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Instant Knowledge Base 1.10 Instant Knowledge Base
Create custom knowledge base articles, fully searchable. Export articles as html
Tags: custom, knowledge, base, instant, help, desk, help-desk, solution, problem, tracker, searchable, generate, html, files, relevance, search,
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DoyleSoft Knowledge Base Software 2.9.92 DoyleSoft Knowledge Base Software
DoyleSoft Knowledge Base is easy to use and is designed with networks in mind.
Tags: Knowledge Base Software, Knowledge Base,
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SysInfoTools Base Repair 1.01 SysInfoTools Base Repair
SysInfoTools Base Repair - repair and recover corrupt OpenOffice base files.
Tags: base recovery, base recovery software, odb file repair, odb file recovery, odb recovery, odb repair, openoffice base recovery,
Overall Average:

HarePoint Knowledge Base for SharePoint 1.0 HarePoint Knowledge Base for SharePoint
HarePoint Knowledge Base is a ready-made solution that provides a full-functionally knowledge management system in your SharePoint environment.
Tags: Create SharePoint Knowledge Base, SharePoint knowledge base, knowledge base in sharepoint, SharePoint 2010 knowledge base, SharePoint knowledge management, sharepoint as knowledge base, SharePoint Knowledge Base template,
Overall Average:

Deeproot Plant Base 1.6.1 Deeproot Plant Base
Plant reference database - an encyclopaedia of garden and wild plant species
Tags: gardening software, plant reference database, plant encyclopaedia, plant information, plant photos, garden planning,
Overall Average:

Cisco ASA Firewall Base Configuration 7.2-4 Cisco ASA Firewall Base Configuration
Cisco ASA Firewall and Security Configuration - Best Practices Document and Conf
Tags: Cisco, ASA, Firewall, Network, Security, Baseline, Configuration, Best Practices,
Overall Average:

WowBase 1.58 WowBase
Create your own database quickly and easily.
Tags: database, collection, hobby, table, base,
Overall Average:

KBase for Outlook 2 KBase for Outlook
KBase, knowledge base that runs completely in an Exchange public folder.
Tags: knowledge base, Outlook, search, articles, public folder,
Overall Average:

KnowledgeBase Deluxe 3.6 KnowledgeBase Deluxe
Knowledge Base management software for Windows.
Tags: knowledge, knowledgebase, knowledge base, support, issues, software,
Overall Average:

1-abc. et Database 1.10 1-abc. et Database
Create databases for any types of items
Tags: database, data, base, organize, check, save,
Overall Average:

Inside the Park Baseball 1.03 Inside the Park Baseball
MLB role-playing game that lets YOU become a professional baseball player
Tags: baseball, season, ticket, baseball game, sim, simulation, homerun, stats, statistic, game, minor, leagues, major, college, fantasy, rotisserie,
Overall Average:

Sybase SQL Anywhere Editor Software 7.0 Sybase SQL Anywhere Editor Software
Make changes to the data found within an Sybase SQL Anywhere table.
Tags: sybase, ianywhere, dbms, rdbms, sqlanywhere, sql anywhere, data source, connection, administrative tools, odbc, anywhere, asa, 6.0, 5.5, server,
Overall Average:

absolutePDF-Spool Base 1.1 absolutePDF-Spool Base
Enables legacy applications to generate PDF files.
Tags: pdf creation, pdf, spool, spool to pdf, as400 spool conversion, pdf to email,
Overall Average:

Database Viewer-Editor 7.2.0661 Database Viewer-Editor
xBaseView is a database tool for novice database administrators/advanced users
Tags: View, Export, Import, Search, Filter, Print, Query, Reindex, Pack, Zap, FoxPro, dBase, Clipper, VFP, Paradox, Access,
Overall Average:

Database Tour Pro Database Tour Pro
Cross-database tool with integrated report builder
Tags: database report, report builder, build report, builder, build, creator,
Overall Average:

VISOCO BDP. ET for Sybase ASE 1.0 VISOCO BDP. ET for Sybase ASE
VISOCO BDP. ET for Sybase ASE is a . et provider for direct access to ASE.
Tags: visoco, VISOCO, Software, BDP, ADO, Borland, data, provider, dataset, database, Sybase, Delphi, .Net, dotNet, ASE,
Overall Average:

Delphi Database Tutorial 7.1 Delphi Database Tutorial
Delphi Database Tutorial with full source code and animated tutorials.
Tags: Delphi, examples, source, code, database, reporting, tutorials, Delphi tutorial, delphi tutorials, custom, rave, reports, source code, forms, dbexpress, mysql,
Overall Average:

SiteMech Database Manager 1.1.2 SiteMech Database Manager
A tool for MSSQL/MySQL Databases data exchange
Tags: Development, databases, Content, Management, Framework, CMS, Web, manager,
Overall Average:

ZeBAze Database Search Engine 1.0 ZeBAze Database Search Engine
New search engine that uses artificial intelligence to flexibly query databases.
Tags: database, search, engine, artificial, intelligence, flexible, query,
Overall Average:

Thermophysical Database - Thermo-Prop 1.4.5 Thermophysical Database - Thermo-Prop
Physicochemical and thermophysical properties for modelling and simulation
Tags: physicochemical, thermophysical, database, numerical, modelling, simulation, properties, property, steel, copper, aluminium, casting, alloy,
Overall Average:

Free United States ZIP Code Database April.2011 Free United States ZIP Code Database
Free United States ZIP Codes Database Subscription in CSV Text Format.
Tags: free zip code, free zipcode, zipcodes, zip code database, zip code download,
Overall Average:

SQL Effects Clarity for Sybase ASE 1.3.51 SQL Effects Clarity for Sybase ASE
Lightning Quick and very flexible database comparison tool. Interactive results.
Tags: Sybase, ASE, Adaptive, Server, Enterprise, SQL, Database, Comparison, Diff, Diffs, Tools, Tool, Utilities, Utility, Variance, Change,
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