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Power Mixer 2.7 Power Mixer
Get in-depth and easily accessible volume control and audio mixing.
Tags: audio mixer, windows audio mixer, sound mixer, power mixer, volume control, volume control replacement, audio, sound, presets, hot key, bass, treble, OSD, utility, windows,
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Stutter Edit 1.0.1 Stutter Edit
An innovative tool for both studio and stage
Tags: sound effect, audio instrument, sound mixer, audio, plug-in, mixer,
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Understanding the Audio Mixer 1.06b Understanding the Audio Mixer
Basic training course for sound engineers: Learn how to operate sound systems.
Tags: Audio, sound, audio mixer, sound system, sound system training, sound engineering, pro sound, audio engineering,
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Audio Mixer by Pinnacle College 3.4 Audio Mixer by Pinnacle College
Audio Mixer is a new desktop based application that allows users to play multiple sound files simultaneously.
Tags: how to dj, how to mix, dj software, mixing software, audio, sound software, dj mixer, audio mixer, dj recording, recording software, mixing audio software, learn to dj, dj tools, mixing tools, music production, produce music,
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Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator 3.2 Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator
Signal generator and offline oscillosocpe with arbitrary wave form generation.
Tags: Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator, Virtual Instrument, PC Instrument, Sound Card Instrument, FFT,
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Sound Control 2.15 Sound Control
Sound mixer applet which allows you to add hot keys to volume mixers and Winamp.
Tags: audio, hot key, mixer, volume, hotkey, hotkeys, hot keys, mixers, winamp, cd player, on screen display,
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Sound Volume Hotkeys 1.1 Sound Volume Hotkeys
Control sound volume using system-wide hotkeys!
Tags: key, hot, hotkey, keyboard, shortcut, accelerator, keystroke, combination, sound, volume, OSD, control, softarium,
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Kazi Sound Recorder 3.50 Kazi Sound Recorder
Record any sound that your sound card plays without losing quality.
Tags: sound recorder, mp3 sound recorder, recorder software, mp3 recorder,
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DJ Music Mixer 4.9 DJ Music Mixer
A full-featured DJ and beat-mixing system to create your custom DJ-style music.
Tags: dj software, mixing software, mix mp3, virtual dj, mp3 mix, turntable, mixer, disc jockey, party, pitch,
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Advance mp3 sound Recorder 1.2 Advance mp3 sound Recorder
A digital sound recorder,record sound,convert wave to mp3,mp3 ID3 tag editor
Tags: record sound, played back, microphone, VCR, Audi, ripper, streaming, digital recorder.,
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PPC Mixer 1.6 PPC Mixer
Pay-Per-Click Keyword/Domain Mixer Software Application
Tags: PPC, Pay Per Click, Software, Keyword Mixer, Domain Mixer,
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Super Sound Recorder 4.2.3 Super Sound Recorder
record any sound to WAV and MP3 format.
Tags: sound recorder, mp3 recorder,
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Ipodelite Sound Recorder 3.7 Ipodelite Sound Recorder
Copy all the special features, menus, subtitles and languages
Tags: sound, copy, record,
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Loco4chat, funny sound clips for chat. 1.5 Loco4chat, funny sound clips for chat.
Play 150+ funny sound clips during any chat & VoIP. 100% Free! Have fun ;-)
Tags: chat, add-on, addon, Messenger, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AOL AIM, ICQ, Goole Talk, Skype, Xfire, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Camfrog, Paltalk,
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Hotkey Sound Recorder 3.0 Hotkey Sound Recorder
Record sound by pressing hotkey or by clicking the system tray icon.
Tags: sound recorder, audio recorder, mp3 recorder, ogg recorder, wav recorder, vox recorder, hotkey recorder, hotkey sound recorder,
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Sound Barrier Walls 1.0 Sound Barrier Walls
Slides of Sound Fighter System's Sound Barrier Walls and Noise Reduction Walls
Tags: sound barrier walls, noise control, noise reduction, sound reduction, sound walls, noise walls, screensaver, screen saver,
Overall Average:

Computer sound recording 2.2.6557 Computer sound recording
This is simple and cheap computer sound recording.
Tags: computer sound, phone recorder,
Overall Average:

Perfect Sound Recorder 7.3.9 Perfect Sound Recorder
Perfect Sound Recorder is a professional sound recorder software.
Tags: sound recorder, recorder, mp3 recorder,
Overall Average:

MP3 Mixer-Recorder 1.2 MP3 Mixer-Recorder
Mix two songs together and record the mixed song into mp3 file. DIY music
Tags: mix mp3, record, record mp3, mp3 mixer, mp3 record software, recorder,
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WM Sound Recorder 2.5 WM Sound Recorder
Mobile app to auto record sound and phone call conversation for Windows Mobile.
Tags: mobile recorder, call recorder, cell phone recorder, sound recorder for windows mobile, record phone calls, record phone conversations,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Sound Drivers For Windows 7 Utility 3.7 Sound Drivers For Windows 7 Utility
Get official Sound Drivers for your Windows 7 system.
Tags: sound drivers for windows 7, audio drivers for windows 7,
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Sound Drivers For Windows Vista Utility 3.7 Sound Drivers For Windows Vista Utility
Get official Sound Drivers for your Windows Vista system.
Tags: sound, drivers, for, windows, vista,
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Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 Sound Forge Audio Studio
Record, edit audio from any source, digitize, restore vinyl, cassettes, vocal Eraser, create custom karaoke tracks, 30 built in effects, processes,...
Tags: Sound Forge, Audio Studio, record, edit, encode, master audio, Capture live performances, high-fidelity sound, edit recordings, balance sound levels,
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Sound Drivers For Windows XP Utility 3.7 Sound Drivers For Windows XP Utility
Scans your computer for missing, corrupt, and outdated sound drivers and automatically updates them to the latest, most compatible version.
Tags: sound drivers for windows xp, audio drivers for windows xp,
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