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Global Time Synchronizer 2.0 Global Time Synchronizer
versatile time keeping tool that has many features and faces.
Tags: time, clock, synchronization, synchronizize, sync, synch, time sync, time, clock replacement, desktop clock, tray clock, SNTP, NTP, NIST, proxy, SOCKS,
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II_WorldTimeClocks 1.5 II_WorldTimeClocks
Clocks around the world with alarm
Tags: World time, time zone, alarm clock, alarm watch,
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RightTime 1.00 RightTime
With RightTime you can make all files in a directory tree on hour older/younger.
Tags: time, time zone, file time, file sync,
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CLOX 2000 7.2 CLOX 2000
A suite of clocks and other timekeeping tools, timezone clocks, alarms and more.
Tags: clock, clocks, time, timezone, world, stopwatch, countdown, calendar, daylight, DST, map, time zone, analog, analogue, digital, internet time,
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EarthWatch 4.03 EarthWatch
Beautiful, educational, real time or time-lapse graphic world map clock/almanac.
Tags: earthwatch, world clock, chronograph, chronometer, astronomy, sunrise, sunset, daylight, earth, world, map, sundial, time, clock, ephemeris, almanac,
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ZIP Express 2.7f ZIP Express
Search by city, county, state, ZIP or area code. Copy to clipboard or print it.
Tags: ZIP Code, Postal Code, mail, utility, area code, time zone, lookup, find, search, telephone, phone, ZIP Codes, Area Codes, letter, stamp, post,
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CLOX WebMaster ASC 3.0 CLOX WebMaster ASC
An ASP component that puts animated timezone clocks on your web site.
Tags: asp, active server pages, clocks, scripts, cgi, time, timezone, time zone, html, web page, animated, display, server, no java, no javascript, special,
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Chameleon Clock 5.1 Chameleon Clock
Change the appearance of your Windows tray clock and desktop with new skins
Tags: atomic, clock, desktop, tray, winamp, skin, alarm, alarms, world, time, zone, timezones, calendar, mp3, PMS, wallpaper,
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GeoDataSource World Cities Database (Titanium... April.2013 GeoDataSource World Cities Database (Titanium...
GeoDataSource Cities Database Titanium Edition contains city names, feature type classifications, country names in FIPS and ISO, regions,...
Tags: world city time zone, time zone database, city time zone, cities database, world cities, global cities, world countries, population, time zone,
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US ZIP Code Business Patterns Database April.2011 US ZIP Code Business Patterns Database
United States ZIP Codes Database Subscription in text, Excel, Access and dBASE V
Tags: zip code business, payroll, NAICS, city name, state, area code, elevation, PMSA, MSA, CBSA, census, state FIPS, county FIPS, latitude, longitude, msa,
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PerfectClock Professional Edition 4.5.1 PerfectClock Professional Edition
Skinnable, flexible, fast and highly customizable Desktop and Wallpaper clock.
Tags: Desktop Clock, TimeZone, Time-Zone, Time Zone, Wold Time, World-Time, WorldTime, Watch, Skin,
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The Phone Exchange 2.00 The Phone Exchange
Telephone exchange number information lookup database for US and Canada
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EarthBrowser 3.2.1 EarthBrowser
Dynamic 3-D model of the earth with live weather, clouds, earthquakes and more
Tags: earth, map, weather, cloud animation, cloud, satellite, earthquake, volcano, webcam, world time, time zone, international, global, world map, cartography, atlas,
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1st Clock 5.0 1st Clock
Add date, world clock, alarms, atomic time, calendar etc to the taskbar clock
Tags: taskbar clock, time zone clock, world clock, alarms, atomic time, time zones, calendar, system clock, tclock, tclockex, tray clock,
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TimeZones 1.9 TimeZones
Displays all the TimeZone on your machine supported by Java
Tags: TimeZones, Java, daylight saving time, time, TimeZone ids, TimeZone offsets, time zones, timezones, time-zones,
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Timestimator 1.7 Timestimator
Calculate deadlines and assign time periods with an advanced date calculator
Tags: date calculator, due date calculator, duration calculator, world time zones, the world clocks,
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Absolute Time Corrector 8.6.3113 Absolute Time Corrector
Synchronize computer's clock with Atomic Clock Servers.
Tags: atomic, time, clock, zones, ntp, nist, usno, current, date, atomi, cesium, official, utc,
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Absolute Time Server 7.3.826 Absolute Time Server
ATS is a full-featured time server, which works as windows service.
Tags: atomic, time, clock, zones, ntp, nist, sntp, usno, current, date, atomi, cesium, official, utc,
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Time Logger 1.1 Time Logger
Time Logger counts how much time you spend in each application on your PDA.
Tags: time, log, logging, statistics, logger, stats, running,
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Easy Time 5.1 Easy Time
Diary, advanced alarms, skinnable clock, time synchronization, task running.
Tags: event, diary, ole, rich, edit, link, note, notes, alarm, clock, watch, desktop, time, date, reminder, synchronization,
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Software Time Lock 6.8.0 Software Time Lock
Control when and how long computer programs and be used
Tags: time control, software time restriction, computer access control, time lock, restrict time,
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Time Difference Calculator 1.1.0 Time Difference Calculator
Calculate time between 2 date/times, or date/time a given time from a date/time
Tags: time, difference, calculator, between, dates, hours,
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