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Secure Eraser 5.000 Secure Eraser
deletes your sensitive data irretrievably and offers an easy to use user interface
Tags: Erase, Delete, Deletion, Secure, Save, Safe, Gutmann, NISPOM, DOD, File, Data, Folder, Remove,
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CompuApps DriveEraser 1.20.1 CompuApps DriveEraser
DriveEraserâ„¢ permanently erases data which can't be recovered.
Tags: Secure Erase, Secure Disk Erase, Disk eraser, erase disk, US DOD, NSA, Custom erase metod.,
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Advanced Tracks Cleaner 2.0.4209 Advanced Tracks Cleaner
Advanced Tracks Cleaner is a sexual powerful tool for your protection.
Tags: secure erase, cleaning, erasing, interne privacy, delete unwanted files, remove,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Wipe Expert 3 3.00 Wipe Expert 3
Securely Shred Files & Folders Permanently using the same type of algorithms that the U. . Department of Defense uses.
Tags: wipe hard drive, eraser, disk wipe, hard drive erase, secure wipe, wipe utility, eraser utility, wipe free space, shred files, shredder, shredding, secure erase,
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PurgeIE Pro 4.04 PurgeIE Pro
Professional edition of PurgeIE - Purge Cache, Cookies and Tracks for I. E.
Tags: vista, protected mode, secure erase, secure delete, plugins, purgeie, purge, index.dat, userdata, internet, explorer, cache, cookie, cookies, history,
Overall Average:

Flash Wiper 3.1 Flash Wiper
secure erase your flash card drive with Flash Wiper
Tags: wiper, flash wiper, card wiper, pen drive wiper, secure erase, privacy keeper,
Overall Average:

Secure Data Eraser 2.2 Secure Data Eraser
Wipe files, disk drives and unused disk space. No recovery is possible.
Tags: wipe, delete, erase, secure algorithm, shredder, unrecoverable, wipe hard drive, wipe drive, disk wipe, file erase,
Overall Average:

Blank And Secure 2.12 Blank And Secure
Is a portable tool to securely delete the data and block the recovering of data
Tags: erase, delete, obliterate, secure, blank, clean, absolute, unconditioned, sterile, safe, unharmful, reliable, dependable, dependably, trustworthy,
Overall Average:

Secure Folders XP 3.0 Secure Folders XP
Hide and protect your important files, folders and entire drives! Download now!
Tags: secure folders, secure folder, secure files, security folders, security folder, security files,
Overall Average:

Secure Hive Secure Hive
Encryption tool for emails, documents and part documents
Tags: encryption, compression, security, file protection, file encryption, email, Office, encrypt, secure file transfer,
Overall Average:

Secure Password Generator 2.2 Secure Password Generator
A handy software program to create random passwords.
Tags: password, generator, security, random, passwords, protect, secure,
Overall Average:

SoftX Secure Notes 3.4 SoftX Secure Notes
Organize and securely store your personal information with SoftX Secure Notes.
Tags: pim, personal information manager, pocket pc, secure notes, encrypted notes,
Overall Average:

Digital Secure Disk 2011 Digital Secure Disk
Digital Secure Disk - Transform part of your hard disk into a safe
Tags: Encrypt, Secure, Attachment, Safe, Encryption, Password, Lock, secure disk, hard disk, hard drive, secure drive, virtual encrypted disk, ved,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Secure Oracle Auditor 3.0 Secure Oracle Auditor
The most comprehensive Risk Management Software for Oracle database security which conducts vulnerability assessments and security auditing within...
Tags: oracle, audit, database, security, oracle database, oracle security, oracle database security, security assessment, oracle auditing, secure oracle, oracle audit, oracle security tool, database audit, vulnerability assessment, database scanner,
Overall Average:

Secure Random Password Generator 2.1 Secure Random Password Generator
A Windows application allowing users to create strong passwords of any length and character content.
Tags: random password, generator, secure password generator, password key generator, download,
Overall Average:

Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed. 2.00.062 Secure Lockdown Multi Application Ed.
Ideal tool for kiosks, trade shows, libraries, schools, hotels, Internet cafes, gaming centers, museums, and correctional facilities.
Tags: kiosk software, lock down windows 7 or 8, trade show software, menu software, secure windows 7, secure school software, Internet cafe software, secure library software, hotel kiosk software, museum kiosk software, software, launcher,
Overall Average:

Secure Lockdown Internet Explorer Ed. 2.00.062 Secure Lockdown Internet Explorer Ed.
Ideal tool for kiosk setups, trade show terminals, libraries, schools, hotels, Internet cafes, gaming centers.
Tags: Internet Explorer kiosk software, lock down windows 7 or 8, trade show terminal software, secure library software, secure school software, secure Internet cafe software,
Overall Average:

Secure Storage Pro 1.4 Secure Storage Pro
Secure password protected virtual disk solution with on the fly encryption
Tags: secure storage, secure disk, file protection, data protection, file encryption,
Overall Average:

Secure Virtual Desktop Secure Virtual Desktop
Secure Virtual Desktop lets you securely access sensitive information on any computer.
Tags: secure browsing, anonymous browsing, private browsing, virtual desktop, DLP, data loss prevention, data leak prevention, secure remote access, free proxy,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

AEVITA Erase Hard Drive 1.1 AEVITA Erase Hard Drive
Permanently erase all data from your hard drive beyond recovery!
Tags: permanently, destroy, sensitive data, erase hard drive, disk, wipe, free space, floppy, usb,
Overall Average:

BIGSPEED Secure Socket Library 3.0 BIGSPEED Secure Socket Library
Scalable framework for secure private networking with 128-bit AES encryption.
Tags: secure, private, networking, encryption,
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