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MAXA Cookie Manager 5.3 MAXA Cookie Manager
First Cookie Manager supporting browser independent and conventional cookies.
Tags: Browser, Cookie, Cookies, Manager, Flash, DOM, UserData, Internet Explorer, Super Cookies, Firefox, Safari, Google, Chrome, Maxthon, Privacy, Security,
Overall Average:

Make Money Online 2.01 Make Money Online
Get the top 100 google searches for Your keyword on an hourly basis
Tags: Keyword research, niche research, google trends, market research,
Overall Average:

Online Privacy Secrets Reveled! 1.0 Online Privacy Secrets Reveled!
Online Privacy Secrets Revealed! Stop hackers, spammers, scammers, and more.
Tags: ebook, privacy, online, hackers, spam, spyware, data, safe, protect, anonymous, ip address, bank, account, scam, identity, logging,
Overall Average:

MovieSaver 2. 2.09.623 MovieSaver 2.
Get the latest cult films onto your computer with MovieSaver 2. !
Tags: Youtube, Google Video, myspace, metacafe, seveload, Clipfish, MyVideo, VideoTube, Flash, Flash video, FLV, FLV1, Direct-Show Filter, Windows Media Player, Download, Freeware,
Overall Average:

Web Link 3.0 Web Link
Web Link is a link exchange software.
Tags: Web, Link, Popularity, Monitor, Google, Page, Rank, Defense, Reciprocal, Exchange,
Overall Average:

Web Rank 3.0 Web Rank
Get your positions from Google,Yahoo and MSN.
Tags: Web, Rank, Position, Monitor, Google, MSN, Yahoo,
Overall Average:

Best Keywords Finder 1.2 Best Keywords Finder
Find popular search engine keywords for your webpage
Tags: search, engine, search engine, optimization, HTML, meta, tag, generator, ASP, optimize, seo, serp, search engine position, search, keyword, keywords,
Overall Average:

DownloadStudio 6.0.9 DownloadStudio
Ultra-fast download manager that works with all popular web browsers
Tags: download, manager, accelerator, flash, video, streaming, audio, images, programs, resume, broken, schedule, fast, Firefox, Opera, Flock,
Overall Average:

AOF SEO Verifier 1.3 AOF SEO Verifier
Wordpress plugin which allows a blog to be easily verified in webmaster tools
Tags: seo, google, webmaster, tools, yahoo, site, explorer, msn, search, wordpress,
Overall Average:

Greasemonkey for IE 0.1 Greasemonkey for IE
Add bits of DHTML ("user scripts") to any web page to change its behavior.
Tags: google, greasemonkey, internet explorer, user scripts, firefox, userscripts, extension, internet explorer extension, usersscripts,
Overall Average:

Keywords Search Tool 2.2 Keywords Search Tool
Find keywords relevant to a given keyword when using online search engines.
Tags: keyword, keywords, web, website, site, webdesign, web design, webmaster, search engine, online, search, html, meta tag, web programming, domain, internet,
Overall Average:

Map My Ancestors Map My Ancestors
Show the migration of your ancestors across the world using Google Earth.
Tags: Genealogy, Google Earth, Family Tree, GEDCOM, Mapping, Migration,
Overall Average:

Driving Directions 1.0 Driving Directions
EZ Driving Direction Maps show you the best route to your destination
Tags: Driving Directions, Maps, mapquest, map quest, google maps, yahoo maps,
Overall Average:

Xtreme Link Analyzer 1.20 Xtreme Link Analyzer
Backlinks are the basis for almost every serious internet marketers today!
Tags: analyzes, link popularity, popularity, backlinks, seo, google, marketing, manager, business,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

iLaunch for Pocket PC 1.0 iLaunch for Pocket PC
It looks like the iPhone, but it’s not. iLaunch for Pocket PC.
Tags: iphone, pocket pc, windows mobile, application, slider, screen, lock, utility, skype, google, maps,
Overall Average:

RoboGEO 5.9.3 RoboGEO
Geocode digital photos and export to Google Earth, SHP, DXF, Flickr, and more.
Tags: geocode, georeference, geotag, photo, image, EXIF, GIS, NMEA, GPS, Google Earth, Google Maps, Flickr, MapPoint, Garmin, AutoCAD, DNR,
Overall Average:

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