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WFP Tools 1.0 WFP Tools
Replace or Delete Infected, Corrupted or Locked Files and Folders
Tags: system, restore, roll, back, backup, replace, locked,
Overall Average:

Camtroller 1.1.2 Camtroller
Use Physicam technology to control your PC games using a webcam instead of keys
Tags: web, cam, webcam, fitness, motion, detect, dance,
Overall Average:

System Restore Control 2.0 System Restore Control
Take total control of System Restore's Hidden Settings
Tags: system, restore, roll, back, backup,
Overall Average:

scrollpopsoft1 1.1 scrollpopsoft1
use our free software for scroll you webpage
Tags: gambling problems, scrolling webpage software,
Overall Average:

Zonko 1.0 screenshot Zonko
This is a game just like Yahtzee.
Tags: yahtzee, dice, game, roll, sound, animation, multiplayer,
Overall Average:

Road Runners 2008 Screensaver 1.0 screenshot Road Runners 2008 Screensaver
2008 Road Runners Reunion Concert Screensaver in Savanna Illinois
Tags: screensaver, road runners, music, rock and roll, band, free, reunion concert, fireman's ball,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

JobCost Controller for Excel 7.1 JobCost Controller for Excel
Construction Job Cost Tracking and Reporting System for Excel
Tags: cost estimation, cost tracker, Excel addon, cost, construction, budget,
Overall Average:

Strollers 1.0 Strollers
Find Strollers deals for any taste and budget.
Tags: Strollers, browser,
Overall Average:

Actual Window Menu 6.4 screenshot Actual Window Menu
Discover new abilities of common system window menu - forget about windows mess!
Tags: window menu, minimize, tray, stay always on top, roll up, unroll, system menu, transparent, translucent, transparency, priority, run, multi-monitor,
Overall Average:

Actual Window Rollup 6.4 screenshot Actual Window Rollup
Say goodbye to minimized windows and welcome the more practical Roll Up feature!
Tags: window, rollup, unroll, minimize, roll up, windows, windows manager, roll, shell enhancement, desktop enhancement, windows desktop, shell, automatic, manual, title button, hotkey,
Overall Average:

Day Maxi Calc 1.5 Day Maxi Calc
Super sized calculator with big buttons and a wide display.
Tags: calc, calculator, calculators, calculations, paper roll, tape, desktop, memory, numbers, display, portable,
Overall Average:

1 Great Craps Game 1.3.24 screenshot 1 Great Craps Game
Great Craps simulation with animated players. All bets implemented.
Tags: Craps, Dice, Pass Line, Come Line, Roll Dice, Seven, Seven Out,
Overall Average:

Solo Performer Show Controller 4.4 Solo Performer Show Controller
Plays background audio accompaniment, displays lyrics, & controls effects units.
Tags: midi, lyric, guitar, dmx, pedal, lights, stage, music, mp3, accompaniment, background,
Overall Average:

Scroll Image 2.0 screenshot Scroll Image
This new scrolling viewer displays a much larger image in a smaller window.
Tags: scroll, slide, show, image, enlarge, pics, explore, photo,
Overall Average:

ScrollLabel OCX screenshot ScrollLabel OCX
The ScrollLabel OCX control is a label control designed fit into less space.
Tags: scrolllabel, scroll, label, april16, vertical, horizontal, scrollable, moving, sliding, slide,
Overall Average:

Rollerdex 1.0 screenshot Rollerdex
Rollerdex is a unique match 3 puzzle game where players match coloured balls.
Tags: Rollerdex, Puzzle, Game, Free, Download,
Overall Average:

ezPaycheck Payroll Software 3.1.6 screenshot ezPaycheck Payroll Software
Simple, robust and affordable payroll software for small business and accountant
Tags: payroll, accounting, Payroll software, Payroll Taxes, accounting software, payroll application,
Overall Average:

IP Electronic Dice 1.02 IP Electronic Dice
Electronic Dice Software.
Tags: random, dice, electronic, die, roll, information, packaging,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Medlin Payroll Software 2011 Medlin Payroll Software
Simple, easy to use, award winning Payroll Software. $55. 0 (With MICR $103).
Tags: Payroll, Software, Accounting, Business, Bookkeeping, Medlin, Ledger, Shareware, ASP, Hall of Fame, Employee, Check Writing, Trial Version,
Overall Average:

Live Poker 3.7 Live Poker
Live Poker - Full Screen, Fully 3D, Full On Excitement!
Tags: poker, online, live, texas, hold, omaha, card, stud, room, casino, mac, tournament, apple, free,
Overall Average:

MITCalc - Roller Chains Calculation 1.18 screenshot MITCalc - Roller Chains Calculation
Design and strength check of roller chain transmission
Tags: Chain, roller chain, design, strength check, chain transmission, DIN 8187, DIN 8181, DIN 8164,
Overall Average:

Process Controller 3.0 Process Controller
Process throttling and prioritisation for PC's and Terminal Servers
Tags: Process, Throttle, Priority, Terminal Services, Terminal Server, Citrix,
Overall Average:

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