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Aldo's Text-to-WAVE 4.0 Aldo's Text-to-WAVE
Convert text, web pages or text copied to clipboard into WAVE, OGG or MP3 files
Tags: agent, text, pdf, wave, speech, mp3, ogg, convert, listen, read, audio, wav, voice, converter, speak, talk,
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Text to Voice Converter Text to Voice Converter
Text to voice converter software converts Webpage PDF notepad into audio voice
Tags: Text, Voice, Converter, Translator, Software, Convert, Notepad, Word, Email, Speech, Sound, Clipboard, Files, WAV, Audio, Conversion,
Overall Average:

Text to Speak Text to Speak
Text to Speak translator converter software converts html webpage 2 audio sound
Tags: text, speak, speech, software, convert, Word, voice, mp3, WAV, file, converter, conversion, sound, clipboard, wave, talk,
Overall Average:

Portable Text Filter 1.1.0 Build 773 Portable Text Filter
A Simple Search-As-You-Type Text Reader and Filter
Tags: text filter, search text, text reader, search, text, read,
Overall Average:

Text Filter 1.1.0 Build 773 Text Filter
A Simple Search-As-You-Type Text Reader and Filter
Tags: text filter, search text, text reader, search, text, read,
Overall Average:

Apex Text to Speech Apex Text to Speech
Text to speech converter software converts Word Excel PDF eBook into audio voice format file.
Tags: Text to Speech, Text to Wav, Text to Speak, Text to Voice, Text to Audio, Word to Sound, Converter, Conversion, Software, Convert, Translate, Read, Clipboard, Content, News, Article,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Insert Text for Excel 2.1 Insert Text for Excel
Insert text before and/or after existing text in an excel worksheet.
Tags: insert, text, excel, append, add, apend, attach, spreadsheet,
Overall Average:

Text Speaker 3.19 Text Speaker
Hear any text in a human voice, or save it as MP3 files for portable players.
Tags: screen reader, text reader, text aloud, text speaker, text to mp3, text to wav, text to voice, speak text aloud, speak text, speak word, speak rtf, voice synthesizer, voices, sapi, sapi5,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Aldo's Text-PDF PRO+ 2.1 Aldo's Text-PDF PRO+
Small and fast text and images files to PDF converter.
Tags: pdf, text, jpg, gif, tif, tiff, png, bmp, jpeg, txt, html, convert, batch, adobe, reader, acrobat,
Overall Average:

Excel Extract Data & Text Software 7.0 Excel Extract Data & Text Software
Extract cell text in one or more MS Excel files.
Tags: cells, files, multiple, many, values, rows, columns, numbers, range, names, text, workbooks, books, worksheets, sheets, string,
Overall Average:

Snippets Text Database 1.61 Snippets Text Database
Finally, a fast and easy way to store all your notes. Many features.
Tags: PIM, text, database, notes,
Overall Average:

Text Tweak 2.06 Text Tweak
Data manipulation tool extracting, altering, removing, and more.
Tags: data, file, manipulation, insert, edit, remove, delete, editor, text, manipulator, change, alter,
Overall Average:

Text to Speech Maker 1.6.84 Text to Speech Maker
Listen any text file and convert text to WAV,MP3 and VOX format.
Tags: text to speech, text to audio, text to mp3,
Overall Average:

Speed Reading Software: BULLET READ 2007 Speed Reading Software: BULLET READ
Speed Reading software that can show you how to read faster with comprehension.
Tags: speed reading, reading comprehension, speed read, read fast, read faster,
Overall Average:

Advanced Text Storage 1.12 Advanced Text Storage
Quick access to your frequently used text
Tags: advanced, text, storage, word, processing, clipboard,
Overall Average:

Link Show (Text/Vertical Edition) 1.0 Link Show (Text/Vertical Edition)
Easy-to-use and completely customizable preview-type vertical menu system.
Tags: navigation, menus, rollovers, toolbars, text, galleries, css, photos, images, thumbnails, sidebar, buttons, links, web, scripts, javascripts,
Overall Average:

Miraplacid Text Driver SDK TE 5.6 Miraplacid Text Driver SDK TE
Embed virtual printer driver into your application to extract text from document
Tags: SDK, Text Driver, Text Extraction, Document Convertion, Virtual Printer Driver, Integration, FTP, Upload, Text Import, Text Export,
Overall Average:

TipCase Text To PDF Converter 1.0 TipCase Text To PDF Converter
Convert plain text to pdf quickly and easily.
Tags: text to pdf, pdf converter, txt to pdf, convert txt to pdf,
Overall Average:

txtPro Text Editor 4.25 txtPro Text Editor
All-in-one multi language code and script editor with color syntax highlighting.
Tags: txtpro, text editor, HTML, document, utilities, productivity, word processor, shareware,
Overall Average:

PJ Components, Flash Text Effects 2.1.3 PJ Components, Flash Text Effects
PJ Components - Text Effects extension / plugin for Macromedia Flash
Tags: collection, collections, flash, letters, fonts, text, effects, plug-ins, software, plugins, macromedia, component, components, templates, customizability, font,
Overall Average:

Web Text Extractor 1.0 Web Text Extractor
Extract,collect and manage text/html from web pages.
Tags: web, text, html, info, data, source, capture, extract, copy, collect, manage, save, export, database, depository,
Overall Average:

Total Text Security 1.0 Total Text Security
Protect your instant messages and e-mails with strong security.
Tags: e-mail, instant message, text, security, protection, encription, decription, authentification, RSA, keys, PGP, password, easy-to-use, powerfull, simple,
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