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OpenGL Fireworks Screen Saver 3.10 OpenGL Fireworks Screen Saver
opengl fireworks screen saver that makes everyday a holiday
Tags: opengl, screen, saver, fireworks,
Overall Average:

sgCore 1.4 sgCore
SgCore: a new effective 3D geometric modeling component program
Tags: 3D;, modeling;, CAD;, OpenGL;, solid;, solid, geometry;, modeling, library;, CAD, boolean, operations;, kinematic, operations,
Overall Average:

DXScene 4.42 DXScene
Full 3D in Delphi
Tags: directx, opengl, wpf, silverlight, flash,
Overall Average:

The Rainy Time Screen Saver 1.1 The Rainy Time Screen Saver
The screen saver with 3D realistic scene: a rain, water at a glass, a clock.
Tags: simulator, OpenGL, screensaver, screen, saver, rain, rainy, time, rainytime, clock,
Overall Average:

Whirlpool screen saver 2.2 Whirlpool screen saver
Screen saver with 3D scene
Tags: screen, saver, screensaver, OpenGL, animated, free, for, try,
Overall Average:

Saturn 3D Space Tour 1.0 Saturn 3D Space Tour
Astonishing realistic 3D-animated space views of Saturn with it's famous Rings.
Tags: space, saturn, accelerated, screensaver, screen, saver, animated, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

Moon 3D Space Tour 1.1 Moon 3D Space Tour
Realistic animated 3D space flight to the Moon. Incredible space scenes.
Tags: space, Moon, Luna, accelerated, screensaver, screen, saver, animated, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

Earth 3D Space Tour 1.1 Earth 3D Space Tour
Realistic 3D animated Earth views from space. Beautiful cosmic sunrise.
Tags: space, accelerated, screensaver, screen, saver, animated, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

GamesNoMore 1.4 GamesNoMore
Allows you to prevent your kids from playing computer games all night long.
Tags: anti games, stop games, kids, home, games, Microsoft DirectX, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

Metal Ornamental Pattern Screensaver 1.0 Metal Ornamental Pattern Screensaver
The screensaver with live ornamental pattern of metal.
Tags: screensaver, metal, ornamental, pattern, surreal, OpenGL, clock, live,
Overall Average:

Is useful in topography for editing 3D points,triangulation,isolines,sections.
Tags: TOPOGRAPHY, XYZ points, TRIANGULATION, ISOLINES, SECTIONS, Projection, quartic, DTM, Digital Terrain Model, TIN, Triangular Irregular Network, CAD, DXF, OPENGL, AUTOCAD, IntelliCAD,
Overall Average:

Lightspeed Screen Saver 9.1 Lightspeed Screen Saver
A cool 3d starfield screensaver for Windows
Tags: video, avi, screen, saver, starfield, screensaver, stars, space, wormhole, warp, dxf, trek, lightspeed, free, opengl,
Overall Average:

3D Backgammon 1.6 3D Backgammon
Backgammon 3D is a 3D visualization of a classical board game - Backgammon
Tags: backgammon, board, game, three-dimensional, cool, rotate, OpenGL, quality,
Overall Average:

DWG DXF Sharp Viewer DWG DXF Sharp Viewer
DWG DXF viewer. Can print, export to PDF, PS, SVG, jpg, png, tiff, gif, bmp.
Tags: Cad, DWG, DXF, .NET, Viewer, PDF, DXF viewer, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

2007 Backgammon Pro 5.31 2007 Backgammon Pro
This backgammon game amazing 3D graphics and neural nets based AI.
Tags: 2004 backgammon, 2007 backgammon, backgammon, board, puzzle, logic, game, OpenGL, feature, online, neural, neural nets,
Overall Average:

3D Reversi 1.02 3D Reversi
Reversi or Othello is a strategy board game.
Tags: reversi, othello, strategy, observation, game, OpenGL, feature,
Overall Average:

VDAFS TO DXF and NC Converter and Viewer 2.1 VDAFS TO DXF and NC Converter and Viewer
Converts VDAFS file to DXF file and generates the NC program for milling.
Overall Average:

Faogen 1.6 Faogen
Fast GPU-based Ambient Occlusion Generator.
Tags: ambient occlusion, GPU, graphics, shader, opengl,
Overall Average:

2010 Lines 1.02 2010 Lines
This logic game has amazing 3D graphics and lots of other features.
Tags: 2004 Lines, 2008 Lines, lines, puzzle, logic, game, OpenGL, tiles, undo, feature, balls,
Overall Average:

Mars 3D Space Tour 1.1 Mars 3D Space Tour
Realistic 3D animated Mars views from space. Amazing orbital tour.
Tags: space, mars, accelerated, screensaver, screen, saver, animated, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

YZGalaxy Screen Saver 1.11 YZGalaxy Screen Saver
opengl galaxy screen saver that simulates all shapes of galaxies
Tags: opengl, screen, saver, galaxy, Vincent, van, Gogh, Starry, Night,
Overall Average:

Bananas In Space 1.4 Bananas In Space
A very cool 3D screensaver featuring Bananas! Let your inner monkey rejoice!
Tags: bananas, screensaver, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

Gravit 0.4.2 Gravit
Gravit is a gravity simulator that uses Newtonian physics.
Tags: Gravit, Graviton, gravity, nbody, N-body, N body, simulate, simulation, simulator, octree, octtree, OpenGL, SDL, GL_ARB_point_parameters, GL_ARB_point_sprite, lua,
Overall Average:

World News Screensaver 2.0 World News Screensaver
A cool, interactive 3D screensaver that displays the News on a World globe.
Tags: screensaver, screensavers, screen saver, RSS, news, world, world news, syndication, Internet, online, OpenGL, desktop, enhancement, enhancements, Microsoft,
Overall Average:

Elbow Manipulator 1.4 Elbow Manipulator
Control a robot to put Tim's toys in the box.
Tags: elbow, manipulator, robot, robotics, opengl, glut, c language, simulation, control,
Overall Average:

Passage Of Time 1.3 Passage Of Time
A cool and unique 3D screensaver that shows the Passage of Time - literally!
Tags: screensaver, screensavers, screen saver, OpenGL, desktop, enhancement, enhancements, time, clock,
Overall Average:

World Saver 3D 3.4 World Saver 3D
A stunning 3D Earth, Sun and Moon screensaver that tells time globally !
Tags: opengl, screensaver, screensavers, windows, saver, world, earth, time, sun, location, latitude, longitude, cities,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

1 Moon Above 4.3 1 Moon Above
A stunning 3D Moon screensaver that shows the phases of the Moon as time passes!
Tags: moon, phase, screensaver, screensavers, screen saver, opengl, simulation, Earth,
Overall Average:

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