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Resource Tuner Console 1.92 Resource Tuner Console
Batch edit and modify resources embedded in 32- and 64-bit EXE and DLL files.
Tags: resource, editor, dll, exe, batch, change, icon, file, version, commandline, script,
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Universal Resource Scheduler 2.5 Universal Resource Scheduler
Add and Change reservations by pointing and dragging the mouse.
Tags: Scheduling, schedule, appointments, assignments, reservations, resource management, resource, resource scheduling,
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Overall Average:

EZ Extract Resource 3.3 EZ Extract Resource
Extract icons, bitmaps, button images, and cursors etc from programs and files.
Tags: resource hacker, icon extract, resource grabber, extract resources, extract icon, icon grabber, extract, grabber, icon, cursor, bmp, wave, avi, gif, jpg, midi,
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Christian Guitar Resource 1.0 Christian Guitar Resource
Christian Guitar Resource toolbar for Internet Explorer
Tags: Christian Guitar Resource, browser toolbar, toolbar, ie toolbar, internet explorer, add ons,
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Resource Tuner 1.99 R6 Resource Tuner
A resource editor to make changes to icons and strings in EXE and DLL files.
Tags: resource, editor, win32, dll, exe, icon, viewer, extract, file, dialog, upx, unpacker, manifest, menu, png, xml,
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User Management Resource Administrator 7.2 User Management Resource Administrator
Active Directory user resource management without requiring script knowledge
Tags: Management, Administration, Security, template, Batch, script, mass, bulk, import, Exchange, Users, Local groups, Global groups, accounts, mailbox, directory,
Overall Average:

Resource . ET v4 3.0.4811 Resource . ET v4
A utility to easily refresh embedded graphic resources in a . ET assembly.
Tags: RESX, resources, .NET,
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Shareware Authors Resource Guide Shareware Authors Resource Guide
FREE information about how to start and run a successful shareware business.
Tags: shareware, author, guide, distribution, authors, help, payments, e-commerce, online, marketing, resources, information, credit, cards, registrations, orders,
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eResource Scheduler 3.5.5 eResource Scheduler
Collaborative software to schedule, plan & manage custom defined resources
Tags: Scheduling, planning, management, employee, staff, resource, software, application, system, tool, program, scheduler, planner, business, project management, allocation,
Overall Average:

Math Resource Studio 4.4.2 Math Resource Studio
A powerful, easy-to-use math worksheet generation program.
Tags: mathematics, math, teacher, tool, worksheet, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, time, money,
Overall Average:

FastSize Extender Review Resource 1.0 FastSize Extender Review Resource
An interesting FastSize Extender Review - My Personal Experience
Tags: fastsize, extender, enlarger, review, mens, health, mens health, male, enhancement, enlargement,
Overall Average:

Resource Standard Metrics C C++ C# Java 7.75 Resource Standard Metrics C C++ C# Java
Source code and software metrics for C, C++, C# and Java. SLOC, LOC, FP
Tags: Source Code Metrics, code quality, LOC, Metrics, C++, Java, software metrics,
Overall Average:

FastSize Extender Resource 1.0 FastSize Extender Resource
FastSize Extender - A Confidence Booster
Tags: fastsize, extender, enlarger, review, mens, health, mens health, male, enhancement, enlargement,
Overall Average:

Human Resources/Personnel Management 2 Human Resources/Personnel Management
Manage all your staff functions - MS Access Based Personnel/Human Resources
Tags: MS Access, PIMS, personnel, human resources, staff, attendance, employee, medical, training, appraisal, salary, ms office,
Overall Average:

ResourcesExtract 1.17 ResourcesExtract
Extract resources from dll/ocx/exe files.
Tags: extract, resources, dll, ocx, exe, icons, cursors, bitmaps, html,
Overall Average:

DotNetResourcesExtract 1.01 DotNetResourcesExtract
Extract embedded resources from . ET applications.
Tags: extract, net, embedded, resources,
Overall Average:

Human Resources Interview & Recruitment 2 Human Resources Interview & Recruitment
Record And Monitor Candidate Details - MS Access Based Human Resources Interview
Tags: MS Access, PIMS, personnel, human resources, staff, attendance, employee, interview, skills, candidate, agency, job, application, management, marketing, qualifications,
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