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NetInfo 7.4 screenshot NetInfo
Scan your network, diagnose problem, and start troubleshooting.
Tags: internet tools, internet utilities, network tools, network utilities, network scanner, ping, traceroute, lookup, finger, whois,
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WSQ image library (for fingerprints) 4.1 WSQ image library (for fingerprints)
Reads and converts WSQ (FBI's Wavelet Scalar Quantization) and 33 other formats
Tags: WSQ, wavelet scalar quantization, FBI, library, converter, BMP, TIFF, TIF, JPG, JPEG, JP2, JPC, JPE, PNG, GIF, PSP,
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SocketTools . ET Edition 7.0 screenshot SocketTools . ET Edition
Visual Studio . ET components for Internet application development.
Tags: sockettools, .net, managed, code, class, component, library, ftp, http, nntp, pop3, imap4, smtp, telnet, encoding, decoding,
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SocketTools ActiveX Edition 7.0 screenshot SocketTools ActiveX Edition
ActiveX components for Internet application development.
Tags: sockettools, library, libraries, ftp, http, nntp, pop3, imap4, smtp, telnet, encoding, decoding, dns, finger, gopher, email,
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SocketTools Library Edition 7.0 screenshot SocketTools Library Edition
Collection of libraries to add Internet functionality to your applications.
Tags: sockettools, library, libraries, network, ftp, http, news, nntp, pop3, imap, imap4, mail, smtp, telnet, file, encoding,
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Alice Greenfingers 1.04 screenshot Alice Greenfingers
Build a blooming garden of flowers and vegetables.
Tags: Alice, Greenfingers, garden, sim, game, simulation, design, farm,
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Alice Greenfingers 2 1.0 screenshot Alice Greenfingers 2
Restore Uncle Berry's decayed farm in the latest Alice adventure.
Tags: Alice, Greenfingers, garden, sim, game, simulation, design, farm,
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X-NetStat 5.1 X-NetStat
Monitor your network and Internet connections and the programs behind them.
Tags: netstat, xns, x-netstat, network, port, port monitor, connection, connections, hacker, hack, kill, stats, tcp, icmp, udp,
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IP-Tools 2.58 screenshot IP-Tools
Award-winning program that contains 19 TCP/IP utilities
Tags: Scanner, Finger, WhoIs, LookUp, Trace, Ping, Telnet, IP Monitor, HostMonitor,
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VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows 6.0 screenshot VeriFinger Algorithm Demo for MS Windows
Demo identifies fingerprints from scanners/files, calculates ROC with custom DB
Tags: fingerprint, recognition, identification, matching, verification, biometric, security, demo, application, roc,
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MegaPing 4.8 screenshot MegaPing
Ultimate toolkit: security scanner, host monitor, all essential utilities
Tags: host monitor, security scanner, scan, ping, traceroute, finger, name lookup, nslookup, whois, port scanner, portscan, vital, system info, network time, clock synchronization, process,
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VeriFinger Extended SDK Trial 6.1 screenshot VeriFinger Extended SDK Trial
Multiplatform fingerprint identification SDK for PC and Web based applications
Tags: fingerprint, SDK, recognition, identification, matching, verification, biometric, biometrical, Mac, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, security, scan, authentication,
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NCheck Finger Attendance Trial 1.1 screenshot NCheck Finger Attendance Trial
Automatic attendance control with employee biometric fingerprint identification
Tags: attendance, control, employee, fingerprint, fingerprints, Windows, end-user, ready-to-use, trial, work-time,
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Priore FingerPrint ActiveX 2.0 Priore FingerPrint ActiveX
Component allows to read the fingerprint through a biometric reader
Tags: biometric, fingerprint, bioapi, authentication, identification, security, microsoft fingerprint,
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Ping-Probe 2.0.1 Ping-Probe
A suite of ten top quality networking tools, including Ping, Traceroute and DNS.
Tags: Ping, Traceroute, TCP Port Scan, SNMP, DNS, Finger, Whois, LDAP, Bandwidth Monitor, Network Tools,
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Dial up enhancer log dial up networking calls and much more.
Tags: dial, networking, internet, log, logs, calls, finger, ping, address, digital display, pop3,
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CheckWWW 2.5.9 screenshot CheckWWW
CheckWWW is set of network tools useful for diagnosing network and hosts
Tags: palm, ping, trace, whois, finger, lookup, time, sync, internet, tools, checkwww,
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