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SQL Synchronizer for Remote Connection... SQL Synchronizer for Remote Connection...
If you face restriction from your hosting company that, 'Remote Connection to SQL Server is not allowed'; you would need this Synchronizer...
Tags: SQL Synchronizer, SQL Express Synchronizer, Remote Connection Restricted SQL Server, Share hosting SQL Synchronizer, SQL Server detached database file Synchronizer.,
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10-Strike Connection Monitor 2.1 10-Strike Connection Monitor
Monitor network access to your shared resources; watch who gets into your files
Tags: network, resource, share, access, monitor, connection, folder, file, server, user, protect, audit, computer, program,
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Internet Connection Counter 7.4-Eng Internet Connection Counter
This program displays various statistics about your Dial-up and LAN connections
Tags: Internet, counter of the traffic, ADSL connection, dial-up, GPRS, LAN, graphs of speed, statistics, time, money expenses, ISP, FTP,
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Connection Keeper 10.0 Connection Keeper
Prevents your internet connection from being dropped due to inactivity.
Tags: internet, connection, connect, disconnect, isp, dropped, disconnected, monitor, utility, keeper, inactive, inactivity, idle, tray, free, freeware,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

MITCalc - Shaft connection 1.17 MITCalc - Shaft connection
Designs and strength checks of shaped connections of shafts with hubs
Tags: Shaft, hub, connection, shaped connection, keys, splines, design, strength check, ANSI B17.1, ANSI B17.2, ANSI B92.1,
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Advanced Connection Viewer 1.7 Advanced Connection Viewer
Monitors active connections (HTTP, TCP / IP, UDP, etc. on the target machine. Supports whois operations. Logs connection information to CSV files.
Tags: connection monitor, CSV logger,
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SpeedConnect Connection Tester 7.0 SpeedConnect Connection Tester
Test the speed of your Internet connection. Quick and easy connection tester.
Tags: speed, internet, connection tester, connection analyzer, internet speed, internet connection analyzer,
Overall Average:

MyConnection PC Lite 3.0e MyConnection PC Lite
Test your Internet connection download and upload speeds, connection quality
Tags: speed test, bandwidth, download, upload, connection, broadband,
Overall Average:

Agile. ataConnectionSuite 1.0 Agile. ataConnectionSuite
Data connection string builder dialogs and controls for integration in . ET apps
Tags: .NET, database, connection, string, builder, dialogs, configuration,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Como - Jet Connections Monitor 1.5 Como - Jet Connections Monitor
Watches MS Access databases and monitors connecting user accounts
Tags: MS Access, Database, Security, Connections, Logon, Audit, Como, c:JAM, Freeware,
Overall Average:

CallerIP 4.0d CallerIP
Identify backdoor security threats to your computer
Tags: security, ip lookup, domain lookup, whois, ip trace, lookups, trace ip, ip location, ip address location, locate ip, connection monitor,
Overall Average:

TupSight 2.86 TupSight
NAT gateway-based Internet sharing, activity monitoring, and access control
Tags: NAT gateway, Internet connection sharing, activity monitoring, access control, proxy service,
Overall Average:

Net Check 1.1.0 Net Check
An easy solution to check if there is an active Internet connection.
Tags: check connection, internet connection, network monitoring,
Overall Average:

VisualRoute Lite Edition 13.1c VisualRoute Lite Edition
Test your Internet connection, see where problems occur
Tags: traceroute, trace route, ping, connectivity, connection, test, trace, networking, network test,
Overall Average:

SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer 2.7 SoftPerfect Network Protocol Analyzer
A network analyzer (sniffer). It analyzes the data passing through your network.
Tags: net, network, sniffer, protocol, analyzer, decode, security, internet, connection, lan,
Overall Average:

dbQwikMySSH dbQwikMySSH
Connect to MySQL using SSH, encrypt data, bypass port 3306 blocking
Tags: MySQL, SSH, putty, encrypt, remote connection, port 3306, port 22,
Overall Average:

DELL Notebook WiFi Router 4.8 DELL Notebook WiFi Router
DELL notebook WiFi Router is a software-based WiFi routing utility that turns your DELL notebook into a wireless router.
Tags: WiFi Hotspot, Wireless Router, Wireless Connection, WiFi, Hotspot, Wireless, DELL Notebook,
Overall Average:

wodBeep wodBeep
ActiveX component is a peer-to-peer connection
Tags: wodBeep, Beep, weonlydo, peer, communicate, secure, security, protocol, connection, asynchronus,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

MySpeed SVR Xpress 1.0a MySpeed SVR Xpress
Host connection speed testing services on your website
Tags: speed test, download test, bandwidth, broadband, connection, upload speed, download speed,
Overall Average:

Dial-up Password Recovery Master 1.3 Dial-up Password Recovery Master
Dependable password recovery solution for network and dial-up connections.
Tags: internet password, password recovery, dial-up password, recover, revealer, viewer, software, tool, network, net, dial-up, dialup, dial up, connection, lan, vpn,
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Network Profile Manager Lite 6.5 Network Profile Manager Lite
NPM 2014 Lite is the free, simple and easy way to seamlessly manage computer proxy settings based upon the availability of your networks.
Tags: Proxy switcher, network profiles, network settings management, network connection manager, automatic network detection, Internet settings, location profiles,
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Internet Download Manager 6.15.9 Internet Download Manager
Schedule, resume and accelerate downloads by up to 5 times with this accelerator
Tags: internet, increase, accelerate, accelerator, download, performance, dialup, grabber, FLV, YouTube, Google Video, MySpaceTV, spider, cable, optimize, speed,
Overall Average:

Durable Copy 3.8.8 Durable Copy
Durable Copy can copy files which have damaged sectors
Tags: durable, copy, bad, sectors, files, unreadable, movie, wireless, unstable, connection, broken, damaged,
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