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WebQuiz 1.2.0 WebQuiz
WebQuiz is a program to solve quizzes online on the Internet or on a Intranet.
Tags: WebQuiz, Internet, Intranet, Web, multilingual, Quiz, QuizPro, questions, question, questioning, test, vocab, vocabulary, language, learn, pupil,
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Remote Control Tools 1.0.0 Remote Control Tools
Remote Administration Software
Tags: Remote Control, Intranet, Internet, Remote Desktop, Network,
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Screen Ticker 3.5.1 Screen Ticker
Display any RSS feeds in a scrolling ticker bar on the Windows desktop.
Tags: RSS, RDF, Atom, news, feeds, feed, desktop, ticker, news ticker, newsticker, tickerbar, crawler, newscrawler, news strip, pipeline, corporate,
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PC RS232 Protocol Analyzer 2.2 PC RS232 Protocol Analyzer
Serial port data transfer shareware fully control local machines equipments
Tags: Service, host, collect, network, protocol, devices, terminal, server, capture, monitor, remote, Intranet, client, hardware, rights, administration,
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Convert Serial into TCP/IP 2.2 Convert Serial into TCP/IP
RS232 to TCP/IP converter access equipment connected to remote serial port
Tags: Manage, rs232, devices, telnet, server, send, text, commands, Intranet, connect, program, terminal, log, data, restrict, access,
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Nexeye Monitoring Enterprise 1.8 Nexeye Monitoring Enterprise
Monitor (sniff) network users web, e-mail and MSN Messenger activities real-time
Tags: sniffer, monitor, analyzer, protocol, packet, capture, diagnose, security, network, extractor, password, mail, pop3, smtp, ftp, http,
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PHPWebQuiz 1.4.0 PHPWebQuiz
PHPWebQuiz is a program to solve quizzes online on the Internet/Intranet.
Tags: PHPWebQuiz, WebQuiz, Internet, Intranet, Web, multilingual, Quiz, QuizPro, questions, question, questioning, test, vocab, vocabulary, language, learn,
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IntraMessenger 1.21B IntraMessenger
Create you own instant corporate Messenger - server PHP/MySQL
Tags: Instant, Messenger, corporate, messaging, LAN, chat, enterprise, company, intranet, internet, WAN, office, free, open, source, php,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Web Screen Saver 2010SE Web Screen Saver
Display content on a screensaver with Web Screen Saver 2010SE
Tags: Web, Screen, Saver, HTML, Browser, Microsoft, Internet, intranet, company, Explorer, IE8, IE7, pages, filter, password, free,
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QuickRef Project Assistant 3.0.09 QuickRef Project Assistant
QuickRef - the answer to all your record keeping and reporting needs
Tags: project, tracking, time, management, invoice, proposal, report, intranet,
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LanToucher Network Chat 1.0RC LanToucher Network Chat
LanToucher Network Chat is messaging software for your office or home LAN
Tags: chat messenger, lan chat, network chat, intranet chat, instant chat, winpopup, messenger service, net send, EIM,
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Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

ProjectForum 6.6.2 ProjectForum
A professional workgroup Wiki server you can install and run with ease.
Tags: forum, project, group, collaboration, coordination, wiki, intranet, extranet, web, weblog, blog, team, groupware, workgroup,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Atrise Everyfind Enterprise 9.2.1 Atrise Everyfind Enterprise
Javascript-based search engine for CD/DVD/web and HTML documentation
Tags: search, engine, script, javascript, dvd, web, site, website, own, local, intranet,
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Ant Lan Messenger 2.70 Ant Lan Messenger
Ant Lan Messenger is a corporate lan instant messaging solution for company.
Tags: lan instant messenger, enterprise im, web conference, file transfer, messaging programs, corporate communication, intranet chat,
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FastProxySwitch 3.5.2 FastProxySwitch
A compact and efficient tool for proxy server management and secure web surfing.
Tags: proxy, switching, server, Internet, Intranet, LAN, VPN, settings, anonymity, anonymous, surfing,
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