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Encrypt My Information 9.62 screenshot Encrypt My Information
Hide folders and encrypt files with a secure on-the-fly AES encryption.
Tags: files, hide, folders, encrypted, programs, encrypt, workers, usual, under, secure, prevent, others, members, malicious, information,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Form Builder script 1.2 Form Builder script
PHP uploading form builder with an uploaded files manager
Tags: php form builder, uploading form builder, form builder, uploading script, file backup, php progress bar,
Overall Average:

MindFusion. harting for WinForms 3.3 MindFusion. harting for WinForms
Easy to use . ET charting controls for Windows Forms applications.
Tags: pie, line, area, bar, chart, charting, graph, graphics, business, visualization, DotNET, control, component, Windows, Forms,
Overall Average:

LoginCode 1.4.0 LoginCode
LoginCode is a Free & Easy Password Manager with Automatic Login Feature.
Tags: password, manager, free, easy, quick, safe, secure, login, form filler, encryption, safety, security,
Overall Average:

L. .  Forex Formula 2. 2.0 L. . Forex Formula 2.
LMT Forex Formula is revolutionary method you can use to cash in on the massive
Tags: LMT Forex Formula, foreign, currency, trading, investment, finance, business, make easy money, currency trade,
Overall Average:

U&I Information Management System 3.1 U&I Information Management System
Universal and Intelligent Information Management System
Tags: Universal, Intelligent, Information Management System, database,
Overall Average:

LastPass Password Manager 1.73.0 screenshot LastPass Password Manager
LastPass is the last password you'll have to remember, a password manager.
Tags: Password Management, password, password recovery, recovery, form fill, automatic, encrypted, aes, lastpass, lost, roboform, 1password, one password, onepassword,
Overall Average:

autoezformatter1 1.1 autoezformatter1
use our free software for making ezine aticles and formating
Tags: teeth, ezine ad formatting script, ezine software tools,
Overall Average:

SupSubmit 1.00 screenshot SupSubmit
Submitter to fill forms automatically and submit data to websites
Tags: Form, submitter, indexing, submit, fill, webmaster, directory, shareware,
Overall Average:

Tidycode Pl Sql Formatter 2.6.1 screenshot Tidycode Pl Sql Formatter
The software allows you to tidy, beautify or format and preprocess your Pl/Sql code in a batch file or Dos prompt or in a GUI.
Tags: formatter, beautifier, indenter, source code, pl/sql,
Overall Average:

The Formulator 1.0 screenshot The Formulator
Make any Microsoft Excel formula easier to read, edit, and manage
Tags: Microsoft Excel, Add-In, formula, format, clarify, carriage returns, spaces, indents, read, edit, manage,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

UEFA Informer screenshot UEFA Informer
The UEFA Informer Gadget tracks football matches scores, fixtures
Tags: soccer, football, league, Cup, UEFA, Champions, Europe, Euro, World, scoreboard,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

pdf-Office Professional 9.x pdf-Office Professional
create sophisticated pdf forms and pdf documents from scratch
Tags: pdf, create, forms, easily, save, Acrobat, PDF, Check box, Radio Button, Text field, password field, Button Field, demo, form, Adobe, Java Script,
Overall Average:

Online Vault screenshot Online Vault
Online Vault is an easy to use free password manager and Web form filler.
Tags: Online Vault, form filler, password manager, password, web forms, password generator, automatic login,
Overall Average:

Performance Pinging 2.0.1 screenshot Performance Pinging
Tool for testing availability, response times and performance.
Tags: Performance Pinging, ICMP. availability, response times, performance,
Overall Average:

UpSell-a-Matic 1.0 UpSell-a-Matic
Up Sell Form Generator Software App by Wall Mount Aquarium.
Tags: wall, mount, aquarium, Upsell. Up, sell, form, creator, generator, website, promotion, building, builder, software, tool, application, app,
Overall Average:

TFormAbout 1.0 screenshot TFormAbout
About dialog form with license text and splash screen component
Overall Average:

fdf-Converter 7.x fdf-Converter
convert FDF and form data from pdf-files to CSV format very easily
Tags: FDF, PDF, save, convert, Excel, Access, Edit, PDF forms, form fields, automatically, create PDF, tables, CSV,
Overall Average:

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