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WinZip 17.0.10283.0 WinZip
WinZip: the #1 zip utility for file compression, encryption, sharing & backup.
Tags: WinZip, file compression, best compression, compress files, zip, unzip, zip file, unzip files, archive, extract, encrypt files, file encryption, decrypt, AES, backup data, Zipx,
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Minos Zip 3.7.1 Minos Zip
Zip,unzip and create self-extracting files. Supporting works on context menu.
Tags: zip file, file zip, zip, free zip software, file compression tool,
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OutDisk FTP for Outlook 3.1.1 OutDisk FTP for Outlook
With OutDisk for Outlook, big file attachments won't bounce your emails. Try it!
Tags: Outlook, ftp, zip, file compression, encryption, email, plug-in, add-in, upload files, big files, send files, large files,
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Eazel Compressor 3.0 Eazel Compressor
Compress your files or folders and easily backup them
Tags: compressor, compression, compress, eazel, winrar, winzip, win rar, win zip, rar, zip, 7zip, file compression, file compressor, system utilities,
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CyberArchive 1.1 CyberArchive
Data compression and archival program from Cyber Operations.
Tags: compression, data compression, file compression, compression suite, zip, zlib, archive, archiver, file archiver, cyber operations,
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Insider 3.02 Insider
Insider - double steganography, program and data hiding, file encryption.
Tags: double steganography, program and information hiding, file encryption, AES, hide files, shred, file compression utility,
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Eazel 2.1 Eazel
Eazel 2. is a powerful compressor specially designed to handle files over the Internet.
Tags: compressor, compression, compress, eazel, winrar, winzip, win rar, win zip, rar, zip, 7zip, file compression, file compressor, system utilities,
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Reasonable Archiver 1.1 Reasonable Archiver
We have no room for 2; best compression ratio and efficiency by dedupe
Tags: wnzip, zip, rar, winrar, compression archive, file compression, compress, data compression, lossless compression, arj, bz2, cab, gza, jar,
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File Transfer Scheduler 4.8 File Transfer Scheduler
Remote file downloader software automate remote file folder transfer procedures
Tags: Auto transfer, scheduler, ftp, activity, log, download, upload, local, remote, file, send, Internet, connect, compression, encryption, site,
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AidAim Single File System 2.30 AidAim Single File System
Stores files/folders in one OS file. Flexible compression. Strong encryption.
Tags: single, file, system, sfs, solfs, storage, borland, delphi, c++, builder, cpp, database, compression, encryption, VCL, component,
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File Renamer Basic 5.0.5 File Renamer Basic
Rename Files, Folders, MP3 files and edit ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
Tags: File, Renamer, Rename, Files, Folders,
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Overall Average:

What's This File Type 1.4 What's This File Type
Right-click on file to check what it is, and what application created it
Tags: file extension, file extensions, file, extension, extensions, type, file type,
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Print File List Pro 2.0.12 Print File List Pro
Print File List Pro allows you to Print file lists from Windows Explorer
Tags: Print File List, Print Directory Listing, Print Directory Tree, Print Directory Windodw,
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Automatic File Backup Software 7.0 Automatic File Backup Software
Periodically backup any set of files to a specified folder.
Tags: auto, backups, backing up, backed, set up, automated, simple, daily, nightly, home, windows, recovery, recover, restore, restoring,
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SoftPerfect File Recovery 1.2 SoftPerfect File Recovery
Simple yet powerful utility to restore accidentally deleted files from hard disk
Tags: data recovery, undelete, file recovery, file undelete, recovery software, ntfs, fat, unerase, lost, recover, recovering, software, restore, file, files, deleted,
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File System Auditor 1.02 File System Auditor
File System Auditor audits, reports and alerts on Windows file server activity
Tags: Windows auditing, NTFS auditing, audit file system usage, event log monitor, event log analyzer,
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TipCase File Splitter 1.0 TipCase File Splitter
Split large file to much smaller files
Tags: file splitter, split file, cut file, file cut,
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TPD Duplicate File Finder 2.0.1 TPD Duplicate File Finder
Want to find and delete all those duplicate files on your computer?
Tags: Duplicate File Finder, System Maintenace, System Cleaners, Disk Cleaners,
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