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UK Speaking Clock 10.5.0 UK Speaking Clock
UK Speaking Clock speaks and shows the time to you using MsAgent characters
Tags: speaking clock, talking clock, deluxe clock, clock, speaking, clocks, talking, talk, time, timepiece, multilingual, languages, spanish, english, scottish, british,
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Speaking Clock Deluxe 3.62 Speaking Clock Deluxe
Speaking alarm clock with timer, calculator and multilingual support.
Tags: clock, speaking clock, talking clock, alarm, calculator, synchronizer,
Overall Average:

Multilingual Speaking Clock 2.6 Multilingual Speaking Clock
Speaking alarm clock with multilingual support
Tags: clock, speaking clock, talking clock, alarm,
Overall Average:

Solar World Clock 1.3 Solar World Clock
Attractive world clock and time zone desktop application
Tags: world clock, time zones, international clock, world map, daylight terminator, night day terminator, daylight,
Overall Average:

Floating Clock 3.1 Floating Clock
Floating Clock PS is a freeware clock, calendar program designed to run on the t
Tags: PinderSoft, floating clock, desktop utility, time, timer, calendar, freeware, free software,
Overall Average:

WeekUp Alarm Clock 3.1 WeekUp Alarm Clock
Have a weekly schedule? Set alarms once - always wake up on time!
Tags: alarm clock, alarm, week, weekly, wake up, wakeup, calendar, appointment, notification, weekday,
Overall Average:

Satellite Clock 1.0 Satellite Clock
Simple yet powerful and eye catchy clock with optional GPS synchronization.
Tags: satellite clock, satellite, clock, watch, sync, synchronize, GPS, atom, skin, skins,
Overall Average:

Public Speaking Fear 1.0 Public Speaking Fear
End Public Speaking Fear toolbar for IE.
Tags: Public Speaking, browser toolbar,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Music Alarm Clock 3.15 Music Alarm Clock
Play your favorite music with this computer alarm clock software.
Tags: mp3 alarm clock, mp3 alarm, CD alarm clock, CD alarm, clock radio, alarm clock, clock, timer, wake up,
Overall Average:

Projection Alarm Clock Radios 1.0 Projection Alarm Clock Radios
Projection Alarm Clock Radios toolbar for IE - reviews and products for sale.
Tags: projection alarm clock radios, browser toolbar, ie toolbar, toolbar,
Overall Average:

Stock Index News Clock 5.21 Stock Index News Clock
3D Earth shows stock index prices with timezone information and a news ticker.
Tags: stock, index, news, clock, headline, ticker, real-time, market, nasdaq, dow, djia, sp500, amex, nyse, ftse, cac,
Overall Average:

Screen Clock 3.0 Screen Clock
Computer clock - is analog clock application for windows desktop.
Tags: windows desktop clock, screen clock, desktop clock, computer clock, pc clock,
Overall Average:

AB-Clock AB-Clock
Enhanced clock for the Windows taskbar with date, calendar, system monitor, .
Tags: abclock, ab-clock, clock, watch, windows, taskbar, system, monitor, systemmonitor, downloadmonitor, world, time, worldtime, desktop, alarm, calendar,
Overall Average:

Work Clock 1.0 Work Clock
Work Clock lets you record your Real Working Time.
Tags: Work, Clock, Time Management, Schedule, Project Management, To do, Task,
Overall Average:

Li'l Atomic Clock 1.0.1 Li'l Atomic Clock
Synchronizes the system time with atomic clock driven NTP-servers in internet.
Tags: time, synchronization, internet, atomic, clock, ntp,
Overall Average:

AMC The Ultimate Screen Clock 2.0a.44 AMC The Ultimate Screen Clock
Integrate a sophisticated multifunction clock with your Windows desktop.
Tags: clock, windows, shareware, bookware, Windows, Wyccad, pagan, alchemy, time, time server, horology, horologist, temporal, reminder, alarm, saver,
Overall Average:

AddGadgets Digital Clock 1.0 AddGadgets Digital Clock
An accurate digital clock as a desktop gadget
Tags: windows, Desktop, Gadgets, Sidebar, Digital, Clock, Time, Countdown, Uptime, Alarm,
Overall Average:

Chameleon Clock 5.1 Chameleon Clock
Change the appearance of your Windows tray clock and desktop with new skins
Tags: atomic, clock, desktop, tray, winamp, skin, alarm, alarms, world, time, zone, timezones, calendar, mp3, PMS, wallpaper,
Overall Average:

Weather Clock 4.4 Weather Clock
Get things done and don't forget your umbrella using this clock with skins.
Tags: weather alarm clock, forecasts, weather conditions, skins, atomic,
Overall Average:

Analog Clock Scr 1.04 Analog Clock Scr
This screen saver shows an analog clock.
Tags: screensaver, analog, clock, time,
Overall Average:

Skinny Clock 1.15 BETA 1 Skinny Clock
Use skins to display current time on your desktop and customize taskbar clock
Tags: clock, skin, taskbar, override, customize,
Overall Average:

Big Clock Screen Saver 1.6 Big Clock Screen Saver
Turns your screen into one big clock that changes color to stop burn in.
Tags: screensaver, screen saver, bigtime, bigclock, whatabigclock, whatabigclockyouhave, what a big clock you have, free, clock,
Overall Average:

Alarm Clock Maker 2.02 Alarm Clock Maker
Make your own clock with your favorite image picture.
Tags: alarm clock, clock maker, make your own alarm clock,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Blue Clouds Clock Screensaver 2.0 Blue Clouds Clock Screensaver
New Blue Clouds Clock animated screensaver.
Tags: Blue Clouds Clock, free screensaver, clock screensaver,
Overall Average:

Dream Clock 2.0 Dream Clock
Nice animated background and classic analog clock.
Tags: Dream Clock, free screensaver, clock screensaver,
Overall Average:

Numeric Clock 2.0 Numeric Clock
New Numeric Clock screensaver will impress your mind.
Tags: Numeric Clock, free screensaver, clock screensaver,
Overall Average:

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