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Secure Deletions 2 Secure Deletions
A Secure Deletion tool.
Tags: secure deletions, secure delete, delete, deletions,
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ReviveR 1.9 ReviveR
ReviveR - Undelete. Unformat. Unbelievable! Recover deleted or lost files.
Tags: windows undelete, undelete, unformat, file recovery, ntfs, format recovery, deletion, deleted file, deleted files, data recovery,
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File Own Guard 2.1 File Own Guard
Swift File and Folder Encryption and Secure Data Deletion Tool.
Tags: file, encryption, folder, protection, deletion, removing, AES, MARS, RC6, SERPENT, TWOFISH, shredding,
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File Security Manager File Security Manager
Manage file and folder permissions in Windows XP Home like in XP Professional
Tags: Assign, Set, Modify, File, Folder, Permissions, User, Rights, Windows XP Home, NTFS, Shares, security, tab, add, allow, deny,
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TheLaptopLock 0.9.4 TheLaptopLock
A stolen computer doesn't mean your data is no longer under your control.
Tags: data protection, encryption, deletion on stolen computers,
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Secure Eraser 5.000 Secure Eraser
deletes your sensitive data irretrievably and offers an easy to use user interface
Tags: Erase, Delete, Deletion, Secure, Save, Safe, Gutmann, NISPOM, DOD, File, Data, Folder, Remove,
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UltraSentry v6.00 UltraSentry
UltraSentry is a highly advanced military-grade disk and registry cleaner.
Tags: privacy, security, disk cleaner, registry cleaner, scheduled events, security profiles, configurable, browser history, swap files, file deletion,
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Image Mender 1.22 Image Mender
Image Mender allows you to remove any undesirable elements on your images.
Tags: image, lines, blemishes, removing flaws, removing unnecessary parts, deletion of logos,
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PA File Sight 3.3 PA File Sight
PA File Sight watches, records, and reports on who access files
Tags: file access monitor, file deletion monitor, who deleted file, file delete report, file access report, file users,
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Shred Agent 1.1 Shred Agent
Protect your privacy with secure background wiping of sensitive files.
Tags: shred agent, capture deletion, background wipe, wipe, shredder, disk wipe, wipe files, sensitive files, unwanted files, delete, secure, erase, hard disk, cookie, history, cache,
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Overall Average:

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Delenda 2.417 Delenda
Delete old files by date: creation, modification, last access, transfer, archive
Tags: delete files older, erase, cleaning utility, remove, move, Delenda, deletion, aged, old files, clean, deleted, trash, utilities, software, Recycle, Bin,
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Luecky 2.0.0 Luecky
Luecky is a simple cloze test application.
Tags: Luecky, Lücky, cloze test, cloze deletion test, cloze, test, education, application,
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Data Destroyer Disk Wipe 11.15 Data Destroyer Disk Wipe
Wipes free space and all files (except selected files and folders) on a disk.
Tags: data destroyer, disk wipe, purge, file purge, secure deletion, secure file deletion, sanitize, sanitization, DoD, Defense, 5220.22-M, hard disk,
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Easy Shred 1.00 Easy Shred
Easy Shred removes your files by overwriting them, permanent file shredding.
Tags: file shredder, file shredding, file privacy, delete file, remove file, file deletion,
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HDShredder Free Edition 3.8.0 HDShredder Free Edition
securely erasing hard disks and other media - quick and easy
Tags: hard, disk, drive, harddrive, harddisk, erase, delete, wipe, clear, shred, shredder, deletion,
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Master Shredder 2.00 Master Shredder
Delete your files securely on Windows 7
Tags: wiping, shredding, wipe, shred, shredder, secure, files, file, deletion, deleting, gost, gutmann, schneier, dod, vsitr, quick wipe,
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MaxCrypt Security Suite Standard MaxCrypt Security Suite Standard
Effortless encryption, advanced file hiding, and secure file deletion.
Tags: encrypt, hide, delete, secure, encryption, hiding, deletion, security, maxcrypt, maxconceal, maxdelete, AES, gutmann, DOD, 5220.22,
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SafeCleaner 1.0 SafeCleaner
Ensures the destruction of files that were deleted, without harming other files.
Tags: hard drive, hard, drive, cleaner, utility, recover, files, file, restore, security, clean, erase, remove, delete, ensure, deletion,
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Mutilate File Wiper 2.95 Mutilate File Wiper
Permanently delete sensitive files / Shred disk free space
Tags: wipe, file wiper, shred, shredder, removal, data recovery, disk eraser, secure deletion, erase, eraser, privacy, delete, undelete, purge, clean, washer,
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