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GalaXQL 2.0 GalaXQL
Interactive SQL tutorial - Who said SQL tutorials have to be boring?
Tags: tutorial, sql, wxwidgets, sources, interactive, opengl, galaxy, sqlite,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

1 Moon Above 4.3 screenshot 1 Moon Above
A stunning 3D Moon screensaver that shows the phases of the Moon as time passes!
Tags: moon, phase, screensaver, screensavers, screen saver, opengl, simulation, Earth,
Overall Average:

Lugaru v1.03 Lugaru
Action/Adventure 3D Martial Arts Game - Lead the Rabbit Revolution
Tags: action, adventure, ninja, martial arts, third person, thirdperson, third-person, stealth, Furries, Furry, Rabbit, Fighting, Game, OpenGL, Combat,
Overall Average:

World Saver 3D 3.4 screenshot World Saver 3D
A stunning 3D Earth, Sun and Moon screensaver that tells time globally !
Tags: opengl, screensaver, screensavers, windows, saver, world, earth, time, sun, location, latitude, longitude, cities,
Overall Average:

Passage Of Time 1.3 screenshot Passage Of Time
A cool and unique 3D screensaver that shows the Passage of Time - literally!
Tags: screensaver, screensavers, screen saver, OpenGL, desktop, enhancement, enhancements, time, clock,
Overall Average:

Bananas In Space 1.4 Bananas In Space
A very cool 3D screensaver featuring Bananas! Let your inner monkey rejoice!
Tags: bananas, screensaver, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

Gravit 0.4.2 Gravit
Gravit is a gravity simulator that uses Newtonian physics.
Tags: Gravit, Graviton, gravity, nbody, N-body, N body, simulate, simulation, simulator, octree, octtree, OpenGL, SDL, GL_ARB_point_parameters, GL_ARB_point_sprite, lua,
Overall Average:

World News Screensaver 2.0 screenshot World News Screensaver
A cool, interactive 3D screensaver that displays the News on a World globe.
Tags: screensaver, screensavers, screen saver, RSS, news, world, world news, syndication, Internet, online, OpenGL, desktop, enhancement, enhancements, Microsoft,
Overall Average:

Elbow Manipulator 1.4 Elbow Manipulator
Control a robot to put Tim's toys in the box.
Tags: elbow, manipulator, robot, robotics, opengl, glut, c language, simulation, control,
Overall Average:

Solitairex 3D 1.0.1 Solitairex 3D
New solitaire playing experience
Tags: card, cards, games, solitaire, patience, adirex, effects, opengl, animations,
Overall Average:

3D Camomile Field Screensaver 1.0 screenshot 3D Camomile Field Screensaver
A beautiful scene of a camomile field with bumblebees and butterflyes
Tags: screensaver, camomile, field, flower, butterfly, bluebell, bellflower, ox-eye daisy, chamomile, bumblebee, opengl, multimedia,
Overall Average:

3D Valentine's Day Screensaver 1.01 screenshot 3D Valentine's Day Screensaver
A beautiful scene of a camomile field with bumblebees and with a lot of hearts
Tags: screensaver, valentine, day, love, heart, camomile, chamomile, bumblebee, photo, loving, couple, amorous, enamoured, enamored, download, opengl,
Overall Average:

GLBasic SDK premium 4.0 screenshot GLBasic SDK premium
GLBasic is a simple and fast programming language designed for game programming.
Tags: glbasic, basic, game, coding, source, code, programming, development, opengl, blitz, dark, learning, tutorial, fast, speed, power,
Overall Average:

D3DGear 4.02 screenshot D3DGear
A very fast record video game movie & capture screenshot software
Tags: Measure game framerate, Take game screenshot, Record video game movie, Analyze game performance, FPS, Gamer, DirectX, OpenGL, frame rate, Screen shot,
Overall Average:

WSnap 1.3 screenshot WSnap
Wsnap makes screenshots of all screen elements, including 3D games, Flash clips
Tags: screen capture software, screen recording, capture 3D games, capture DirectX OpenGL games, screenshot, snapshot, screen print, print screen,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Indyo 1.065 screenshot Indyo
Help Indyo to defeat Morkh - 60 3d levels -
Tags: indyo, opengl, in poculis, in-poculis, puzzle, mind, sobokan, sokoban, jeu, jeux, game, video game, jeu video, jeux video, nitrocodecorps,
Overall Average:

Kikujiro 3.42 screenshot Kikujiro
3D OpenGL version of Sokoban with 380 levels.
Tags: kikujiro, opengl, in poculis, in-poculis, puzzle, mind, sobokan, sokoban, jeu, game, video game, jeu video, nitrocodecorps,
Overall Average:

YZGalaxy Screen Saver 1.11 screenshot YZGalaxy Screen Saver
opengl galaxy screen saver that simulates all shapes of galaxies
Tags: opengl, screen, saver, galaxy, Vincent, van, Gogh, Starry, Night,
Overall Average:

Mars 3D Space Tour 1.1 screenshot Mars 3D Space Tour
Realistic 3D animated Mars views from space. Amazing orbital tour.
Tags: space, mars, accelerated, screensaver, screen, saver, animated, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

Moon 3D Space Tour 1.1 screenshot Moon 3D Space Tour
Realistic animated 3D space flight to the Moon. Incredible space scenes.
Tags: space, Moon, Luna, accelerated, screensaver, screen, saver, animated, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

Earth 3D Space Tour 1.1 screenshot Earth 3D Space Tour
Realistic 3D animated Earth views from space. Beautiful cosmic sunrise.
Tags: space, accelerated, screensaver, screen, saver, animated, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

GamesNoMore 1.4 screenshot GamesNoMore
Allows you to prevent your kids from playing computer games all night long.
Tags: anti games, stop games, kids, home, games, Microsoft DirectX, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

Saturn 3D Space Tour 1.0 screenshot Saturn 3D Space Tour
Astonishing realistic 3D-animated space views of Saturn with it's famous Rings.
Tags: space, saturn, accelerated, screensaver, screen, saver, animated, OpenGL,
Overall Average:

OpenGL Fireworks Screen Saver 3.10 screenshot OpenGL Fireworks Screen Saver
opengl fireworks screen saver that makes everyday a holiday
Tags: opengl, screen, saver, fireworks,
Overall Average:

sgCore 1.4 sgCore
SgCore: a new effective 3D geometric modeling component program
Tags: 3D;, modeling;, CAD;, OpenGL;, solid;, solid, geometry;, modeling, library;, CAD, boolean, operations;, kinematic, operations,
Overall Average:

DXScene 4.42 screenshot DXScene
Full 3D in Delphi
Tags: directx, opengl, wpf, silverlight, flash,
Overall Average:

The Rainy Time Screen Saver 1.1 The Rainy Time Screen Saver
The screen saver with 3D realistic scene: a rain, water at a glass, a clock.
Tags: simulator, OpenGL, screensaver, screen, saver, rain, rainy, time, rainytime, clock,
Overall Average:

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