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WordZap Deluxe 6.90 screenshot WordZap Deluxe
Make seven unique words from a given set of letters faster than your opponent
Tags: word game, addictive, action, puzzle, love, fast, quick, educational, vocabulary, spelling, keyboarding, typing, dictionary, English, French, German,
Overall Average:

Agile 10 Key 2.0 screenshot Agile 10 Key
Build ten-key typing speed and accuracy for work, school, and home.
Tags: ten, key, typing, practice, test, training, job, skills, office, data, entry, numeric, keypad, kph, kpm,
Overall Average:

Stamina Typing Tutor 2.5 screenshot Stamina Typing Tutor
Amusing, yet multifunctional touch-typing tutor with support for several layouts
Tags: typing, tutor, trainer, touch, touch-typing, learning, program, teach, fingers, keyboarding, drills, keyboard, novice, game, educational, lessons,
Overall Average:

YESolo on the Keyboard 8.2 screenshot YESolo on the Keyboard
Effective typing tutor for novices who learn to type and intermediate students
Tags: learn to type, touch typing, typing tutorial, keyboard, QWERTY, Dvorak layout, type fast, typing tutor, solo,
Overall Average:

Touch-type car-racing 1.0 screenshot Touch-type car-racing
Car-racing is a captivating game helping to acquire quick keyboarding skills
Tags: Touch-type, car-racing, typing, bling typing,
Overall Average:

Master Key 5.5.1 screenshot Master Key
A straightforward typing tutor program with ParaTyper game
Tags: typing, keyboarding, typing-tutor, typing tutor,
Overall Average:

keyboard trainer Alizee 2.4 screenshot keyboard trainer Alizee
small and simple keyboard trainer. write Merphy Laws and see - how fast
Tags: alizee, keyboard, trainer, teaching, typing, learn, fast, speed, type, buttons, press,
Overall Average:

QWERTY Warrior Typing Game 1 QWERTY Warrior Typing Game
QWERTY Warriors Typing game is a addictive typing game which will help you impro
Tags: typing, tutor, game, flash, online, software, free, download, typing master, type game, word, kids, skill,
Overall Average:

Asutype 4.0 Asutype
Real-time spell check & speed typing software for instant accurate & fast typing
Tags: spelling, typing, spell check, speed typing,
Overall Average:

Aml Maple 2.53 screenshot Aml Maple
Aml Maple is a tiny indicator of the active keyboard layout (current language)
Tags: Cursor, Language, Keyboard, Layout, Input, Typing, Flag, Lang, Switcher, Text, Assistant,
Overall Average:

AY Paste 2.1 screenshot AY Paste
Automate repetitive typing in any application
Tags: paste, clipboard, filling forms, typing,
Overall Average:

Cresotech TypeRecorder 1.0 screenshot Cresotech TypeRecorder
Convenient and easy to use keystroke sequence recorder and manager
Tags: type, recording, typing, macro, key, keys, command, sequence, recorder, T-Rec, Cresotech, desktop, utility, fun, easy, enjoy,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Easy Keys 1.0 Easy Keys
Extremely powerful yet simple to use tool for automating repetitive typing tasks
Tags: automation, typing, text expansion, abbreviation,
Overall Average:

CleverTexting 2.0 screenshot CleverTexting
New Mobile Texting Technology that makes predictions based on statistical
Tags: Texting, Predictive, Mobile, keypad, statistical, English, CleverTexting. SMS, SMS Compression, Touchscreen, phone, Touch screen, typing,
Overall Average:

Asutype Speller 3.1 screenshot Asutype Speller
Spell check & automatically correct spelling errors as you type anywhere anytime
Tags: spell check, spell, spelling, speller, spellcheck, spell checking, mistakes, corrections, typing,
Overall Average:

Animated Beginning Typing 1.20 screenshot Animated Beginning Typing
Sound effects and animation are used to make learning to type fun (and funny).
Tags: typing, computer, letters, keyboard,
Overall Average:

CyberSex Typing Tutor 1.13 screenshot CyberSex Typing Tutor
Practise typing your favourite phrases and sayings using just one hand!
Tags: cybersex, typing, practise, practice, tutor, hand, depraved, bored, very lonely, need to get out more, freeware,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Accents 2.0 screenshot Accents
Quickly and easily type accented characters without having to remember codes!
Tags: accents, language, languages, typing, on screen keyboard, keyboard, special characters,
Overall Average:

AccuSpell 2008 screenshot AccuSpell 2008
Add real-time spell check and thesaurus to most programs. Multi-language support
Tags: spell check, spell checker, spell checking, thesaurus, accuspell, notepad, wordpad, icq, typing help,
Overall Average:

Letter Chase -- Learn the Keyboard 1.0 screenshot Letter Chase -- Learn the Keyboard
Typing program for beginners to learn the keyboard.
Tags: typing, typing tutor, learn to type, letter, chase, touch type, letter chase,
Overall Average:

Letter Chase Typing Tutor 5.4 screenshot Letter Chase Typing Tutor
Full-featured Typing Tutor for beginners & experts.
Tags: typing, typing tutor, learn to type, letter, chase, touch type,
Overall Average:

Touch Typing Technology test beta Touch Typing Technology test
Test your touch typing skills with this cool, short test!
Tags: touch, typing, speed, keyboarding.,
Overall Average:

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