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Data Erasure Software Data Erasure Software
Secure data erasure software wipes deleted data and internet activity history
Tags: Secure, data, wiper, software, permanently, wipe, erased, delete, deleted, hard, disk, drive, files, internet, history, eraser,
Overall Average:

Internet Trace Destroyer 9.63 screenshot Internet Trace Destroyer
Erase history and tracks of your online activity before somebody reveals you.
Tags: online, history, well, tracks, known, information, files, erase, activity,
Overall Average:

Mozilla Password Recovery 5.4.0 screenshot Mozilla Password Recovery
Extract lost passwords for Firefox, Mozilla, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird.
Tags: firefox, firefox password, extractor, thunderbird password, mozilla password, seamonkey, master, password, cracker, mail, autocomplete, lost, viewer, history, url, need,
Overall Average:

Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX 1.814 screenshot Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX
Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX is a software simulator of Foreign Exchange
Tags: trading, forex, tester, strategy, history, testing, time, windows, test, orders, indicators, format, ability,
Overall Average:

Internet History Wiper screenshot Internet History Wiper
Internet history wiping utility deletes visited URLs and browser temporary files
Tags: Internet, history, wiping, software, utility, delete, browser, temp, cache, files, cleans, system, remove, online, offline, search,
Overall Average:

1 Smart Protector - Internet Eraser 10.3 screenshot 1 Smart Protector - Internet Eraser
Erase history, cache, cookies and all other tracks of your Internet activities.
Tags: internet eraser, erase, clear, clean, wash, history, cookies, temporary files, recent documents,
Overall Average:

History sweeper XXL screenshot History sweeper XXL
Completely permanently removing all traces and history of your recent activity.
Tags: history cleaner, clean history, pc cleaner, clean pc, internet washer, system control, washing system, privacy, erase trace, erase activities,
Overall Average:

Russian History: 20th century 2.1 screenshot Russian History: 20th century
Russian History: 20th century. Multimedia Course
Tags: Russian, History, 20th century, Lenin, Stalin, Stolipin,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

System Explorer 2.7.6 System Explorer
Detailed informations about the system (Processes, Startups, Services,.
Tags: System, Explorer, Processes, Performance, History, Startup, Services, Drivers, IE Addons, Uninstallers,
Overall Average:

WinClear 2008.914 screenshot WinClear
Winclear cleans up all tracks of your Internet and computer activity.
Tags: winclear, delete temp files, eliminate, eliminator, wipe, erase, clean, wiper, cleaner, delete, hide, security, privacy, cache, internet, cookie,
Overall Average:

12Ghosts Wash 9.70 screenshot 12Ghosts Wash
Don't allow anybody to see which web sites you visited recently!
Tags: wash, cookies, history, clean, disk, security, utilities,
Overall Average:

12Ghosts Backup 9.70 screenshot 12Ghosts Backup
The Airbag for your Data!
Tags: backup, second, hyper, history, versions, copy, keep,
Overall Average:

One Click Privacy 2011.00216 screenshot One Click Privacy
Cover your tracks and secure your sensitive information with One Click Privacy.
Tags: one click privacy, privacy, cookies, passwords, activity, history, temp, temporary, erase, internet, clear, security, delete, files, online, free,
Overall Average:

Evidence smart 2009 2009 Evidence smart 2009
Evidence Smart: Quick Scan,Time Saving,Options Provided,Complete Deletion
Tags: Evidence Smart, clean history, scan,
Overall Average:

Clipdiary 3.3 screenshot Clipdiary
Clipdiary: Clipboard utility for keeping the clipboard history.
Tags: Clipdiary, Clipboard Diary, Clipboard history, Clipboard manager,
Overall Average:

Romanius 1.0 screenshot Romanius
A battle of titanic propotions!
Tags: flash games, 2dplay, romanius, romanius 2, history, games, war games, fighting games,
Overall Average:

WinSettings 7.0.3 screenshot WinSettings
WinSettings, protects your online privacy and security
Overall Average:

Flashpaste Lite 3.6 Flashpaste Lite
Flashpaste Lite - A Free Powerful Copy & Paste Utility
Tags: Paste text, Instant paste, insert text, text, insertion, clipboard history, clipboard utilities, clipboard,
Overall Average:

Best Genealogy Software 1.1 Best Genealogy Software
Genealogy software satisfies the interest of family tree searches
Tags: best genealogy software, ancestry, family tree, family history search, family tree search,
Overall Average:

BleachBit 0.8.7 screenshot BleachBit
Free valuable disk space and maintain your privacy with ease
Tags: cleaner, privacy, disk space, cache, internet history, temporary files, cookies, junk, open source, free,
Overall Average:

Numero 1.1 screenshot Numero
Numero is a calculator with some nice features.
Tags: calculator, windows, scientific, trig, trigonometry, memory, history,
Overall Average:

Blancco - Pro 4.6 Blancco - Pro
Blancco – Pro is a tailored data erasure solution for the server environment
Tags: blancco, hard disk, hard drive, clean, cleaner, wipe, erase, eraser, erasure, delete, data, secure, overwrite, DoD, partition, security,
Overall Average:

Blancco - Data Cleaner+ 4.6 Blancco - Data Cleaner+
Blancco - Data Cleaner+ ensures a 100% secure hard drive erasure with reporting
Tags: blancco, hard disk, hard drive, clean, cleaner, wipe, erase, eraser, erasure, delete, data, secure, overwrite, DoD, partition, security,
Overall Average:

Blancco - Lite 4.6 Blancco - Lite
Blancco - Lite is a 100% secure solution designed for simple erasure needs.
Tags: blancco, hard disk, hard drive, clean, cleaner, wipe, erase, eraser, erasure, delete, data, secure, overwrite, DoD, partition, security,
Overall Average:

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