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Overall Average:

Excel Password Recovery Master 3.5 screenshot Excel Password Recovery Master
Prompt password recovery solution for MS Excel documents.
Tags: excel, password, recovery, lost, find, free, download, xla, xls, xlt, xlsx, document, remove, open, write, protection workbook,
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Excel Password Recovery Wizard 2.0.8 screenshot Excel Password Recovery Wizard
Excel Password Recovery lets you recover any Excel password in a flash.
Tags: excel, lost, password, recovery, worksheet, sheet, xls, book, workbook, xla, excell, exel, microsoft, spreadsheet, recover,
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Pocket Excel Password Recovery 1.0a screenshot Pocket Excel Password Recovery
Recovers lost passwords for Pocket Excel files.
Tags: pocket, excel, pocket pc, password, pxl, lost, break, crack, pocket password, pocket excel,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Password Recovery Engine for Excel 2.2 Password Recovery Engine for Excel
Password Recovery Engine for fast and easy Excel password retrieval needs!
Tags: password, recovery, xls, Excel, protected, Microsoft Office, document, retrieval,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Advanced Office Password Recovery 3.04 Advanced Office Password Recovery
Recover passwords for Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Access etc).
Tags: recovery, lost, office97, office2000, word, excel, access, password, brute-force, dictionary-based, attack,
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VBA Password Recovery Master 2.0 screenshot VBA Password Recovery Master
Instant password recovery as an easy and reliable solution for VBA Projects.
Tags: vba, password, recovery, recover, remove, revealer, viewer, tool, passwort, free, backdoor, macro, project, lost, crack,
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Null Logics The Bat! Password Recovery screenshot Null Logics The Bat! Password Recovery
TheBat! Password Recovery - Recover passwords for TheBat! e-mail client.
Tags: TheBat!, password recovery,
Overall Average:

OpenOffice Impress Password Recovery 1.0.6 screenshot OpenOffice Impress Password Recovery
Easy password recovery and protection removal for OpenOffice Impress documents.
Tags: password, recovery, impress, open, openoffice, org, opendocument, recover, presentation, protect, unprotect, lost,
Overall Average:

Firefox Password Recovery Master 1.1 screenshot Firefox Password Recovery Master
An easy-to-use tool that will instantly retrieve passwords cached by Firefox.
Tags: firefox password recovery, firefox, mozilla, password, recover, recovery, find, forgot, lost, software, reset, program, crack, remember, browser, asterisk,
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OneNote Password Recovery 2.0.8 screenshot OneNote Password Recovery
Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft OneNote notebooks.
Tags: onenote password, one, microsoft, password recovery, notebook, section, onenote, notes, password, recovery, recovers, crack, break, instant, open,
Overall Average:

FTP Password Recovery Master 1.2 screenshot FTP Password Recovery Master
Recover FTP account passwords of any length and complexity in a blink of an eye.
Tags: ftp password recovery, ftp, password, recovery, account, lost, find, free, download, recover, crack, cracker, Total Commander, Far Manager, WS_FTP, CuteFTP,
Overall Average:

OpenOffice Writer Password Recovery 1.0.6 screenshot OpenOffice Writer Password Recovery
Recover passwords for protected documents created in OpenOffice. rg Writer.
Tags: password, recovery, writer, word, open, openoffice, org, opendocument, document, recover, lost, protect, protection,
Overall Average:

OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery 1.0.6 screenshot OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery
Recover lost or forgotten passwords to spreadsheets created in OpenOffice Calc.
Tags: password, recovery, calc, open, openoffice, org, opendocument, sheet, spreadsheet, recover, lost, protect, unprotect,
Overall Average:

OpenOffice Math Password Recovery 1.0.0 screenshot OpenOffice Math Password Recovery
Recover passwords and remove ReadOnly protection for OpenOffice Math documents.
Tags: password, recovery, math, formula, open, openoffice, org, opendocument, recover, document, protect, unprotect, lost,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Outlook Password Recovery Wizard 2.0.3 screenshot Outlook Password Recovery Wizard
Trying to recover a password manually? This program does it immediately!
Tags: outlook, lost, password, recovery, pst, email, mail, microsoft, recover, folder, office, open, account, login, pop3,
Overall Average:

My MSN Password Recovery screenshot My MSN Password Recovery
My MSN Password Recovery - the program to recover MSN Messenger passwords.
Tags: Password Recovery, MSN, Windows Messenger, Windows Live,
Overall Average:

Email Password Recovery Master 1.2 screenshot Email Password Recovery Master
Recover email account passwords stored by popular email programs.
Tags: email password recovery, email, mail, password, recovery, recover, lost, find, free, download, crack, cracker, live, view, Windows Live Mail, Eudora,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Reach-a-Mail Password Recovery screenshot Reach-a-Mail Password Recovery
Reach-a-Mail lost passwords recovery solution.
Tags: Reach-a-Mail, Password Recovery, Null Logics Software,
Overall Average:

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