenter, Disk Defrag, SmartDefrag, Smart Defrag,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Scalable Smart Packager CE 2.0.2 Scalable Smart Packager CE
Scalable Smart Packager CE is the latest edition of Scalable\'s Free MSI Package Builder.
Tags: Free MSI package builder, MSI Packager, WinINSTALL LE, Scalable Smart Packager CE, Application Packager, Scalable Software, Free MSI Packager, App-V Packager,
Overall Average:

Scalable Smart Packager Pro 2.0.2 Scalable Smart Packager Pro
Scalable Smart Packager Pro empowers administrators to create MSI installer packages as well as enhance and test Windows MSI Installer and APP-V...
Tags: Create MSI Installer Package, create MSI installer, MSI Packager, MSI Packaging, Application Packaging, MSI, Smart Packager Pro, WinINSTALL MSI Packager Pro, Scalable Software, MSI Installer, MSI Repackaging, Windows Installer Packaging,
Overall Average:

Smart MP3 Renamer Smart MP3 Renamer
Rename and tag mp3 albums. Retrieve album details from Freedb. rg or Amazon. om
Tags: smart, mp3, renamer, id3, tag, mass, batch, rename, tagging, freedb, odbc, music, song, track, download, retrieve,
Overall Average:

Smart Database Viewer Plus 1.2 Smart Database Viewer Plus
View & Sync any desktop with MS windows based Smartphone. reate DB on Smartphone
Tags: Ms Access, Excel, Oracle, ODBC, Smartphone, Motorola Q,
Overall Average:

Smart Contacts Synchronizer 1.0 Smart Contacts Synchronizer
Sync any database such as Ms Access,Excel, Oracle,MySQL with SmartPhone Contacts
Tags: Smartphone Contacts, PIM, AddressBook, Access, Excel,
Overall Average:

SmartFTP 4.0.1176.0 SmartFTP
SmartFTP allows you to transfer files across the Internet.
Tags: SmartFTP, ftp, client, smart, free, software, download, FXP, SFTP, SSL, SSH, secure,
Overall Average:

SmartBreak 1.2.3 SmartBreak
Revolutionary ergonomics program that reminds and enforces you to take breaks
Tags: SmartBreak, smart, break, rest, rsi, win7, cvs, eyesight, strain, stress, remind, eyes, lock, time, keyboard, vision,
Overall Average:

CompuApps DriveSMART V1 1.11 CompuApps DriveSMART V1
To monitor and report the health of the hard disk drives on your system
Tags: DriveSMART, SMART, S.M.A.R.T, early warning systems, detect hard drive problems, predict disk failure, DriveWizard,
Overall Average:

Priore SmartCard ActiveX 1.4 Priore SmartCard ActiveX
Component is able to read and write numeric and alphanumeric data from Smartcard
Tags: smartcards, smart cards, smart card, chip cards, chipcards, pcsc, pc/sc, pc-sc, apdu, atr, winscard, winscard.dll,
Overall Average:

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