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TOAD for Oracle Freeware 8.5 TOAD for Oracle Freeware
Fast, Accurate Development and Simple Administration
Tags: oracle, database, dba, sql, plsql, pl/sql, development, debugger, profiler, gui,
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OraDeveloper Studio 2.55 OraDeveloper Studio
Power tool for developing PL/SQL programs and managing Oracle databases
Tags: Oracle, developer, tool, sql, pl/sql, plsql, core, query, export, import, database, code completion, management, standalone, database tool, SQL editor,
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Aqua Data Studio 7.5.11 Aqua Data Studio
SQL Query tool that allows developers to create edit and execute SQL scripts
Tags: oracle, db2, sql server, sqlserver, sybase, pointbase, mysql, postgres, postresql, informix, table, column, tuple, schema, tablespace, trigger,
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