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WinDriver Ghost 3.02 WinDriver Ghost
Backup, restore, remove, install and update all device drivers on your system.
Tags: Driver, backup, WinDriver, install, device, hardware, restore, ghost, find, update, search, uninstall,
Overall Average:

WinDriver Ghost Enterprise Edition 3.02 WinDriver Ghost Enterprise Edition
Backup, restore and update all device drivers currently on your system
Tags: device, driver, backup, WinDriver, install, network, hardware, restore, enterprise, ghost, find, update, search, uninstall, remove, removal,
Overall Average:

Ghost Installer Studio 4.8.1 Ghost Installer Studio
Full featured application deployment solution.
Tags: installer, deployment, setup, install, ghost installer, skin, .net, webdeploy, internet, protection, rsa, scripting,
Overall Average:

DVD Ghost DVD Ghost
DVD Ghost let us watch & Copy any region code CSS-encrypted DVD movies.
Tags: DVD Ghost, DVD region free, region code free, DVD region code free, DVD backup, region free software, mulit region software,
Overall Average:

Ghost Surf Platinum 2011.27 Ghost Surf Platinum
Ghost Surf Platinum anonymous surfing makes you invisible on the Internet
Tags: surfing anonymous, internet privacy, anonymous browsing, anonymous proxy, ghostsurf,
Overall Average:

CodeTwo PST Ghostbuster 1.0.1 CodeTwo PST Ghostbuster
Free tool to remove duplicate PST files in Outlook with a single click!
Tags: Outlook, Office, profile, PST file, ghost PST, remove duplicate, extra PST, corrupt,
Overall Average:

Ghost Man Advanced 2.2.0 Ghost Man Advanced
Control Ghost Man travel through complicated mazes and defeat ghosts in this rem
Tags: pac man advanced, pac man, pacman, maze, action games, classic games,
Overall Average:

TaskGhost 1.1 TaskGhost
TaskGhost, the multi threaded task scheduler for serious system administrators
Tags: vbscript, ftp, sendkeys, sendmail, automation, task scheduler, scripting, email, taskghost, wincron, asynchronously, background tasks,
Overall Average:

CompuApps DriveWizard V3 3.15 CompuApps DriveWizard V3
Unique tool, one of a kind for Windows OS, to Backup and Restore hard drives
Tags: Clone, Mirror, Upgrade, Ghost, Disk Copy, Disk Clone, Backup, Automatic Backup, Drive Upgrade, Drive Miirror, Restore, Drive Restore,
Overall Average:

Skulls 92509 Skulls
In this Halloween screen saver Skulls fade in and out as Bats fly around.
Tags: skulls, skulls screen saver, halloween, halloween screen saver, ghost, shareware, free download, Kens Gift Shop,,
Overall Average:

Actual Transparent Window 7.2 Actual Transparent Window
A tool letting you quickly set and vary transparency level of any given window.
Tags: transparent, window, translucent, semi-transparent, taskbar, plugin, skin, addin, addon, winamp, instant messenger, start menu, popup menus, ghost,
Overall Average:

CompuApps DriveWizard. ET V3 3.14 CompuApps DriveWizard. ET V3
Unique tool, one of a kind for Windows OS, to Backup and Restore hard drives
Tags: Clone, mirror, upgrade, ghost, disk copy, disk clone, backup, automatic backp, drive upgrade, drivemirror, restore, drive restore,
Overall Average:

Actual Title Buttons 6.4 Actual Title Buttons
Teach your windows new tricks to keep them well-ordered on your desktop.
Tags: titlebuttons, title, bar, caption, buttons, minimize, tray, stayontop, always-on-top, rollup, unroll, transparent, ghost, priority, align, resize,
Overall Average:

iCloner 2.26 iCloner
Create iPod backup images in case of iPod problems
Tags: create iPod backup image, copy, mirror, ghost,
Overall Average:

Happy Halloween 92709 Happy Halloween
This Halloween screen saver contains images such as a Witch, Ghost, Skeletons an
Tags: happy halloween, halloween screen saver, halloween, witch, ghost, skeletons, halloween screen savers, shareware, free download, Kens Gift Shop,,
Overall Average:

Bonbon Quest 1.1.3 Bonbon Quest
Help Artemus and Hannah to get the candies, but beware of Halloween creatures!
Tags: Oliver, Pearl, Bonbon, Quest, adventure, Halloween, candy, candies, sweet, funny, colorful, creatures, monsters, bat, witch, ghost,
Overall Average:

Njam 2.00 Njam
Multiplayer pacman with great graphics, music and over 150 levels to play
Tags: njam, pac, man, pacman, multiplayer, music, ghost, cookie, dot, pill, button, superpower, free, download, arcade, game,
Overall Average:

Spooky Night 91609 Spooky Night
This Halloween screen saver contains Ghost, Bats, Skulls, Witch's and a Grave Ya
Tags: spooky night, halloween, halloween screen saver, ghost, bats, skulls, witchs, grave yard, shareware, free download, Kens Gift Shop,,
Overall Average:

Haunted Cemetery 91409 Haunted Cemetery
This Halloween screen saver features a cemetery that is haunted by ghost and oth
Tags: haunted cemetery, halloween, cemetery, halloween screensaver, ghost, creppy creatures, shareware, free download, Kens Gift Shop,,
Overall Average:

Apparitions 1.5 Apparitions
Are you ready to investigate a haunting?
Tags: Ghosts, Ghost Hunting, Haunted, Paranormal, Spooky, TAPS, Star Mountain,
Overall Average:

Halloween Greeting 111709 Halloween Greeting
This Halloween screen saver has a message that reads Happy Halloween, and a witc
Tags: halloween greeting, halloween screen savers, halloween, witch, ghost, shareware, free download, Kens Gift Shop,,
Overall Average:

Spooky Halloween Screen Saver 1.0 Spooky Halloween Screen Saver
Spooky gravestones fall and cover your desktop with fright, along with ghouls!
Tags: screen saver, halloween, autumn, pumpkin, screen savers, spooky, ghost,
Overall Average:

12Ghosts QuickStart 9.70 12Ghosts QuickStart
Unlimitted hotkeys and tray icons for each entry. Open programs, documents, .
Tags: launcher, application, start, taskbar, tools,
Overall Average:

12Ghosts ScrSavMan 9.70 12Ghosts ScrSavMan
Automate screen saver settings by scheduler
Tags: Windows, Utilities, Tools, Powertoys,
Overall Average:

12Ghosts StopMessengerAds 9.70 12Ghosts StopMessengerAds
Get rid of popup ads provided through the Messenger Service
Tags: event, action, respond, button, click,
Overall Average:

12Ghosts WinControl 9.70 12Ghosts WinControl
Click to move, size, close, or terminate a window.
Tags: Windows, Utilities, Tools, Powertoys,
Overall Average:

PrintGhost 1.1 PrintGhost
Virtual printer with extended features: watermarks, poster printing, preview.
Tags: print, job, printer, virtual, poster, export, document, windows, manage, inc, cartridges, preview,
Overall Average:

12Ghosts 2ndFolder 9.70 12Ghosts 2ndFolder
Create copy of complete folder, and keep several versions of the same folder
Tags: 2ndFolder, second folder, second copy, copy, tree, subfolder,
Overall Average:

12Ghosts ProfileCopy 9.70 12Ghosts ProfileCopy
Administer and backup Windows user profiles
Tags: Windows, Utilities, Tools, Powertoys,
Overall Average:

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