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Lightroom Metadata Explorer 3.0 Lightroom Metadata Explorer
Finds photos with missing metadata in Adobe Lightroom databases (catalogs)
Tags: Adobe, lightroom, plugin, plug-in, tool, utility, metadata, browser, explore, explorer,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Firebird Metadata Synchronizer 2.0.1 Firebird Metadata Synchronizer
Simplifies migration of Firebird SQL Metadata between databases
Tags: Firebird, SQL, database, utility, migrate, delphi, developer,
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Polar SWF MetaData 1.0 Polar SWF MetaData
You can now include metadata within your Flash movies (SWF files).
Tags: POLAR, SWF, Meta, Data, Inject, Seo, Google, yahoo, live, com, internet, SEO, search, engine, optimisation,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Panorado 4.0 Panorado
Image viewer/browser supporting panoramic, HDR & other pictures
Tags: Panorado, Viewer, Browser, Windows, Vista, Panorama, 360, 3-D, Spherical, Photo, Photography, Picture, Image, Zoom,
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MetaViewer 1.0 MetaViewer
Metaviewer extracts file system and OLE metadata contained in MS Office files
Tags: metaviewer, metadata viewer, metadata assitant, meta data, metadata extraction, metadata tools, microsoft word metadata, office metadata, view metadata,
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Crypto Obfuscator For . et 2011 Crypto Obfuscator For . et
Advanced code protection, obfuscation and optimization for your . et assemblies
Tags: Crypto, obfuscator, obfuscation, code-protection, metadata, MSIL, encryption, assemblies,, app, dotnet, .net, WPF, decompiler, reflector,
Overall Average:

VISOCO BDP. ET for Sybase ASE 1.0 VISOCO BDP. ET for Sybase ASE
VISOCO BDP. ET for Sybase ASE is a . et provider for direct access to ASE.
Tags: visoco, VISOCO, Software, BDP, ADO, Borland, data, provider, dataset, database, Sybase, Delphi, .Net, dotNet, ASE,
Overall Average:

Mass Watermark 1.0 Mass Watermark
Mass Watermark is the easiest and most efficient way to protect your digital images.
Tags: watermark, software, image, photo, batch, resize, crop, optimize, blur, sharpen, mean removal, protect, stamp, exif, metadata, camera,
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Daminion 4.0 Daminion
Daminion brings digital image, video and document management to creative pros and small teams.
Tags: DAM, low-cost, low-budget, digital asset management, multi-user, network based, photo, image, picture, organizing, pdf, management, video, database, metadata, organizer,
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Picture Information Extractor 5.96 Picture Information Extractor
Viewer and Photo Metadata Toolkit - Import, Rename, Redate, Geotag - All Formats
Tags: digital camera, picture, metadata, meta, exif, xmp, iptc, gps, picture information, rename, redate, transfer, rotate, lossless, viewer, geotagging,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

A-PDF Rename 3.4 A-PDF Rename
Batch rename PDF files using metadata and content.
Tags: rename, pdf, batch, batch rename, properties, metadata, information, author, subject, title, keywords, content, script,
Overall Average:

ExifCleaner 1.6 ExifCleaner
Enables you to remove individual Exif tags or to strip Exif data entirely.
Tags: Exif, cleaner, tag remover, metadata, digital photo, geotags, geotagging, optimizer, privacy, JFIF, JFIF Extension, XMP, IPTC, Photoshop IRB, ICC profile, Photoshop APP12 Ducky,
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