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CastRipper 2.50.70 screenshot CastRipper
CastRipper is a free SHOUTcast Ripper. It can split and name songs automatically
Tags: SHOUTcast, Icecast, Ripper, record, download, stream, capture, rip, MP3, Winamp, free,
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Replay Media Catcher Replay Media Catcher
Download Video & Audio & Convert Automatically from millions of sites.
Tags: download, capture, record, save, rip, video, audio, stream, streaming, media, sound, mp3s, songs, downloader, recorder, downloading,
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AOMrecord 2.4.617 screenshot AOMrecord
AOMrecord records music from internet radios and tags it with media data.
Tags: record, rip, capture, internet radio, online radio, web radio, media data, tag, radio, music, mp3, wma, ogg, sound card, stream, audio,
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MP3 Stream Editor MP3 Stream Editor
Visualy cut join MP3s on a 3D sample display. Grab Audio CD tracks to MP3/Flac.
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Divide Video Stream 2.5 screenshot Divide Video Stream
Divide Video Stream is program for video stream dividing
Tags: divide video, split video,
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HiFi Audio Stream 2.00 HiFi Audio Stream
Discover right now how to quickly and easily create "Streaming Audio" like a pro
Tags: streaming, audio, software,
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LEDataStream 1.8 screenshot LEDataStream
Little-endian replacements for DataInputStream, DataOutputStream and RandomAcces
Tags: LEDataStream, little endian, DataStream, Java, Microsoft, endian, byte sex, LEDataInputStream, LEDataOutputstream, LERandomAccessFile, Intel,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

AidAim CryptoPressStream 2.00 screenshot AidAim CryptoPressStream
Most powerful Delphi/C++Builder streaming compression and encryption library
Tags: Delphi, Builder, Kylix, data compression, strong encryption, stream, streaming library, easy compression library, VCL component, developer components,
Overall Average:

CompressionMaster Suite 5.04 screenshot CompressionMaster Suite
Zip, strong encryption and streaming compression libraries for Delphi
Tags: Delphi, C++ Builder compression, encryption, stream, zip, multi-disk, spanning,
Overall Average:

Easy Compression Library 3.55 screenshot Easy Compression Library
An easy-to-use streaming compression library with strong encryption.
Tags: compression, encryption, stream,
Overall Average:

FlexCompress 5.04 screenshot FlexCompress
File compression and encryption library for Delphi and C++ Builder
Tags: Delphi, C++ Builder, compression, encryption, stream,
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anyMania 1.0 screenshot anyMania
A DDR sim game that plays with your own songs of ANY audio/video formats.
Tags: anyMania, DDR, Dance, Revolution, StepMania, tempo, bpm, detect, media, stream,
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BetterStreams 1.0 BetterStreams
Easy asynchronous I/O, alternate data streams, and efficient stream seeking
Tags: stream, streams, asynchronous, alternate, data, ads, buffer, buffered, I/O, file, files, disk, input, output, efficient,
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DVD Dumper 2.0 DVD Dumper
Split big VOB file into multiple VOB files or extract AC3 stream.
Tags: DVD, VOB, AC3, VOB split, extract VOB file, extract AC3 stream, VOB cut, MPEG2, MPEG-2,
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CDXStreamer screenshot CDXStreamer
CDXStreamer analyzes census, area code, zip code data and more in Excel
Tags: Excel, Census, Demographic, Zip Code, Phone, State Data, Area Code, Add in, Analysis, Database, Subscription Service,
Overall Average:

Super Audio Grabber Pro 3.0 Super Audio Grabber Pro
Record audio and save as WAV/MP3/WMA/OGG files.
Tags: audio recorder, stream media, CD Ripper, wav, mp3, wma, ogg, audio format convert,
Overall Average:

CDXZipStream 10.2.1 screenshot CDXZipStream
CDXZipStream analyzes address, census, area code data and more in Excel
Tags: Excel, MapPoint, Geocoding, Address Verification, Census, Demographic, Zip Code, Phone, State Data, Area Code, Add in, Analysis, Database, Distance, Radius, Reverse Lookup,
Overall Average:

csNetDownload 1.0 screenshot csNetDownload
ASP. ET class to control binary file downloads and get files by HTTP.
Tags:, dotnet, component, dll, aspnet, net, download, stream, file, http, save, server, password, protect,
Overall Average:

Mezzmo screenshot Mezzmo
The ultimate DLNA home media server software streams music, video & photos.
Tags: DLNA, UPNP, media, server, transcode, stream, PS3, XBOX, 360, music, video, photos, audio, movies, tv shows,
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Ballstream MiniScorer 1.2 screenshot Ballstream MiniScorer
Live scoreboard software for snooker, billiards and pool events.
Tags: pool, 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, snooker, billiards, live scoring, scoreboard, cuesport, desktop, match scores,
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ChrisPC Media Streamer 1.50 ChrisPC Media Streamer
Useful broadcasting software tha enables you to stream your favorite media files through local networks.
Tags: chrispc, media, streamer, broadcast, stream, streaming, internet, share, movie, card, windows, encoder, christv, record,
Overall Average:

BallStream Drawsheet Control 1.1 screenshot BallStream Drawsheet Control
Drawsheets for all sports and tournaments.
Tags: draw, drawsheet, seed, seeding, player, bye, tournament, match,
Overall Average:

BallStream Live Scoreboard Control 1.1 screenshot BallStream Live Scoreboard Control
Live scoreboards for snooker, billiards and pool with full statistics.
Tags: pool, 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, snooker, billiards, live scoring, scoreboard, cuesport, desktop, match scores, statistics, performance,
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