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Hidden Expedition: Everest 1.0 Hidden Expedition: Everest
Play Online Hidden Expedition: Everest Game - Join in the race as teams battle t
Tags: Play, Free, Hidden Expedition: Everest, Online, Game,
Overall Average:

Hidden Desktop 1.28 Hidden Desktop
Powerful privacy software to secure online tracks, chats, and computer activity
Tags: secure, private, hidden, secret, internet, history, chat, erase, clean, clear, hide, delete, protect, prevent, safeguard, safe,
Overall Average:

Hidden Swap Buttons 1.1 Hidden Swap Buttons
You will be able to play and, if necessary, hide it from the eyes of the others.
Tags: Hidden, Swap, Buttons, logic, game, puzzle, logik, free, freeware, download, desktop, new, games, points, screen,
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WinMend Folder Hidden 1.4.3 WinMend Folder Hidden
Free,Safely and quickly hide files and folders in local partitions.
Tags: free hide folder, hide folder xp, hide files and folder, hide folders, usb hidden, removable devices hidden.,
Overall Average:

Hidden Utilities 3.0 Hidden Utilities
Hidden Utilities allows access to over 200 hidden utilities.
Tags: hidden, utilites, command, dos, vista,
Overall Average:

Hidden Start 4.1 Hidden Start
Run applications and batch files without console window or UAC prompt
Tags: start, run, launch, console, batch files, hidden, Vista, UAC, elevation,
Overall Average:

Hidden Camera 2.0 Hidden Camera
This is a easy to use custom desktop Browser.
Tags: monitor, security, safety, surveillance,
Overall Average:

Hidden Cameras 3.0 Hidden Cameras
This is a easy to use custom desktop Browser.
Tags: monitor, security, safety, surveillance,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

FlagRASH 1.0 FlagRASH
Solves CD-RW readonly problem by mass clearing flags
Tags: readonly, archive, system, hidden, file, folder, attribute, flag, CD-RW,
Overall Average:

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.1.3 SoftPerfect Network Scanner
A free multithreaded IP,SNMP,NetBIOS scanner. Can detect hidden shares on a LAN.
Tags: shares, shared, resources, scanner, hidden, snmp, network, lan, tcp, netbios,
Overall Average:

xPortClone 1.3.3 xPortClone
Clone and restore hard disks, ipod very easily.
Tags: xpodclone, xportclone, copy, clone, restore, backup, ipod, hard diks, dvd, protected, hidden,
Overall Average:

Recover Outlook Mail Account Password Recover Outlook Mail Account Password
Outlook and Outlook express password recovery tool rescue login password details
Tags: Outlook, express, saved, salvage, deleted, email, hidden, unmask, forgotten, accounts, recovery, lost, revealer, records, software, identity,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

V2 Softlogic Access Password Recovery V2 Softlogic Access Password Recovery
Recover lost forgotten MS Access database password with Access password recovery
Tags: V2 Softlogic, Microsoft, Access, password, recovery, software, recover, unlock, retrieve, database, login, credential, unprotect, decrypt, rescue,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

redpill Spy 5 redpill Spy
redpill Spy is a discreet surveillance application.
Tags: Spy, surveillance, key logger, screenshots, secret, hidden, audio,
Overall Average:

Memory Scanner 3.0 Memory Scanner
Find everything anywhere in the memory of your mobile device!
Tags: find, search, browse, secret, hidden, binary, ram, rom, memory, errors,
Overall Average:

Masker 7.0.8 Masker
Hide files and have them automatically encrypted!
Tags: masker, hide, hidden, camouflage, file, files, folder, folders, encrypt, invisible, wipe, secret, stash, mask, data, security,
Overall Average:

PC Data Manager Keylogger PC Data Manager Keylogger
Advance keylogger utility records multiple user keystroke action in your absence
Tags: Advance, keylogger, invisible, utility, capture, password, protected, record, tool, data, manager, product, monitor, keystroke, detect, software,
Overall Average:

ExifCleaner 1.6 ExifCleaner
Enables you to remove individual Exif tags or to strip Exif data entirely.
Tags: Exif, cleaner, tag remover, metadata, digital photo, geotags, geotagging, optimizer, privacy, JFIF, JFIF Extension, XMP, IPTC, Photoshop IRB, ICC profile, Photoshop APP12 Ducky,
Overall Average:

Remote Keylogger Software Ex Remote Keylogger Software Ex
Keyboard monitoring software capture windows running application screen snapshot
Tags: Download, remote, keylogger, software, records, windows, hidden, application, screen, snapshot, messenger, chat, email, login, password, online,
Overall Average:

Program Sleuth 2.0.6 Program Sleuth
Find out what is really running on your computer.
Tags: slow, computer, virus, trojan, spyware, optimize, speed, cpu, hidden, program, svchost,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

ROBUST Hide Message ROBUST Hide Message
With Hide Message you can encrypt and hide your text message into image without any changes in its resolution or size.
Tags: Spy, Message, tool, protecting important information, encrypt, hide, into image, view the modified image, xchange messages, spying on you, encryption, sending and receives your private data, securely, hidden in image,
Overall Average:

PC Keylogger Pro 3.1.5 PC Keylogger Pro
PC Keylogger Pro is the most advanced and stealth keylogger application that will secretly record all computer activities (visited websites,...
Tags: keylogger, keystrole logger, keystrole recorder, parental control, undetectable, undetected, stealth, invisible, hidden, spy tool, computer monitoring, pc spy, pc monitoring, internet spy, spy, spy software,
Overall Average:

Wise Folder Hider 1.34 Wise Folder Hider
Wise Folder Hider is a free file/folder hiding tool.
Tags: Folder Hider, folder hidden, file encryption, free file hiding tool, USB hider,
Overall Average:

Hide Folders 2012 4.3 Hide Folders 2012
Protect your private data from prying eyes with Hide Folders. This software lets you hide and lock your files and folders or make the read-only.
Tags: protect, folder, file, lock, hide, hidden, invisible, private, protected, secure, security, access, control, password, prying, eye,
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