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DTM Schema Inspector 1.21.11 DTM Schema Inspector
DTM Schema Inspector is a database schema browsing and management tool
Tags: database schema, schema tools, schema management, schema browser,
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DTM Schema Reporter 1.24.01 DTM Schema Reporter
Create database reports in RTF,HTML, PDF,XML, CHM or text easily with this tool
Tags: database schema, schema report, database structure, data structure report,
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Copy Schema for SQL Server 1.06.42 Copy Schema for SQL Server
The tool copies database objects definition: tables, views, procedures, keys,etc
Tags: copy schema, database schema,
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Export Schema to SQL for SQL Server 1.06.42 Export Schema to SQL for SQL Server
Creates SQL script for database definitions: tables, views, procedures, keys,etc
Tags: export schema, database schema, export schema to SQL script,
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DBWScript 3.0 DBWScript
DBWScript generates creation scripts (DDL) for MS Access databases.
Tags: creation script, Data Definition Language, DDL, SQL, commands, create, table, tables, recreate, structure, database schema, database scheme, MS Access, MDB,
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dbConstructor dbConstructor
Smart multiplatform Database design tool for developers, web designer and DBAs.
Tags: Database Design, DDL Script, Database Schema, Database Version Synchronization,
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DTM Data Modeler 1.08.07 DTM Data Modeler
CASE tool for database developers that supports forward and reverse engineering
Tags: database CASE tool, database design, data modeling, database modeling, database schema, database designer,
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Sync Database MySQL Edition 3.3 Sync Database MySQL Edition
Sync Database is an easy solution to compare and sync MySQL databases.
Tags: mySQL, database, synchronization, schema, DDL, versions, versioning,
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Database Gate 1.9 Database Gate
SQL editor able to connect to every kind of database using ODBC with tools
Tags: sql, editor, ODBC, database, table, syntax highlighting, client, server, DSN, schema diff,
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Best Database Converter Best Database Converter
MSSQL to MySQL converter utility transfer single or multiple database records
Tags: MSSQL, MySQL, database, converter, software, utility, tool, Unicode, attribute, null, migrate, indexes, transfer, unique, data, server,
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Beta Program Bug & Feature Database 1.0 Beta Program Bug & Feature Database
Keep track of all bugs and features requested during your Beta Programs
Tags: Beta, Program, Bug, Feature, Database, Excel, FileMaker, Software,
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My Internet Database 1.40 My Internet Database
Encrypted storing of your internet web site links, user names and passwords.
Tags: Internet tool, Internet utility, logon, passwords, database, encrytion, favorites, websites,
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Database . ET v3 5.6.4363 Database . ET v3
A simple, uniform and intuitive database management tool for multiple databases
Tags: OData, Dallas, Database, MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Firebird,
Overall Average:

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Database Dictionaries Swedish 1.1 Database Dictionaries Swedish
Bilingual Dictionaries Swedish, Spanish, French, German, English, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch in SQL, MS-Excel or MS-Access - format for commercial...
Tags: Bilingual, Dictionaries, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, English, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, SQL, MS-Excel, MS-Access, Database,
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Thesaurus Synonym Database 1.1 Thesaurus Synonym Database
Thesaurus, Synonym, Database for English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish in SQL, Excel or Access - format for...
Tags: Thesaurus, Synonym, Synonyms, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, SQL, Excel, Access, Database,
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