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Remote Queue Manager Professional 5.50 Remote Queue Manager Professional
Remote Queue Manager is a professional tool to handle print jobs.
Tags: print, job, printer, censor, priority, user, name, document, windows, monitor, manage, quota, quotas, quoting, statistics, cartridges,
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Remote Queue Manager Personal 5.42.198 Remote Queue Manager Personal
Remote Queue Manager is a professional tool to manage print jobs.
Tags: print, job, printer, censor, priority, user, name, document, windows, monitor, manage, quota, quotas, quoting, statistics, inc,
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Print Manager Plus 8.0 Print Manager Plus
Print Manager Plus allows you to track, quota, and restrict printing
Tags: print, manager, manage, management, printer, software, windows, queue, server, printing, track, quota, restrict, system, solution, control,
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SqlAnswersMail 3.1.5 SqlAnswersMail
A user-friendly software package for sending email from Microsoft SQL Server
Tags: SQL, SQL Mail, SQL email, xp_sendmail, PDF, SQL to PDF, SQL to HTML, PDF generator, SMTP email, Mail Queue,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

CounterPoint 1.0 CounterPoint
A multimedia queue management system for shops.
Tags: queue management for shops, counter display,
Overall Average:

Cobra Print Viewer 1.7 Cobra Print Viewer
Useful tool to allow you to copy, move and view images of queued print jobs
Tags: cobra, copy, move, transfer, reprint, re-print, print, printer, viewer, job, view, preview, pause, resume, cancel, queue,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Queuing Model Excel 30 Queuing Model Excel
Calculate the number of service staff to minimize service and waiting costs.
Tags: queue, queuing, model, customer, staff, service, line, points, utilization, flow, maximize, minimize, costs, tool, software, business,
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FileStream ConcordFTP 5.0.003 FileStream ConcordFTP
A secure FTP client with powerful scheduler and management controls
Tags: FileStream, FTP, client, FTP client, file transfer protocol, SSL, ConcordFTP, free, secure, software, download, queue, scheduler, html editor, HIPAA, compliance,
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Lomsel IsRunning 1.0 Lomsel IsRunning
Lomsel IsRunning run applications in a gueue.
Tags: tool, utility, run in queue,
Overall Average:

nbClipboard 1.1.0 nbClipboard
Add stack, queue and simple text transformations to the Windows clipboard.
Tags: clipboard, extender, manager, queue, stack, nbClipboard,
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Mofiki's Eve Online Skill Trainer Mofiki's Eve Online Skill Trainer
Train Skills while you are at work, school, sleeping or just not near a computer
Tags: eve online skill trainer, eve online, skill trainer, skill queue, eve skill trainer, eve skill queue,
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O&K Printer Viewer Pro 2.0 O&K Printer Viewer Pro
O&K Printer Viewer printer file viewer. View PCL file and save it to image.
Tags: PCL, viewer, HPGL, HP-GL/2printer, view, count, print, page, image, convert, usage, paper, size, user, name, document,
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