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Remember Numbers 1.03 Remember Numbers
Utility to help you remember phone numbers.
Tags: mnemonic, memory improvement, memoriser, memorizer, memorize, numbers, remember, phone,
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Excel Convert Numbers to Text Software 7.0 Excel Convert Numbers to Text Software
Convert numbers or currency to words, in MS Excel ("7" becomes "seven").
Tags: words, change, num, integers, dollars, cents, spell out, into, txt, numbers-as-text, properly, pure, importing,
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Manage Page Numbers to PDF 3.6 Manage Page Numbers to PDF
Want to manage page numbers to PDF or add page numbers to PDF with the help of Bates number software to add bates numbers in PDF files in systematic...
Tags: manage page numbers to pdf, bates numbering software, add page numbers in pdf, bates numbers in pdf,
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Gift(no numbers limit) Gift(no numbers limit)
The Gift is an excellent tool for prize draws
Tags: Prize Draw, Raffle, Lottery, Number,
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Crossnumbers Puzzle Collection 1.o Crossnumbers Puzzle Collection
Collection of crossnumber games
Tags: crossnumbers, puzzles, games, crosswords,
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ThaiNumbers 1.3 ThaiNumbers
Learn Thai numbers with the learning program ThaiNumbers - with sound
Tags: Thai, ThaiNumbers, Thailand, language, education, learn, learning,
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Lotto number generator 1.0.3 Lotto number generator
Axmata Lotto numbers generator
Tags: lotto numbers generator, lotto numbers,
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Animated alphabet, numbers, games and music for children aged one to five
Tags: abc, abcd, alphabet, 123, 1234, numbers, children, kids, child, pre-school, educational, learn, learning, junior primary, early childhood, kids music fun,
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Overall Average:

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InTouch 8.14.26 InTouch
InTouch - Your ULTIMATE Rolodex/Address Book!
Tags: RAD Software, shareware, rolodex, address books, names, clubs, church, phone numbers,
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Calculator Prompter 2.6 Calculator Prompter
Calculator Prompter is a math expression calculator. It is a handy and useful.
Tags: free calculator, calc soft, math calculator, parser, expression, arithmetic, mathematic, math, education, desktop, soft, software, algebra, numbers, operators, business,
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Sudoku To Go 1.0 Sudoku To Go
Play Sudoku puzzles
Tags: sudoku, cross numbers, number place,
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Numeri primi 1.0.0 Numeri primi
Factorization and primality of numbers. Tests whether a number is prime etc. .
Tags: software, utilities, primes, factors, factoring, primality, decomposition numbers, mathematics, downloads, free,
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CrazyMath 1.2 CrazyMath
Advanced calculator. Allows you to enter sequences of expressions.
Tags: calculator, expression, plot, algebra, trigonometry, surface, scientific, calc soft, math calculator, parser, arithmetic, mathematic, math, education, desktop, soft,
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Manage Your Contacts Manage Your Contacts
A tried and true program that will help you easily store and manage contact info
Tags: PIM, addresses, manage, contacts, rolodex, address, database, dialer, labels, envelopes, Email, e-mail, phone, numbers,
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Mobile Master 8.6.5 Mobile Master
The mobile phone and sync tool for your mobile/cell phone, handset
Tags: mobile, cell phone, sync, contacts, addresses, phone, numbers, calendar, outlook, express, palm desktop, lotus notes, mozilla, netscape, thunderbird, sunbird,
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LotWin Lite Lottery Line Builder 2.217 LotWin Lite Lottery Line Builder
LotWin Lite is an award winning, feature rich lottery software program.
Tags: lottery, lotto, uk lottery, lotwin, powerball, joker, jackpot, gambling, lotteries, permutation, combinatorics, line builder, winning numbers, filters,
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Convertitore numerico 1.0.0 Convertitore numerico
The conversion of numbers in different numerical bases. Free software.
Tags: software, utilities, math, conversion, converter, numeric bases, numbers, decimal, binary, hexadecimal, Roman, UTF-8, extended ASCII, downloads, free,
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mosascii m2 2.1.200 mosascii m2
mosascii m2 converts images into HTML mosaics made out of colored text
Tags: mosaic, html, ansi, ascii, fun, easy, fast, free, educational, mosascii, freeware, convert, graphics, desktop publishing, productivity,
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Lotto King 4.0 Lotto King
Increase your odds of hitting the jackpot with The Lotto King, a powerful tool
Tags: super lotto, lottery, lotto king, lottery software, lotto software, jackpot, lotteries, lotto numbers, loto numbers, powerball, toto,
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Company Directory 2.1 Company Directory
Web based application for displaying company directory information.
Tags: directory, .net, latshaw, web, employee, employees, phone, numbers, departments,
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365 Free Sudoku Puzzles to print 2.7 365 Free Sudoku Puzzles to print
PDF with 365 Sudoku puzzles ready to print. Kostenlos: 365 druckfertige Sudokus.
Tags: sudoku, pro, doku, printable, jigsaw, cross, word, crossword, puzzle, bobble, brain, teaser, logic, math, number,
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Sudoku Flash 1.0 Stable Sudoku Flash
Sudoku. s is a flash sudoku puzzle with pencil mark and other features
Tags: Sudoku, games, flash, sudoku, logical, puzzle, flash game, number place, kakuro, crosssums, numbers,
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Lottery Statistic Analyser 6.0.2 Lottery Statistic Analyser
Lottery software that features the world's best performing wheels 20-35% more wins, with detailed next draw predictions, superb statistical...
Tags: lottery software, Lottery, Anaylser, wheels, perms, lottery combinations, shareware, software, statistics, Hot Lotto Sizzler, Super Lotto Plus, winning numbers, New Jersey, Georgia, Michigan, Virginia,
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