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MMD Explorer 1.8 MMD Explorer
A different approach to manage files. Organize you files by extension.
Tags: disk, files, cleaner, manage, explorer, explore, shell, mmd, garbage, find, search, finder, filter,
Overall Average:

Magic DB Explorer 2.5.1 Magic DB Explorer
Universal database explorer. Show, Edit, Search, Sort, Group, Filter, Export
Tags: Magic, Database, Tools, Management, Explorer,
Overall Average:

CAS Modbus Explorer v1.00bA CAS Modbus Explorer
A utility to discover Modbus devices on a Modbus RTU network.
Tags: CAS, Modbus, RTU network, Chipkin, Explorer,
Overall Average:

System Explorer 2.7.6 System Explorer
Detailed informations about the system (Processes, Startups, Services,.
Tags: System, Explorer, Processes, Performance, History, Startup, Services, Drivers, IE Addons, Uninstallers,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

ShellLess Explorer 1.52 ShellLess Explorer
ShellLess Explorer is a powerful file explorer replacement.
Tags: ShellLess, File explorer, replacement, browser, File, manager,
Overall Average:

MacExplorer 1.1f MacExplorer
Access Macintosh files on Windows NT, 2000 or XP via a Windows explorer program
Tags: explorer, Macintosh, SFM, forks, qxd, display Type/Creator, extensions, file management, document, properties, catalog, property, search, tool, free, software,
Overall Average:

ExplorerXP 1.07 ExplorerXP
File explorer with tabbed UI & shows folder sizes. Merge, split & clean tools.
Tags: file explorer, disk space manager, tabbed interface, merge split,
Overall Average:

JExplorer 2.6 JExplorer
Java library, integrating Microsoft IE into Java apps as Java Swing UI component in headless mode, providing access to DOM, Explorer functionality,...
Tags: JExplorer, JNIWrapper, Java, native, win32, JNI, Windows, Internet Explorer, browser, API, MS IE,
Overall Average:

ExplorerBarXP 2.0 ExplorerBarXP
ExplorerBarXP 2. ActiveX Control
Tags: style, explorerbar, explorer, bar, task, pane, taskpane, sidebar, outlookbar, activex, control, component,
Overall Average:

SizeExplorer Lite 3.7.3 SizeExplorer Lite
Powerful disk space usage analyzer with folder size, charts and clickable report
Tags: disk, space, usage, disk space usage, analyzer, manager, folder size, size, report, print, export, owner, file explorer, windows, charts, graphics,
Overall Average:

CustomExplorerToolbar 1.05 CustomExplorerToolbar
Add Copy/Cut/Paste buttons to the Explorer toolbar of Windows 7.
Tags: Customize, explorer, toolbar, windows 7,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

SDExplorer Advanced SDExplorer Advanced
This application is able to map your SkyDrive account as a regular Windows drive
Tags: skydrive mapper, map skydrive account, skydrive windows explorer, skydrive, mapper, explorer,
Overall Average:

FontExplorerL. . 6.0.4 FontExplorerL. .
The Worlds fastest Font Manager for professionals and serious amateurs!
Tags: font explorer, font viewer, font tool, font manager, font browser, font installer, fonts,
Overall Average:

Jewel Explorer 1.0 Jewel Explorer
Diggin for Treasure ain't easy!
Tags: luxor, Bali, Puzzle, Arcade,
Overall Average:

CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix
CloudBerry Explorer for Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network
Tags: Nirvanix, Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network, Cloudberrylab, Nirvanix Client, Online Backup,
Overall Average:

Money Management Explorer 1.25 Money Management Explorer
Money Management Explorer - software for money management and position sizing
Tags: money, management, position, sizing, trading, software, investing, game, strategy, program, stock, optimal, ralph, vince,
Overall Average:

Service Explorer 2.13 Service Explorer
Service Explorer is an enterprise-wide solution for easy, service management.
Tags: service, management,
Overall Average:

Ai Picture Explorer 8.9 Ai Picture Explorer
All-in-One Viewer, Image Tool, Player, Slideshow, Album, Unzipper, Duplicate Mgr
Tags: AiPICX, image, viewer, thumbnails, catalog, album, organizer, scan, edit, print, batch, convert, slide, show, presentation, png,
Overall Average:

WMI Explorer 1.10 WMI Explorer
Explore the full set of WMI management classes, objects and their properties
Tags: wmi, wmi query, wql,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Event Log Explorer 4.5 Event Log Explorer
Event Log Explorer is an effective tool for exploring, viewing, and analyzing events recorded in the Security, System, Application and other Windows...
Tags: windows event log, viewer, viewing, backup, print, export, analyzer, view, monitor, monitoring, log, event, events, application, security, system,
Overall Average:

OneCable. et - Explorer OneCable. et - Explorer
SMS-X10-PC-remote-control logger for sensors, actors and GPS with mobile phones
Tags: Remote, control, logger, sensor, actuators, mobile, phone, GSM, sun, moon, moon phase, tide, temperature, humidity, azimuth, email,
Overall Average:

SSH Explorer SSH Client 1.98 SSH Explorer SSH Client
User-friendly SSH/Telnet client for remote Linux server administration.
Tags: ssh client, telnet client, terminal emulator,
Overall Average:

Ore Explorer For Pocket PC 1.15 Ore Explorer For Pocket PC
Excellent Puzzle & Action game.
Tags: Mobile Game, Pocket PC Game,
Overall Average:

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