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Iside 3.1.5212 Iside
Iside is a message digest computing and displaying tool (MD5,SHA1, CRC32,.
Tags: MD5, md5sum, .md5, SFV, MD2, MD4, SHA1, SHA256, CRC32, SHA384, SHA512, WHIRLPOOL, HAVAL, ADLER, FCS, TIGER,
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Workstation File Access Manager 3.15.6 Workstation File Access Manager
File access manager lets backup software access to locked open in-use files
Tags: critical data, backup, protect, real-time, corruption, databases, email, caching, log files, file integrity, email servers, robust, synchronized data,
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ExactFile ExactFile
Creates files for testing file integrity. Multi-threaded and Unicode compliant.
Tags: file, checker, md5, sum, checksum, folder, integrity,
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MD5 Checksum Verifier 4.62 MD5 Checksum Verifier
files intergrity checker for Windows based on the time proven MD5 algorithms
Tags: MD5, MD5 Checksum, MD5 algorithm, MD5 hash, check md5 sum utility, file integrity checker, md5 encryption,
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Aqua Data Studio 7.5.11 Aqua Data Studio
SQL Query tool that allows developers to create edit and execute SQL scripts
Tags: oracle, db2, sql server, sqlserver, sybase, pointbase, mysql, postgres, postresql, informix, table, column, tuple, schema, tablespace, trigger,
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Best Database Converter Best Database Converter
MSSQL to MySQL converter utility transfer single or multiple database records
Tags: MSSQL, MySQL, database, converter, software, utility, tool, Unicode, attribute, null, migrate, indexes, transfer, unique, data, server,
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Directory Digest 1.4a Directory Digest
Directory compare & integrity check tool.
Tags: directory, folder, digest, compare, off-line, disconnected, integrity, check,
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AccuHash 2.0.18 AccuHash
Unicode-enabled checksum tool for comparing files using CRC32, MD5, SHA1.
Tags: checksum, crc, crc32, sfv, md5, md5sum, sha, sha1, sha-1, integrity, comparison, test, check, verify,
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RemoteIntegrity Website Scanner RI_1000 RemoteIntegrity Website Scanner
Monitor your website for hacking.
Tags: malware, defacement, web site, monitoring, checking, verify,
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