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Sigma Launcher 1.20.20 screenshot Sigma Launcher
Launch your programs, files, and folders with an automatic and customizable menu
Tags: launcher, launch, slaunch, sigma, sigma launcher, sigmalaunch, sigmalauncher, menu, launch menu, launch list, window manager, utility, windows utility, tool, windows tool, mouse tool,
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Overall Average:

Application Launcher Application Launcher
Application Launcher is a script launcher with a SMTP ability
Tags: Application, Launcher, MS-DOS, DOS, remote, mail, e-mail, launch, output, collect, send, sent, SMTP,
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Better Launcher 1.0 Better Launcher
Instant access to all your applications, documents and folders.
Tags: launcher, launch, organizer, information, indexing, scanning,
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Popular Quick Launcher 1.0 Popular Quick Launcher
Now you can launch applications faster than Chuck Norris kicks.
Tags: quick, launcher, popular, tabs, shortcuts, manager, bookmarks, contacts,
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RDC Launcher 1.2 RDC Launcher
Remote connections management. Access remote computers in just 2 clicks.
Tags: remote, desktop, connection, realvnc, vnc, launcher,
Overall Average:

Screensaver Launcher 1.03 Screensaver Launcher
Activate your default screen saver from the desktop or system tray.
Tags: screen saver, launcher, activator, runner, screensaver, start screensaver,
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Launcher 1.8.4 screenshot Launcher
Launcher is an easy-to-use personal shortcut manager to launch all file kinds.
Tags: launch, windows, desktop, create, shortcuts, program, application, file, Launcher,
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Enso Launcher 2846 screenshot Enso Launcher
Enso Launcher provides instant access to your applications and windows.
Tags: launcher, keyboard shortcut, user interface,
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Astatix Launcher 1.63 screenshot Astatix Launcher
Quick start any application in a single click and control Winamp with hotkeys.
Tags: execute, quick, fast, application, documents, transparency, desktop, enhancements, shell, winamp control, hotkeys, shortcuts, interface, texture, manager, settings,
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The NASA Launcher 1.0 The NASA Launcher
You´ll be sweating playing this game!
Tags: the nasa launcher, free kids games, arcade games, kids games,
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Six Sigma Metric Calculator v1.0.0.1 screenshot Six Sigma Metric Calculator
Calculate your process sigma level with this simple desktop calculator
Tags: six, sigma, metric, desktop, calculator,
Overall Average:

QuickClick Launcher 1.0 QuickClick Launcher
QuickClick Launcher An easy to use Application and File launcher.
Tags: Application Launcher, Windows XP, Drag and Drop, File Launcher,
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Sumka quick launcher Sumka quick launcher
This is a quick program launcher with addition abilities
Tags: program, launcher,
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Fast Launcher 3.5 Fast Launcher
Fast Launcher is incredibly easy to use: just two clicks to launch the program.
Tags: launch, launcher, start, run, quick, fast, program, document, shortcut,
Overall Average:

True Launcher 2.8 screenshot True Launcher
True Launcher is a simple, easy to use program launcher
Tags: launchbar, quick launch, launcher, truelauncher, quicklaunch, shortcuts, toolbar, start menu,
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