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Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! by Sage 9.5 Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! by Sage
Create calculations involving ACT! fields using 80+ supported functions.
Tags: Abacus, Calculated, Fields, ACT, Sage, calculation, formula, function, mathematical, string, datetime, financial, Mortgage, loan, case,
Overall Average:

Chair Massager - Puzzle 1.0 Chair Massager - Puzzle
Chair Massager get the best deals here
Tags: Chair Massager, Chair Massagers, buy Chair Massager,
Overall Average:

Internet Usage Monitor 7.7 Lite Internet Usage Monitor
Monitors the time spent on the internet and calculates the cost accordingly
Tags: internet, usage, monitor, gaurav, dhup, creations, online, cost, phone, bill, monthly, speak, timer, money, clock, timer,
Overall Average:

ROBUST Hide Message ROBUST Hide Message
With Hide Message you can encrypt and hide your text message into image without any changes in its resolution or size.
Tags: Spy, Message, tool, protecting important information, encrypt, hide, into image, view the modified image, xchange messages, spying on you, encryption, sending and receives your private data, securely, hidden in image,
Overall Average:

MessageBoxGo 1.0 MessageBoxGo
This freeware control allows for fitting your applications with message boxes.
Tags: freeware, message box, source, .NET,
Overall Average:

LANMessage Pro 4.00 LANMessage Pro
LANMessage Pro is a powerful tool for communicating with others on your network.
Tags: LAN, messenger, message, winpopup, net send, network, instant,
Overall Average:

MessagePal 1.8.0 MessagePal
Secure, Simple, Instant Messaging For Office LAN. 1-Click Replies & Much More!
Tags: office messaging, instant messenger, instant messaging, office communication, messaging, phone message, instant, reply buttons, message buttons, serverless,
Overall Average:

Phone Message Pad for Outlook 1.0 Phone Message Pad for Outlook
Individual and workgroup management of phone messages
Tags: telephone, phone, message, pad, outlook, while you were out, workgroup, individual,
Overall Average:

TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus
One-click complete dictionary and multifaceted thesaurus of the English language
Tags: TheSage, English, Dictionary, Thesaurus, One-click, lookup, wildcard search, anagram, concordancer, speech, pronunciation, word lists,
Overall Average:

Usage Monitor Usage Monitor
Be informed when a process has reached a set limit
Tags: Process Monitor, Usage, Limits, Monitor, Memory, GDI, Processes,
Overall Average:

Message Organizer Deluxe 3.6 Message Organizer Deluxe
Phone message and in-persons visit management software for Windows.
Tags: message, when you were out, visitor, office software, messages, message manager, phone message,
Overall Average:

Sagelight 48-bit Image Editor Trial 3.1.02 Sagelight 48-bit Image Editor Trial
Enhance your images with striking results without the learning curve.
Tags: Image Editor, Editor, Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, Retouch, Enhancement, Clone, Cloning, Makeover, Skin Softener, Soften, Graphics, Sagelight,
Overall Average:

CardioLog - SharePoint Usage Reports CardioLog - SharePoint Usage Reports
SharePoint Usage Reports and monitoring - Free solution.
Tags: SharePoint, usage, Reports, Web, Analytics, monitoring, moss, WSS, Cardiolog, statistics,
Overall Average:

TimeSage Timesheets - Pro Edition 2.1.7 TimeSage Timesheets - Pro Edition
TimeSage Timesheets is a time tracking tool with easy start/stop work clock.
Tags: clock, timesheet, timesheets, time, sheet, sheets, card, table, management, project, TimeSage Timesheets,
Overall Average:

Medjugorje Messages 2011a Medjugorje Messages
Our Lady of Medjugorje Apparitions & Messages
Tags: Medjugorje, Messages, Virgin Mary, Our Lady,
Overall Average:

Messages de Medjugorje 2012 Messages de Medjugorje
Notre Dame de Medjugorje Apparitions et Messages
Tags: Medjugorje, Messages, Vierge Marie, Notre Dame,
Overall Average:

Printer Usage Censor 5.42.197 Printer Usage Censor
Advanced printer usage monitoring software.
Tags: printer usage, print activities, printer monitor,
Overall Average:

California Massage Parlors 1.0 California Massage Parlors
A screensaver of California massage parlors in Las Vegas.
Tags: california massage, california massage parlors, Asian massage in California,
Overall Average:

Las Vegas Asian Massage 1.0 Las Vegas Asian Massage
A screensaver of Asian massage parlors in Las Vegas.
Tags: Asian massage, massage Asian, las vegas Asian massage,
Overall Average:

Massage Parlor Las Vegas 1.0 Massage Parlor Las Vegas
A screensaver of massage parlors in Las Vegas
Tags: massage parlor las vegas, amp, massage las vegas,
Overall Average:

Las Vegas Erotic Massage 1.0 Las Vegas Erotic Massage
A screensaver of erotic massage parlors in Las Vegas.
Tags: erotic massage, massage erotic, las vegas erotic massage,
Overall Average:

Erotic Massage 1.0 Erotic Massage
A screensaver of erotic massage techniques.
Tags: erotic massage, sensual massage, tantra massage,
Overall Average:

Find Massage Parlor 1.0 Find Massage Parlor
Screensaver of finding massage parlors.
Tags: Find Massage Parlor, massage parlor finder,
Overall Average:

Massage Parlors in Las Vegas 1.0 Massage Parlors in Las Vegas
Screensaver of Massage Parlors in Las Vegas.
Tags: Massage Parlors in Las Vegas, las vegas massage parlor,
Overall Average:

Massage Parlor Erotic 1.0 Massage Parlor Erotic
Screensaver of Massage Parlor Erotic.
Tags: Massage Parlor Erotic, erotic massage parlors,
Overall Average:

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