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HarePoint Workflow Scheduler 1.5 screenshot HarePoint Workflow Scheduler
Allows automatic execution of SharePoint 2010 workflows by schedule
Tags: sharepoint workflow, business process, sharepoint automation, workflows scheduler,
Overall Average:

Workflow Builder for Access 2.8 Workflow Builder for Access
Workflow Builder for Microsoft Access delivers powerful automation capabilities
Tags: microsoft access, workflow, automation, process automation, workflow automation,
Overall Average:

FlowBiz Workflow Designer 3.51 screenshot FlowBiz Workflow Designer
Create workflow process documentation such as procedures and workflow routes
Tags: workflow, procedure, flow chart, flowchart, process,
Overall Average:

Virto SharePoint Workflow Activities Kit 5.1.3 Virto SharePoint Workflow Activities Kit
No-code set of Activities for creating Custom SharePoint Workflow
Tags: sharepoint, workflow, sharepoint workflow designer,
Overall Average:

HarePoint Content and Workflow Migrator 1.2 screenshot HarePoint Content and Workflow Migrator
Simple, quick and error-free migration of SharePoint Content Types, Lists, Document libraries and workflows between SharePoint sites as well as...
Tags: download, import sharepoint files, export, copy sharepoint data, migration tool, content migration, copy sharepoint lists, bulk upload, copy sharepoint workflow, migrate sharepoint workflow, workflow migration, move sharepoint workflows, import,
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HarePoint Workflow Migration 1.0 screenshot HarePoint Workflow Migration
Copy/move workflows between any SharePoint sites and different SharePoint versions
Tags: sharepoint workflow status, sharepoint workflow monitor, sharepoint workflow monitoring, sharepoint workflow management,
Overall Average:

AutoMate 8.0.1 screenshot AutoMate
Build robust automated tasks to schedule, monitor and integrate your IT systems
Tags: automation, automate, automated, automatic, macro, scripting, software, ftp, sftp, job, scheduling, windows, batch, program, workflow,
Overall Average:

Task Manager 2010 Team Task Management 2010 Task Manager 2010 Team Task Management
Manage and track all tasks, jobs and projects for your team(s).
Tags: Account, Appointment, Business, Contact, Customer, CPA, Database, Date, Day, Desk, Due, Employee, Group, Help, Human, Job,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Robo-FTP 3.7.7 screenshot Robo-FTP
Secure script-driven FTP client with support for COM/OLE, SSH, SSL, and PGP
Tags: script-driven, unattended, ftp client, batch, file transfer, ftp, automated, secure, SSH, SSL, SFTP, FTPS, PGP, HTTP, HTTPS, managed file transfer,
Overall Average:

Joinwork Process Studio 3.0.36 Joinwork Process Studio
Joinwork Process Studio - A BPMN 2. Modeler
Tags: BPMN, BPMN 2.0, BPMN Editor, BPMN Modeler, BPM, Workflow, Joinwork, Joinwork Process Studio,
Overall Average:

SharePoint Batch Check In 1.6.816.4 SharePoint Batch Check In
check in multiple checked out files; upload and check in files at the same time
Tags: SharePoint web parts, SharePoint add ons, SharePoint workflow, SharePoint software,
Overall Average:

AutoCustomerComplaints 1.00 AutoCustomerComplaints
The Customer Complaint Management. Automation of ISO procedure. This procedure automates the usual (and very useful) event of customer complaint.
Tags: Customer Complaints, ISO, ISO Automation, BPM, BAM, workflow, programming tool, intelligent agents, automation, agent framework, 3 tier, middle tier, tcp/ip, document management, process coordination, coordinator,
Overall Average:

TrailBlazer 1.01 TrailBlazer
A web based Repair shop tracking and management tool
Tags: repair, tracking, console, computer, servicing, maintenance, ugrade, workflow,
Overall Average:

Achiever 1.0 screenshot Achiever
Organize your tasks, information, web links and documents. Get things done!
Tags: Achiever, GTD, Getting Things Done, workflow, project, task, tag, steps, sharing, search, hierarchy, management, priorities, actions, calendar, Outlook,
Overall Average:

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