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ALTZ gives you control over your open windows to quickly hide or stay on top.
Tags: always stay on top, hide, Windows media player, msn live messenger, aim messenger, Yahoo messenger, vlc, hide taskbar, open windows, mute speakers, mute microphone,
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Gong! 2.00 Gong!
Gong! offers fast, flexible control over your system volume and much more
Tags: volume, mute, winkey, chimes, chime, grandfather, clock, alert, alarm, reminder, calendar, atomic clock,
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Automuter 2.2 Automuter
Mutes speakers when you lock your PC or based on a schedule given
Tags: automuter, auto muter, scheduled mute, mute, mute sound card, mute sound,
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AutoHotkey screenshot AutoHotkey
Macros: Automate almost anything. Hotkeys: Keyboard, mouse, and joystick.
Tags: hotkey, hotkeys, macro, macros, automate, keyboard, joystick, mouse, key, keys, keystroke, keystrokes, button, buttons, click, send,
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iHotkey 6.34 screenshot iHotkey
Activate functions using one key combination.
Tags: iHotkey, Turn Off, Restart, Log Off, Switch User, Lock Computer, Mute, Undo Mute,
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Drum Mutes 1.0 Drum Mutes
Drum Mutes toolbar for IE - product resources, reviews and products for sale.
Tags: drum mutes, browser toolbar, ie toolbar, toolbar,
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UIFriend 2.3.1 screenshot UIFriend
Quick resolution changing, smooth desktop drawing and desktop icon layout saving
Tags: quickres, quick resolution changing, resolution changing, desktop, icon layout, transparent, double buffer, display settings, screen saver, screensaver, mute,
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My System Tray Icon 1 My System Tray Icon
Power Monitor Off,Restart,Log Off,Shut Down Increase/Decrease Volume and more.
Tags: Shut Down, Log Off, Restart, Mute, increase, decrease, volume, vista, save, electricity, power, off, monitor, free,, windows,
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Mute on Lock 1.0 screenshot Mute on Lock
Extremely tiny utility to mute sound when you are locking your Windows session.
Tags: auto muter, mute sound, locking workstation, mute speakers,
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SID FLV Player screenshot SID FLV Player
Is a Professional and Easy-to-use software that allows you to play your flash video files.
Tags: Flash, FLV, FLV Player, Flash Player, Video, Macromedia, volume, mute, replay, beginning, full screen, toggle, Replay, player, windows explorer, free,
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