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Duplicate File Detective 3.6.3 Duplicate File Detective
Professional grade duplicate file management solution
Tags: duplicate, file, files, finder, find, remover, delete, remove, clean, manager, software,
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Haizon File Renamer 5.04 Haizon File Renamer
Powerful File Sorter, File Organizer, File Renamer-Hundreds of supported formats
Tags: file sorter, file organizer, file renamer, renamer, organizer, sorter, sort, organize, rename, file, TXT, PDF, DOC, CHM, RTF, AVI,
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imlSoft File Guard Professional 4.2.7 imlSoft File Guard Professional
Protect or encrypt files, folders and drives in an easy and reliable way.
Tags: Encrypt File, Encrypt Folder, File Lock, Password Protect, Protect file folder drive,
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Regular Expression File Rename Utility 0.5 Regular Expression File Rename Utility
Quickly rename multiple files / photos in one batch using regular expressions.
Tags: file, rename, regular expression, regexp, utility, command line, batch, files, software, photos, photographs, images, pictures, multiple,
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File Encryption 2.1 File Encryption
File Encryption is free software to encrypt confidential data on your computer.
Tags: encryption, data encryption, file encryption, encrypt, file, folder, secure, security, protect, password, recover, confidential, privacy,
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Any File Split & Join 3.0 Any File Split & Join
split, e-mail and join any file for Windows
Tags: slice, dice, file, split, join, e-mai, email, outlook, mobile, pdf, wav, mp3, xls, rtf, txt, iso,
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File Splitter Software File Splitter Software
Windows file split utility splitting large files into small chunks and rejoin it
Tags: Windows, file, split, utility, break, divide, merge, arrange, organize, splitting, large, files, smaller, chunks, parts, documents,
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File Joiner (64bit, portable) 2.1.0 File Joiner (64bit, portable)
File Joiner is a tool which combines multiple files into one file.
Tags: file joiner, joiner 001, 001 file joiner, portable, freeware, free, 64bit, igorware,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

EASEUS Deleted File Recovery 3.0.1 EASEUS Deleted File Recovery
Fast and easy data recovery freeware to recover deleted files from EASEUS
Tags: deleted file recovery, free file recovery, recover deleted files, software, freeware, free, undeleted files, free data recovery, EASEUS,
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General File Splitter 2.0.601 General File Splitter
Split any type of file into smaller files and create self-joining exe file.
Tags: file splitter, split file, file joiner, file cutter, cut file,
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Server File Access Manager 3.15.6 Server File Access Manager
File access manager caching methods protect data backups from corruption
Tags: backup tool, network, safeguard, locked file, corruption, open file, applications, server, safeguard data, administrator, log file, internet,
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Webx ASP File Management sv1 1.0.0 Webx ASP File Management sv1
Webx is a web-based file management system for sharing files.
Tags: application, asp code, vbscript, program, web file manager, web based ftp, web development, source code,
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