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Process Blocker 0.7 Process Blocker
Kills any application specified in a list made by the administrator.
Tags: Process blocker, process killer, block program, automatic process killer, automated process killer, CRC, block by CRC, kill by CRC,
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Kill Winamp 1.61 Kill Winamp
Close winamp or turn off the computer after a certain number of minutes or songs
Tags: kill, winamp, computer, timer, songs, limit, limited, minutes, shutdown, turn, off, close, stop, played, play, power,
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@Kill 1.1 @Kill
Closes Windows applications, including hidden and trayed. Freeware by aSwIt srl
Tags: applications, Windows, kill, terminate, close, WM_CLOSE, list, title,
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Kill That Santa 2.0 Kill That Santa
The Christmas is coming up!
Tags: kill that santa, free shooting games,
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Overall Average:

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History Killer 2.3 History Killer
Protect your privacy by removing traces of computer and Internet activities.
Tags: History Killer, privacy keeper, clean, registry clean, temp, cache, cookies, securely delete, blocker, history, index, internet privacy, kill, locker, net,
Overall Average:

Stop My Popups 12.0 Stop My Popups
Automatically kill popups - before they even appear!
Tags: stop popups, kill popups, stop pop ups, pop ups, popups,
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Dupe Remover for Outlook Express 2.0.7 Dupe Remover for Outlook Express
Duplicate Remover for Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Mail
Tags: microsoft, office, outlook, express, windows, mail, add-ins, add-ons, tools, utilities, duplicate, remove, kill, eliminate,
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ProcessKO 1.41 ProcessKO
Creating "Dearest-KO's" for fast killing processes or programs and save time.
Tags: process, kill, desktop, tool, explosion, fast, killing processes, programs, restarts, executed, easily, small, usb-stick, friend, portable, utility,
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Magic Screensaver Master 3.6 Magic Screensaver Master
Manage your screensaver behaviour with moving your mouse on the desktop.
Tags: screensaver, desktop, start, disable, monitor, screen, mouse, move, set, corner, kill, close, restart, shut down, log off, shut,
Overall Average:

Ad Muncher 4.91 Ad Muncher
Powerful advert and popup blocking system for all browsers.
Tags: popup, popups, ads, advert, adverts, advertising, advertisements, banner, banners, button, buttons, security, privacy, private, dialer,
Overall Average:

Aldo's SPAM Cleaner 3.0 Aldo's SPAM Cleaner
Keep your email box safe and clean deleting SPAM and Junk email automatically.
Tags: spam, email, e-mail, junk, virus, worm, delete, remove, kill, ban, ads, filter, mail, pop3, clean, cleaner,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Atelier Web Remote Commander 7.51 Atelier Web Remote Commander
Easily manage remote servers and workstations, without remote software installs.
Tags: remote, control, audit, dual monitor, ctrl-alt-del, shutdown, reboot, power-off, helpdesk, kill, password, hash, zip, unzip, download, upload,
Overall Average:

Daphne 1.47 Daphne
Daphne is a small (system tray) application for killing and debuging processes.
Tags: process list, process, daphne, windows, kill, installed software, kill process, full path, always top, tray icon menu, multidesktop,
Overall Average:

CurrProcess 1.13 CurrProcess
Displays the list of all processes currently running on your system.
Tags: process, modules, list, kill, change, priority, dump, memory, report,
Overall Average:

DrStopSpam 3.1.28 DrStopSpam
Revenge! They Mail You Garbage, You Forward Their Garbage To Authorities!
Tags: Anti-spam, RevengeWare, Stop, Spam, Kill, Complaint,
Overall Average:

X-NetStat 5.1 X-NetStat
Monitor your network and Internet connections and the programs behind them.
Tags: netstat, xns, x-netstat, network, port, port monitor, connection, connections, hacker, hack, kill, stats, tcp, icmp, udp,
Overall Average:

Run It All 2.1 Run It All
Run It All is a program for starting simultaneous processes
Tags: starting, simultaneous processes, kill processes,
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