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Simple DNS Plus 5.2 Simple DNS Plus
The simple yet powerful DNS server for Windows
Tags: dns, dhcp, dns server, windows dns server, name server, bind,
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DNS Thing 1.0a DNS Thing
Lookup DNS information using a convenient graphical user interface
Tags: dns, nslookup, dig, ping, traceroute, tracert, cname, soa, domain, hostname, host,
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Simple DNS Plus . ET API 1 Simple DNS Plus . ET API
API written in VB. et which allows for easy communication with Simple DNS Plus
Tags: dns, nameserver, simple dns plus, API, programmers interface, .net,
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Random Name Generator Software 7.0 Random Name Generator Software
Generate a specified number of random first and last names.
Tags: generate, create, names, first name, firstname, lastname, make, get, invent, produce, propagate, made, sampling, sample, grab bag, odds,
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Last Name Almanac 1.70 Last Name Almanac
The meaning and history of tens of thousands of family surnames. Home Business
Tags: last name software, surname software, family name origins, surnames, name software, ken kirkpatrick software,
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Instant File Name Search 1.8 Instant File Name Search
Instantly search files by name or wildcards on your computer or local network
Tags: Search, Find, Locator, Instant, Free, File name, Filename,
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Managed DNS services from edgedirector. om with geolocation, load balancing
Tags: dns, server, failover, global, loadbalance, load, balance, glbs, control, panel, geoip, geolocation, geodns, anycast, high, availability,
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Dynu Basic Dynamic DNS Client 3.42 Dynu Basic Dynamic DNS Client
Free software and service to fix a static domain name to a dynamic IP address
Tags: Dynamic DNS, IP update, free, dns, IP address, server, dynamic IP,
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GateWall DNS Filter 2.0.4664 GateWall DNS Filter
Internet control by filtering DNS requests. Can be set up locally or remotely
Tags: dns filter, Internet filter, Internet access control, parental control, web filtering, opendns, school Internet, Internet security,
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First Name Almanac 11.90 First Name Almanac
Do you know what your first name means? Find out with First Name Almanac!
Tags: name meaning, meaning of names, personalization, first names, entrepreneur,
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Dog Name Generator 1.2 Dog Name Generator
You can generate your own dog name without online into the internet.
Tags: dog name, dogname, dog, name, generator, dog name generator, pet name generator, horse name generator,
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Name Maker LE 5.1 Name Maker LE
Create names for babies, characters in books or novels. Make real, useful names.
Tags: Name Generator, Character, Novel, Author,
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Cute Baby Name 1.0 Cute Baby Name
Contains about 30000 baby names, name meanings and origins,boy and girl names
Tags: baby, name, meaning, origin, baby name, name origin, name meaning, name collection, child name,
Overall Average:

Horse Name Generator 1.2 Horse Name Generator
You can generate your own horse name without online into the internet.
Tags: horse name, horsename, horse, name, generator, horse name generator, pet name generator,
Overall Average:

Shape Name Utility 1.0 Shape Name Utility
Shape name inspection and modification tool for Microsoft MapPoint
Tags: mappoint, shape, name, sample, add-in, utility, pushpin,
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TZO Dynamic DNS with PhotoSharing 3.2.1 TZO Dynamic DNS with PhotoSharing
TZO uses true dynamic DNS technology to fix static domain name to a Dynamic IP
Tags: Dynamic ip, Dynamic DNS, Remote Control, IP address, DHCP, DNS, TZO, router, DSL, Cable modem, hosting, domain, mail server, DVR, VPN, FTP,
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Baby Name Software 1.9 Baby Name Software
Baby Name Software Prints and displays 20,000 names in 12 formats.
Tags: baby names, baby name, baby name software, baby name meaning, baby name characteristics,
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