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MediaLooks Video Mixer MediaLooks Video Mixer
MediaLooks Video Mixer allows live mixing of several different video sources.
Tags: video mixer, video mixing, mix video, mux video, video source, preview, live mixing, directshow,
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Morpheus Photo Mixer 3.15 screenshot Morpheus Photo Mixer
Mix faces and body parts between photos as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc
Tags: morpheus, mix, head, images, photos, animation, update, effects, web design, graphics, free, easy, powerpoint, graphic design, banner, entertainment,
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AdmixDJ 2.31 screenshot AdmixDJ
DJ Software. MP3 Mixing Utility. All needed to make beatmatching mix.
Tags: software, admix, admixdj, beat, BPM, beatmatching, turntable, crossfader, mix, beatmatch, pitch, key, change, mp3,
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Uimix 2.0 Uimix
Secures the viewing of sensitive information by mixing it with its background.
Tags: Uimix, window, transparency, manager, tool, utility, secures, sensitive, information, viewing, background, for, your, eyes, only,
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wpremix 1.0 wpremix
http://wpremix. rg - wpremix wordpress theme
Tags: wpremix, wp remix, wpremix review, wordpress theme,
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Understanding the Audio Mixer 1.06b Understanding the Audio Mixer
Basic training course for sound engineers: Learn how to operate sound systems.
Tags: Audio, sound, audio mixer, sound system, sound system training, sound engineering, pro sound, audio engineering,
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MixAPix 1.021 MixAPix
Jigsaw puzzles with a logical twist. Swap pieces to find the mystery pictures.
Tags: MixAPix, jigsaw, stretch, swap, triangle, mystery, game, puzzle, logic, clue, hidden, photo, picture, surprise, clues, color,
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Mixere 1.0.82 screenshot Mixere
free multitrack audio file player and mixer, ideal for making live sound collage
Tags: multitrack, audio, mixer, sound, collage,
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Power Mixer 2.7 screenshot Power Mixer
Get in-depth and easily accessible volume control and audio mixing.
Tags: audio mixer, windows audio mixer, sound mixer, power mixer, volume control, volume control replacement, audio, sound, presets, hot key, bass, treble, OSD, utility, windows,
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Web Log Mixer 1.3 Web Log Mixer
Merge and compress web log files with this easy to use GUI/command line tool
Tags: web, site, log, file, merge, combine, W3C, IIS, apache,
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ConvexSoft DJ Audio Mixer 2.4 screenshot ConvexSoft DJ Audio Mixer
Full-featured DJ and beat-mixing system to rock your parties with four decks.
Tags: audio music mixer, dj software, mixing software, mix mp3, turntable, disc jockey, party, pitch, tempo, playlist, scratch,
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Production Mix Model Excel 30 screenshot Production Mix Model Excel
Maximize overall profit by optimizing resource use, for products or services.
Tags: production, mix, manufacturing, planning, scheduling, tool, software, business, profit, revenue, costs, service, product, optimize, maximize, linear programming,
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Mixcraft 5.1_b139 screenshot Mixcraft
Mixcraft is an affordable multi-track audio and MIDI recording studio!
Tags: garage band, recording, video, studio, mix, mixer, mp3, audio, sound, record, recording, effects, reverb, flanger, chorus,
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DJ Mix Pro 3.0 DJ Mix Pro
DJ Mix Pro is a smart MP3 player and automatic mixer.
Tags: mix, mp3, mix mp3, bpm, disc jockey, music, party, pitch, playlist, beat, juke box, id3v2,
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All-into-One Flash Mixer 3.6.7427 All-into-One Flash Mixer
Drag and drop existing SWF files into one SWF by mouse, add text and pictures.
Tags: flash mixer, flash joiner, flash maker, flash software, flash creator, flash builder, swf editor, edit swf, modify flash, modify swf,
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Random MixTape Maker Random MixTape Maker
create random playlists from mp3 files from multiple directories
Tags: mp3, audio, mix, tape, random, playlist,
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Mix-FX Flash Animations and Buttons 1.042 screenshot Mix-FX Flash Animations and Buttons
Mix-FX Flash animations and Flash buttons builder
Tags: Flash, intros, banners, buttons, menus, animations, effects, web, design, downloads, templates,
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MiX Splitter 1.00 MiX Splitter
Mix Splitter tool for splitting WAV file into smaller ones
Tags: WAV, SPLITTER, SPLITTING, SPLIT, CUT, CUTTING, EDITING, MIX, deejay, tool, cue, track, tracks, music, songs,
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Luxena Informix Data Access Components 2.6.3 Luxena Informix Data Access Components
IDAC: the best in BDE migration and rapid VCL client-server/n-tier development
Tags: native, informix, api, direct, access, query, execution, break, BDE, ADO, alternative, migration, easy, deployment, shareware, Delphi,
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Moodmixer-Channelmanager 1.0 Moodmixer-Channelmanager
Generate playlists with up to 9999 entries or 31 days with one mouseclick
Tags: playlist, playlists, mp3, m3u, pls, internet radio, online radio, ipod, playlist generator, radio automation, music scheduling,
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Mixed Polynomial And Trig Approximations 1.00 screenshot Mixed Polynomial And Trig Approximations
Approximates multivariable functions by mixed power/trigonometric series
Tags: math, mathematics, approximation, interpolation, engineering, science,
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Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Pro 1.2.4 Luxena dbExpress driver for Informix Pro
Reliable access to Informix Servers with support for all Informix data types
Tags: dbExpress, ADO, BDE, alternative, migration, native, data, type, blob, clob, lvarchar, int8, serial8, set, multiset, list,
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eDrinksMixn Deluxe 5.0 eDrinksMixn Deluxe
Use eDrinksMix’n to store your favorite and most often used Drink recipes.
Tags: Drinks, Beverages, Bar Tender, Recipes, alcohol, hobbies, fun,
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eDrinksMixn Deluxe (WM) 5.0 eDrinksMixn Deluxe (WM)
Use eDrinksMix’n to store your favorite and most often used Drink recipes.
Tags: Drinks, Beverages, Bar Tender, Recipes, alcohol, hobbies, fun,
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PhotoMix 5.3.2 screenshot PhotoMix
PhotoMix - digital scrapbooking and photo collage software.
Tags: photo collage, scrapbook, scrapbooking, digital scrapbook, scrap book, digital photo, photo, collage, edit, editor, combine, jpeg, print, effect, artistic, graphic,
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ergonomix 3.7.1 ergonomix
promotes healthy computer use and prevents headaches, eye strain, backache, RSI
Tags: health, safety, ergonomic, mouse, keyboard, monitor, education, headache, repetitive strain, rsi, prevention,
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