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Cafe Server screenshot Cafe Server
Cafe Server - Timer and billing software for internet cafes, gaming clubs
Tags: internet cafe, cyber cafe, timer, billing, computer gaming club, hotel, hostel, library, school, internet point, info centre,
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Secs 1.221 screenshot Secs
Simple up/down timer with milliseconds settable from 3 seconds up to 50 days
Tags: Alarm, Countdown, assembly, full-screen, Timer, clock, Sinner, reminder, tray, MP3, ACAP, milli,
Overall Average:

Break 1.334 screenshot Break
Helps you stay sane by reminding you when to take a break and logging work
Tags: Alarm, timer, countdown, health, coffee, Sinner, RSI, work, logger, assembly,
Overall Average:

12Ghosts Timer 9.70 screenshot 12Ghosts Timer
easy to use and powerful scheduler with Holiday support, programmable.
Tags: Timer, scheduler, task, application, launcher, Windows, utilities, tools,
Overall Average:

Project Deadline Countdown Timer Manager 1.0.1 Project Deadline Countdown Timer Manager
Complete project deadline managment system.
Tags: project, deadline, countdown, timer, manager, schedule, management,
Overall Average:

Notez Notez
Notez - virtual post-it for Windows.
Overall Average:

dfg AtomicTimeSync XP 3.10.1 screenshot dfg AtomicTimeSync XP
This program is an Atomic Time Synchronization Utility to synchronize your PC
Tags: utility, synchronization, freeware, startup, start, clock, timer, time, synchronisation, atomic,
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DShutdown 1.72.1 screenshot DShutdown
DShutdown is a program that let you schedule shutdown of a local or remote PC.
Tags: Shutdown, reboot, remote, computer, lan, monitor, logoff, hybernate, wake up, wake on lan, timer,
Overall Average:

Desktop Clock 1.6 screenshot Desktop Clock
Desktop Clock - is analog clock application for Windows
Tags: download, desktop, clock, software, stylish, time, atomic, windows, replacement, attractive, free, utilites, personal, timer, synchronization,
Overall Average:

Taskbar Timer 1.0 screenshot Taskbar Timer
Taskbar Timer is a simple countdown alarm that nicely sits in you system tray.
Tags: Timer, alarm, countdown, stopwatch, taskbar timer, tray,
Overall Average:

Personal Motivation Calendar 2.3 screenshot Personal Motivation Calendar
Simple, easy-to-use and effective self-motivation, task-organizing software.
Tags: calendar, motivation, self-development, tasks, GTD, time-management, GTD Timer,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Speech and Debate Timekeeper 2.4.1 screenshot Speech and Debate Timekeeper
Timer for speech and debate competitions with spoken and visual time signals.
Tags: timer, debate timer, debating, speech,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Ebay Auction Clock 1.0 Ebay Auction Clock
Timer with alarms for Ebay auctions includes email notification
Tags: ebay timer, ebay clock. ebay auction, auction clock, auction countdown, auction timer,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Alarmbelle 1.0 screenshot Alarmbelle
PC alarm clock with stopwatch, timer and metric conversion
Tags: alarm, alarmclock, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, metric conversion,
Overall Average:

Watch Dog 2.0 screenshot Watch Dog
Two Clock Alarms; Two Stop Watches; Four Count Down Timers; Note Reminder;
Tags: Alarms, Count Down Timers, Stop Watche, millisecond, timer,
Overall Average:

AllKeys Macro 2.601 screenshot AllKeys Macro
Macro recorder and editor to automate tasks into simple commands
Tags: macro, macros, automate, keystroke, tasks, replay, record, playback, shortcut keys, shortcuts, remap, timer, mouse replacement, keyboard, strain, ergonomic,
Overall Average:

Arcade Balls 1.22 screenshot Arcade Balls
Addictive 3D original interpretation of the legendary Lines with various modes.
Tags: Game, Lines, arcade, download, Windows, logic, puzzle, addictive, timer, points, relax, free download, shareware, trial.,
Overall Average:

Countdown Sequencer 1.0 Countdown Sequencer
Time and sequence a series of events
Tags: countdown, sequence, timer,
Overall Average:

Amazing Clock 7.1 screenshot Amazing Clock
There are a lot of amazing clocks - on your desktop!
Tags: desktop clock, alarm reminder, enhancement, scheduler, organizer, timer, amazing, windows theme, program, shareware, software, Kukushkin,
Overall Average:

WorldTimer 5.65.8 WorldTimer
World time zone clock with world map and atomic clock synchronization.
Tags: World time, clock, international, timezone, timer, countdown, alarm, world map,
Overall Average:

Big Free Clock 1.3 Big Free Clock
Big Free Clock - freeware clock - full screen mode
Tags: clock, timer,
Overall Average:

Bling Clock - The Visual Countdown Timer 2.07 Bling Clock - The Visual Countdown Timer
Countdown timer clock with unique LED and visual display. Looks great.
Tags: countdown, timer, visual, clock,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

CTRVoter25 2.1 CTRVoter25
Voting management software for boards and councils.
Tags: voting, ballot, presentation, speaker timer, vote, database,
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