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Pawn 3.3.4288 Pawn
An embedded scripting language, for extending applications (full source)
Tags: Pawn scripting language, virtual machine, abstract machine, bytecode compiler, P-code, Unicode, embedding, state machines, automatons, FSM,
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Barricade 3.5.0 Barricade
Barricade (or Malefiz) is inspired from the famous board game of type pawn race.
Tags: barricade, malefiz, free, board, game, strategy, java, pawn, dice, freeware,
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DiceRun 1.01 DiceRun
A computer version of a popular board game most of us know and like.
Tags: game, board, table, dice, pawn, four, players, classic, don't, angry, mad, race,
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