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Crypto 4.1 Crypto
Cryptogram puzzle game; print your own puzzles; computes letter frequencies
Tags: crypto, cryptogram, cryptoquip, cryptoquote, code, cipher, puzzle, game,
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Crypto Obfuscator For . et 2011 Crypto Obfuscator For . et
Advanced code protection, obfuscation and optimization for your . et assemblies
Tags: Crypto, obfuscator, obfuscation, code-protection, metadata, MSIL, encryption, assemblies,, app, dotnet, .net, WPF, decompiler, reflector,
Overall Average:

Crypto 2000 4.6 Crypto 2000
Quickly encrypt your sensitive files.
Tags: braun, crypto, security, encrypt, utility, encryption, decrypt, decryption, cipher, decipher,
Overall Average:

Crypto-Madness 1.0 Crypto-Madness
Do you have what it takes to break the codes?
Tags: cryptograms, puzzle, logic, decode, decoding,
Overall Average:

CHAOS Self Decryptor 3.9 CHAOS Self Decryptor
CHAOS Self Decryptor creating self-decrypting archives (SDAs).
Tags: security, compress, chaos, tools, safety, protect, protecting, crypto, files, folders, documents, programs, cryptographic algorithms, source, code, software,
Overall Average:

CryptoDisk 1.3 CryptoDisk
Creates virtual encrypted disk on your system to secure your private files.
Tags: encrypt, encryption, disk, drive, crypto, cryptodisk, protect, security, secure, data, file, folder, cryptography, aes, des, blowfish,
Overall Average:

CryptoLab 1.02.2 CryptoLab
CryptoLab is a text-based encryption application for Microsoft Windows.
Tags: Encryption, Crypto, Cryptography, Secure, Personal, Cipher, Communications, Algorithm, Key, SMTP, Email,
Overall Average:

Ultra Crypto Component 2.0.2011.401 Ultra Crypto Component
Easy and advanced encryption, decryption and hash ActiveX component for ASP
Tags: Easy and advanced encryption, decryption and hash ActiveX component for ASP or ASP.Net,
Overall Average:

Crypto Anywhere - OpenPGP Edition 2.0 Crypto Anywhere - OpenPGP Edition
Free Secure email encryption. Supports PGP and SecExMail ciphers. Free.
Tags: PGP, OpenPGP GPG secure email encrypted e-mail encryption public key secexmail secex mail,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Crypto Composer Crypto Composer
Info Security, Personal/Corporate Privacy, Identity Authentication & Management
Tags: Security, Privacy, Identity, Authentication, Right,
Overall Average:

FileMax Cryptor 1.8 FileMax Cryptor
Encrypt your files easily and quickly with FileMax Cryptor.
Tags: sequrity, privacy, password, cryptor, encryption, cipher,
Overall Average:

LLCryptoLib 1.9.2012 LLCryptoLib
LLCryptoLib provides methods for object-oriented cryptography software
Tags: cryptography library, .NET library, hash, shred, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, BLOWFISH, CAST5, AES, RIJNDAEL, DES, 3DES, GUTMANN, DOD,
Overall Average:

Neo Cryptor 1.1 Neo Cryptor
Easy to use utility, used to protect and secure all your important files.
Tags: sequrity, privacy, password, crypt, encryption, cipher, cryptor,
Overall Average:

Free File Encryptor 1.0 Free File Encryptor
Free File Encryptor - Keep your information secure.
Tags: encrypt file, encrypt files, file encryptor,
Overall Average:

Fast File Encryptor 4.3 Fast File Encryptor
It can encrypt or decrypt files and contain a lot of additional tools.
Tags: encrypt, file, decrypt, fast, encryptor, encryption, decryption, decryptor,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

CryptoLicensing For ActiveX 2013 CryptoLicensing For ActiveX
Add licensing, copy-protection and activation capabilities to your software
Tags: CryptoLicensing, ActiveX, copy-protection, activation, hardware-locked, cryptography,
Overall Average:

DMT SQL Decryptor 3.18 DMT SQL Decryptor
Decrypt, edit and view encrypted database objects for Microsoft SQL Server.
Tags: SQL Decryptor, Decrypt SQL, Decrypt, Decryptor, Unencryption, Procedure, Trigger, View, User Defined Function, SQL Server, SQL Server 2005,
Overall Average:

Word PC-binding Encryptor 6.0 Word PC-binding Encryptor
Encrypt word,One Computer,One Password, No editing,No copying,No printing
Tags: Word Encryptor, One Computer, One Password, Encrypt Doc, Encrypt DOCX, Encrypt RTF,
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