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File Backup Watcher Professional screenshot File Backup Watcher Professional
Backup is possible on a local computer, via Network, E-mail, FTP, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW!
Tags: Backup, Copy, Compress, Compression, Mirroring, Safekeep, passwordprotection, PKZip, Synchronize, Automaticbackup, Auto-dial, Auto-Login, Multi-user, Multi-threaded, Win32, Windows98,
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GeniusConnect screenshot GeniusConnect
Add database connectivity to Outlook or Exchange.
Tags: exchange, outlook, synchronize, contact, mail, calendar, task, note, journal, database, ODBC, crm, backup, oracle, mysql, access,
Overall Average:

Genius Connect - Calendar screenshot Genius Connect - Calendar
Connect Outlook or Exchange calendar to any SQL Database.
Tags: exchange, outlook, synchronize, contact, mail, calendar, task, note, journal, database, ODBC, crm, backup, oracle, mysql, access,
Overall Average:

Genius Connect - Contact screenshot Genius Connect - Contact
Connect Outlook or Exchange Contacts to MS Access, mySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle Database.
Tags: outlook, synchronize, contact, mail, calendar, task, note, journal, database, ODBC, crm, backup, oracle, mysql, access, sql server,
Overall Average:

Exina Syncwizard for Outlook Build0.7.9.5 screenshot Exina Syncwizard for Outlook
SyncWizard - Professional MS Outlookâ„¢ Synchronization, Backup, Transfer Utility.
Tags: sync Outlook, Outlook sync, pst sync, synchronize, "sync Outlook in 2 computers", "sync Outlook between 2 computers",
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Remote Files Synchronization tool 1.06 Remote Files Synchronization tool
Network files synchronization tool compares file time stamp to determine changes
Tags: network, file, synchronization, software, synchronize, local, remote, folders, FTP, server, files, copying, tool, copy, directory, edit,
Overall Average:

Multi-Copy Tools 2.5 screenshot Multi-Copy Tools
Multi-Copy files and folders
Tags: Copy files, synchronize files,
Overall Average:

Outlook Express Backup 2.03 screenshot Outlook Express Backup
Outlook Express Backup is a backup and synchronization tool for Outlook Express
Tags: outlook, express, backup, synchronize, save, restore, mail, message, folder, rule, account, signature, favorites, abf,
Overall Average:

3D-FTP 9.0 screenshot 3D-FTP
Lightning-fast and secure FTP Client w/ multithreading for FTP/FTPS/SFTP
Tags: ftp, client, 3dftp, 3d-ftp, multithreaded, fast, synchronize, secure, FTPS, SFTP, SSH, bookmarks, resume, scheduling, remote editor, syntax highlighting,
Overall Average:

12Ghosts Synchronize 9.70 screenshot 12Ghosts Synchronize
Synchronize your PC time with an atomic clock via the Internet.
Tags: synchronize, atomic, clock, GPS, utilities,
Overall Average:

SynchroFolder 2.12a screenshot SynchroFolder
Synchronizer for OS folders with embedded NTFS security support
Tags: synchronize, NTFS, security, folder, directory, file, copy,
Overall Average:

OutBack Plus screenshot OutBack Plus
Backup and Restore for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and 98
Tags: Outlook, Backup, Restore, Archive, Synchronize,
Overall Average:

SyncTables 6.2.0 screenshot SyncTables
SyncTables: copy and sync database tables MySQL/SQLServer/Access. http-tunnel.
Tags: synchronize, database, copy, sync, SyncTables, table, mysql, sqlserver, access, utf, utf8, tunnel, httptunnel, phptunnel,
Overall Average:

DiffDir 1.11 DiffDir
DiffDir compares or synchronizes directories by analisys of the content of files
Tags: Compare, Difference, Synchronization, Synchronize, Copy, Remove, Directory, File,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

FlashFXP 4.0 screenshot FlashFXP
FTP/SFTP Made Simple with explorer-like interface, many powerful features
Tags: FlashFXP, ftp, sftp, fxp, ftp client, fxp client, secure ftp, ftp transfer, ftp download, ftp backup, ftp list, ftp pasv, ftp software, ftp scripts, ftp synchronize, auto ftp,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

InstantSync Secure FTPS/SFTP 3.0.13 screenshot InstantSync Secure FTPS/SFTP
Secure web site updates, file sync and remote backups over FTPS and SFTP/SSH
Tags: sftp, ftps, ssh, secure, ftp, ftp client, remote backup, server backup, sync, synchronize, synchronization, synchronizing, mirror, mirroring, replication, replicating,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Automatic USB Backup 4.0 Automatic USB Backup
Software that automatically backup, sync or restores data on USB drive insertion
Tags: automatic, usb, backup, restore, synchronize, real-time, memory, stick, key, autorun, autoplay, sync, drive, flash, software, windows,
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Filo 4.2 screenshot Filo
Filo: Change the time and attributes of files and folders
Tags: basta, filo, file, touch, folder, directory, edit, modify, change, fix, date, time, stamp, attributes, tree, read,
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