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OGG MP3 Converter 4.3.1057 screenshot OGG MP3 Converter
Convert OGG to MP3 and MP3 to OGG, join OGG, and resample OGG files.
Tags: ogg to mp3, join ogg, resample ogg, ogg to aac, ogg to aiff, ogg to m4a, ogg to m4b, ogg to wav, ogg to wma,
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OGG WAV Converter 2.0.523 screenshot OGG WAV Converter
Convert OGG to WAV and WAV to OGG formats, resample OGG files.
Tags: ogg to wav, wav to ogg, ogg converter, resample ogg,
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WMA WMV ASF MP3 Converter 2.1.791 screenshot WMA WMV ASF MP3 Converter
Convert between WMA, MP3 and WAV formats, resample WMA.
Tags: wma to mp3, wma to wav, mp3 to wma, wav to wma, resample wma, wmv to mp3, asf to mp3,
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HooTech WMA MP3 Converter 4.3.1489 screenshot HooTech WMA MP3 Converter
Convert WMA to MP3 and keep ID3 tag, and support more than 100 file formats.
Tags: wma to mp3, wmv to mp3, asf to mp3, mp3 to wma, mp4 to wma, resample wma,
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Batch Image Resizer 4.1 screenshot Batch Image Resizer
Batch-Resize/Crop/Flip/Resample/Convert/Rename multiple images in a few clicks!
Tags: batch resize, images, image, picture, pictures, photo, photos, resize, convert, rename, crop, resample, change width, change height,
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AutoImager 3.06 screenshot AutoImager
Batch image processing/conversion software supporting 140 formats and operations
Tags: images, photos, graphic, edit, conversion, image, photo, graphics, batch, editing, editor, converter, convert, process, PDF, TIFF,
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csImageFile 7.0 screenshot csImageFile
ASP component for image editing. Resize and edit JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF files.
Tags: images, graphics, asp, component, dll, activex, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, tif, tiff, png, pcx, wbmp, pdf,
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Batch Sizer 1.03.18 screenshot Batch Sizer
The easy to use batch photo resizing software for your digital photos
Tags: Batch, Image, Photo, Reduce, Resize, Compress, Jpg, Jpeg, Digital, Camera, Sizer, Resample, Thumbnail,
Overall Average:

Image Sizer 1.05.19 screenshot Image Sizer
The easy to use photo resizing software for all your digital camera pictures
Tags: Image, Photo, Reduce, Resize, Compress, Jpg, Jpeg, Digital, Camera, WYSIWYG, Sizer, Resample,
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Magic Image Resizer 1.7 screenshot Magic Image Resizer
An easy-to-use tool for batch resizing images in most popular graphic formats.
Tags: image, resize, photo, digital, camera, convert, picture, resizer, scan, smaller, reduce, size, pixel, pixels, resample, program,
Overall Average:

Magic Picture Converter 1.3 screenshot Magic Picture Converter
Converts digital photos to web graphic formats.
Tags: image, convert, picture, photo, graphics, digital, camera, web, internet, html, resize, scan, screen, size, resample, program,
Overall Average:

Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor 2.0 screenshot Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor
An easy to use image editor that creates a bunch of images with one click.
Tags: image, resize, compress, reduce, thumbnail, convert, edit, size, sharpen, optimize, web, quick, trim, generate, grab, screen,
Overall Average:

PageFocus Thumbnail 3.00 PageFocus Thumbnail
Easily and efficiently convert, resample, thumbnail, and merge image files.
Tags: Thumbnail, Image Resample, File Conversion, Add Logo, Tabulate Image, Composite, Merge, Image Blending,
Overall Average:

Background MP3 Encoder 1.1.1 screenshot Background MP3 Encoder
The program encodes/resamples WAV and MP3 files to MP3 files in the background.
Tags: mp3, wav, resize, reduce, resample, encode, mp3 lite, mp3 light, mobile phone, mp3 player, compress, music reduce, size reduce, mpeg layer, podcast, podcast resample,
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MP3Resizer 1.9.7 screenshot MP3Resizer
MP3Resizer is designed to optimize the capacity of your portable MP3-player.
Tags: mp3, compress, audio book, resize, reduce, resample, mp3 lite, mp3 light, mobile phone, cellular phone, cell phone, mp3 player, mp3 size, music reduce, size reduce, mpeg layer,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

JPEG Imager 2.4.6 screenshot JPEG Imager
An interactive image compressor and optimizer with many additional functions.
Tags: compress, optimize, jpeg, jpg, gif, png, view, edit, convert, picture, image, process, enhance, correct, gamma, brightness,
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STOIK Smart Resizer 2.0 STOIK Smart Resizer
Use smart interpolation for digital zooming and resizing
Tags: resize, resample, enlarge, resolution, interpolation, sharpness, zoom, moblog, cameraphone, CCD, JPEG, mobile, imaging,
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A-PDF Image Downsample 3.8 screenshot A-PDF Image Downsample
Reduce size of images in Acrobat PDF documents.
Tags: pdf, downsample, resample, down-sample, reduce, size, compress, image, graphic, pictures, photo, fax, scan, acrobat, adobe, tiff,
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