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Hot CPU Tester Pro 4.4 Hot CPU Tester Pro
System health and stability tester. With unique DefectTrack technology
Tags: hot cpu tester, 7byte, hot, cpu, tester, hot cpu, cpu tester, system, analyser, analyzer, diagnostic, tweak, motherboard, overclock, intel, amd,
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Orneta Tester for Smartphone 2002 1.0.8 Orneta Tester for Smartphone 2002
Orneta Tester is a system tool testing Smartphone vibration, display, keypad etc
Tags: test, tester, smartphone, system, tool, windows, mobile, microsoft,
Overall Average:

Regression Tester 1.04 Regression Tester
Website and Web Application Testing.
Tags: web based application, internet, website, regression test, test, tester, software,
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Forex Tester 2.8.4 Forex Tester
Learn how to trade on Forex without spending a dime
Tags: forex training, forex training software, trading, market, simulator, stock, tester, foreign, exchange, currency, trader,
Overall Average:

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Mihov Background Tester 0.6 Mihov Background Tester
Test image files and see how they would look as tiled background
Tags: background, tester, back, bgcolor, tile, photo, back ground, image, background image, picture, download, program, free, mihov, tiled, pattern,
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SpeedConnect Connection Tester 7.0 SpeedConnect Connection Tester
Test the speed of your Internet connection. Quick and easy connection tester.
Tags: speed, internet, connection tester, connection analyzer, internet speed, internet connection analyzer,
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Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX 1.814 Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX
Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX is a software simulator of Foreign Exchange
Tags: trading, forex, tester, strategy, history, testing, time, windows, test, orders, indicators, format, ability,
Overall Average:

Reliable Load Tester 1.6 Reliable Load Tester
Load and stress tester for Internet and Intranet applications such as websites and web services.
Tags: load tester, stress tester,
Overall Average:

Site Speed Tester 1.0 Site Speed Tester
Use this tool to test the average speed of your web pages.
Tags: site speed, speed tester, page load time, test site,
Overall Average:

MP3 Tester 1.04 MP3 Tester
MP3 File Tester
Tags: MP3, File, Tester,
Overall Average:

Paessler WMI Tester 2.1 Paessler WMI Tester
Test the accessibility of WMI counters; quickly and easily.
Tags: network monitor, server, network, mrtg, prtg, wmi, windows management instrumentation, downtime, uptime, monitor, ping, tool, port, http, snmp,
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Paessler Netflow Tester 2.1 Paessler Netflow Tester
Debug bandwidth monitoring configurations based on Cisco's Netflow protocol.
Tags: SNMP, Cisco, netflow, packet sniffer, packet sniffing, cisco, router, firewall, mrtg, bandwidth, usage, volume, prtg, traffic, graph,
Overall Average:

Paessler SNMP Tester 3.2 Paessler SNMP Tester
Test and debug SNMP requests against a device in your network.
Tags: SNMP, packet sniffer, packet sniffing, netflow, cisco, router, firewall, mrtg, bandwidth, usage, volume, prtg, traffic, graph, network,
Overall Average:

English Tester 2.1 English Tester
Prepare for examinations using the ultimate English language Tester.
Tags: test, tests, vocabulary, grammar, examinations, exams, exam, CAE, CPE, FCE,
Overall Average:

Atelier Web Firewall Tester 5.0 Atelier Web Firewall Tester
Check whether your Firewall leaks through.
Tags: Firewall, trojan, Personal, test, malware, outbond, security, network, spyware,
Overall Average:

Router Tester 1.02 Router Tester
Helps DynSite users to accurately identify the HTML status page of their routers
Tags: status page, HTML, routers, dynamic DNS, DynSite,
Overall Average:

Forex Strategy Builder Forex Strategy Builder
Free Forex strategy tester, generator, optimizer! Tens of technical indicators.
Tags: forex, forex strategy, forex software, forex tester, technical analysis, technical indicators,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Test Maker 2.6 Test Maker
Test Maker - Unlimited Testing Solution
Tags: test, creation, software, elearning, quiz, exam, training, survey, testing, tester, tests, program,
Overall Average:

Interlex Interlex
Interlex helps you learn vocabulary quickly and easily in over 30 languages.
Tags: language, vocabulary, vocab, learn, learning, teach, teaching, trainer, training, builder, test, testing, tester, quiz, foreign, words,
Overall Average:

Fast file integrity checker. Supports 13 hash/checksum functions, MD5/SFV files.
Tags: hash, message, digest, checksum, crc, file, data, sum, 128, bit, check, checking, checker, verify, veriifying, verifier,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Meta Trader Account Copier 1 Meta Trader Account Copier
Meta Trader Account Copier, helps to work with trading signals
Tags: Meta Trader 4, forex, training, trading, market, simulator, stock, tester, foreign, exchange, currency, trader,
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HashCalc 2.02 HashCalc
Quickly compute hash, checksum, and HMAC values for files, text and hex strings.
Tags: hash, message, digest, checksum, crc, hmac, algorithm, file, data, sum, authentication, key, password, encryption, encrypt, 128,
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